About Me

Hey everybody, It's Jenn again. ;)

I've always loathed having to do these types of things since I can remember.  I'm getting flashbacks to school where on the first day you had to stand up and tell the class a fact about about yourself.  It was, and still is, insanely difficult for me.

Oh well, to keep this short for the time being, I'm a crazy cat lady from Tennessee that works full time and then some but is crazy enough to still attempt to blog and have a youtube channel.  (Holy run on sentence, bat man!)

I've been blogging for well over 10 years.  (May no one ever find my angsty teenage curse word laden nonsense posts from those crazy teen years.  Haha!)

This blog, Jenn Swt, was created to merge all my other blogs into one.  I found that I couldn't keep up 4 different niche blogs while working all the time and maintaining my channel.  I also find it easier on my readers and watchers to have one central place to check for updates.

I'll think of something clever to write on down the road, but this is the gist of it all. :)

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