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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Here's all the candles I've been burning since holiday time with reviews and scent descriptions.  Enjoy! :)


Pecan Pumpkin Cake

Scent Description:  A decadent autumn treat, brown sugar, indulgent butter cream and sweet lemon mingle with an aromatic blend of ginger, nutmeg and scrumptious pumpkin at the heart of this Mainstays jar candle. Vanilla, pecan and sugarcane add richness at the bottom.

My Review: This is a wonderful and affordable alternative to Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffles.  The throw was excellent.  The burn was also perfect until one of the wicks shifted against the glass. So I wasn't able to burn it all the way to the bottom.


Through the Woods (Aroma Beads)

Scent Description:  Siberian fir needle oil, Texas cedar wood, sandalwood, spruce, fir balsam and raspberry

My Review:  This is your classic evergreen or Christmas Tree type of scent.  The throw started out wonderful as did the burn.  About a third of the way down, the throw disappeared and it began tunneling and producing a lot of soot.  So, I didn't burn it beyond that point.

Pumpkin Caramel Parfait (Timber Wick)

Scent Description:   Pumpkin spice blended with buttery caramel, honeyed cream and vanilla.

My Review: The throw was excellent.  The burn was perfect until the very last inch of wax.  Only then did it start producing a lot of soot.  I was very happy with this candle.

Starry Night (Timber Wick)

Scent Description: Top: Ozone, Aromatic Accord, Mixed Fruits
Middle: Jasmine, Rose, Muguet Bottom: Veiled Musk, Exotic Woods, Golden Amber
Like a hidden treasure, this scent sparkles and shines with an exquisite blend of lush florals, exotic woods and golden amber.

My Review: This scent is very fresh and unique.  The throw is excellent, and the burn has been great.  This has been my favorite from the Sparkle and Joy collection by far.

Woodland Pine (Aroma Beads)

Scent Description: Shimmering pine, fir needle, orange brazil, clove bud, fresh bay leaf, and warm woods

My Review: This is a typical holiday evergreen scent.  The burn tunneled quite badly, and it produced a lot of soot.  There also was almost no scent throw.

Lavender & Thyme (Aroma Beads)

Scent Description: A beautiful aroma of lavender, jasmine flowers, and rose petals blended with the sultry notes of sandalwood and musk

My Review: This is a herbal, think essential oil, lavender scent.  I personally love it as it's very similar to the Yankee Candle lavender scent.  The throw was excellent.  The wax burned evenly, but there was a lot of soot.

Bath & Body Works


Scent Description:  (I had already torn off the bottom label before writing this, and it isn't on the site anymore.)

My Review: This candle had a good burn and a good scent throw.  I just couldn't stand the scent.  On cold, it was a nice and fresh spearmint scent.  Burning, it smelled like headache inducing kerosene.

Marshmallow Fireside

Scent Description:  (I had already torn off the bottom label before writing this, and it isn't on the site anymore.)

My Review: This is one of those scents that I get nostalgic for around holiday time.  It's warm and cozy.  The throw was great.  The burn was also great until about half way down when the wax discolored.  The throw also dissipated about half way down.  This is not the first candle from this brand that I've encountered this issue.

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