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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I recently dumped a lot of pictures off my phone and thought it would be fun to share some with y'all along with some commentary.  I used to do this series a couple of years ago on my old blog, and thought it was high time to bring it back.

Also, I'm trying to get myself back into photography and taking pictures regularly again.  I can't think of a better way to start!

Photo #1:  The best gift I ever gave myself ;)

Date taken: 7/28/2017

Around this time, we were going through an intensely stressful time at my job. I had just transferred to this location and we were severely short handed and business was faster than ever.  I honestly have no idea how my coworker and I made it through without a lot of catastrophes and our jobs and minds in tact.  (And without a stroke from our blood pressure going through the roof!)  Somehow, we pulled it together...barely.

It was after a particularly crazy, ,very long, and rainy Friday that I was at Walmart and decided to treat myself...dang it.

I stocked up on my drug of choice, sugary and amazing coke, and a beautiful bouquet of white flowers from the end cap display across from the produce section.

The flowers made my home office and my day a little brighter, and the coke got me through even the craziest work situations for the next 2 months as the insanity continued.

Photo #2: Fuzzy Grump Butt

Date taken:  8/12/2017; 10/11/2017

Oh my crazy, grumpy, but lovable Auggie!  It's truly never a dull moment with him around.  The previous owners that abandoned him in my yard over a year ago are missing out.

I've found that Auggie is fond of my Art Journaling.  He is particularly fond of the pages the are still drying or that I'm currently working.  He's been so fond of some that he tracks their paint all over my room.  Love his heart.

The picture on the right has him donning the Donut of Despair.  Auggie has skin issues and doesn't like me to put topical medications on him.  Thus, he gets the Donut.  It doesn't seem to slow him down a bit.

Photo #3:  The Thermostat and I

Date Taken: 7/17/2017; 7/21/2017

In the first photo, I'm wearing the shirt that one of my customers has named the "Happy Cloud" shirt.  I'm not sure what that's all about but after working with the public for 15 years and hearing a ton of horrendous things, I'm going with it.

If the first shirt is a cloud, perhaps the next shirt is my sunshine shirt? Haha.

I look so weird without glasses.  When you are legally blind, the only way you can truly see what you look like truly bare faced is in a photo.  It totally doesn't even look like me!  Also, I got nose for days...which is perfect for having to wear super heavy glasses for 25 years.

(No, I can't wear contacts.  Yes, I've tried several times.  My eyes and astigmatism are too severe.)

These were all taken during my lunch hour.  I swear I eat in almost the same exact spot every day.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Photo #4:  Unapologetic Cat Spam

Date Taken: 8/6/17; 7/22/17; 8/6/17

These are my beautiful and crazy girls.  The fluffy gray queen is Ms Fluff and the cute one doing a "gangster lean" is Echo but I just call her Kitten.

Fluff is my oldest 12 years old and the crazy Kitten is the youngest at a little less than 2 years old.  They are just so cute!

(Well, Kitten is quite deadly too...but you'd never know with that cute face!)

Photo #5:  No Box is Safe

Date Taken:  10/9/2017

I've not been posting much art journaling or crafting type of content for awhile, but I still do it as I have free time to do so.

One thing I've been enjoying here lately even more than doing the art pages is making the actual journals.  I love finding the base, planning the theme, doing the cover art, curating the pages, and then binding them into a new creation for someone to enjoy. 

Anything that combines building with art is my jam!

This picture is a special one because it was a book that I was making for a dear friend and a huge supporter.  It was the first time I was trying my hand at a smaller hand-sized journal with an aged theme.  I even tried my hand at tea staining the pages.  It was a enjoy to make especially since I know the person that it's on its way to will appreciate it. 


I hope you've enjoy this post.  I have plans to do more of these in the future as I'm very back logged on my photos. 

I figure this will force me to get through my pictures, write some blog content, and throw me back in to photography again.  I got one stone hitting an awful lot of birds here.

Who knows?  It may even give some insight into my crazy mind...scary thought.


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