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Friday, October 13, 2017

Curious about where I've been this time? 

One of these days I just need to realize that life doesn't slow down to wait for me.  There will always be things going on, and I just need to plan for life to be busy when making commitments.


Let's talk about my busted house:  

We've been slowly getting this house in shape. It's been a chore and a half and seemingly endless. 

For those new to my story, I moved back to my hometown a few years ago.  I live in the tiny block house in which I grew up in a town tinier than most people can imagine in Tennessee.  (Reasons for this remain a whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother day.)

Not only is the house tiny, it is old with dashes of decrepit.  We've casually updated things over the years, but really started getting into the nitty gritty after I recovered to the point to be able to function after discovering that I had a chronic illness.

There's nothing like a good ol' health scare to make you look at your messes and get your life in order.

The progress is quite slow but definitely steady as we do the vast majority of the work ourselves between our busy schedules. For work that requires an expert, like the window installation, we save and pay with cash. 

Check out the video embedded above to see progress of the house, as well as, to hear about what's going on with my job and life in general.

As always, thank you for being patient with me, and I'll see you soon with some more content.


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