Candle Empties #14

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Finally, I come to you with a new post!  This is my latest candles empties with short reviews and scent descriptions.  Happy candle burning!


New Moon Candles - Caramel Mallow

Scent Description:  (site was closed for summer updates)

I absolutely loved this candle!  The design of it was so cute.  It looked like a real latte.  The throw and the burn were excellent.  It makes me want to order more candles from wax vendors.  Wow!

DW Home - Cucumber and Aquatic

Scent Description:  Aquatic notes of dewy green cucumber with hints of lettuce greens

I started missing this candle the moment I blew it out for the last time.  The scent was dead on cucumber, fresh greens, and water.  There was little soot. It was fantastic especially after I've had some burn issues from candles in different lines from this company.  I would buy this candle again in a heartbeat!

McCall's Candles - Tomato Vine (aka Tomato Basil)

Scent Description:  (discontinued scent)

This one throws so well that it is almost a scent bomb.  I couldn't get it to burn well. It put itself out very earlier into the candle's life and couldn't be lit again.  This is not the first time I've had this happen with candles from this brand.

Langley Empire - Peppermint Creme

Scent Description:  (couldn't find one)

This has one of the most unique and true to life food or bakery scents that I've ever come across in a candle.  The throw was pretty good.  I could smell it when I entered the room.  The wicks also tunneled a bit.

Wonderful Wick - Mango Cherry Blossom

Scent Description:  (discontinued)

The flame was really pretty as it is a wood wick.  Unfortunately, it had no throw and, other than the light, the burn was pretty abysmal.

McCall's Candles - Cocoanut

Scent Description: (discontinued)

It had a great throw and scent, but quit burning about halfway down and couldn't get lit again.

McCall's Candles - Merlot

Scent Description: (discontinued)

It had a decent throw on cold with a nice red wine scent.  Unfortunately, there was no throw burning or even in a candle warmer.

Yankee Candle - Vanilla Cardamom (Pure Radiance)

Scent Description: True to its name, this is a warm blend of vanilla and cardamom, with a swirl of sugar and cream, that is simply embracing.

This was a nice vanilla blend that had a medium to a medium high throw.  The burn and the flame were really nice with the wood wick.  My only complaint is that it had a little more soot than what I usually like, and I had to be careful with how long I burned it as the flame could get high very quickly.

McCall's Candles - Wilson's Pure Butter Shortbread

Scent Description:  (discontinued)

It had very little throw even on a candle warmer.  It smelled great on cold, but that's it.


Additional Notes:

Favorites:  New Moon Candles Caramel Mallow & DW Home Cucumber Aquatic

Blahs:  Just about every other candle mentioned with the exception of Cocoanut (at least until it stopped being able to be lit) and the Wonderful Wick candle

I've just not had too much luck with regards to candles lately.  What's the deal?  Geez...


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*Not sponsored.  I bought all these myself even the crappy ones.

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