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Saturday, April 1, 2017

It's finally time for another candle empties!  I included scent descriptions, short reviews, and the video down below.

Empties Video

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Candle List

Goose Creek - Campfire Marshmallow (Large, 2 wick, Fold Art Jar)

Scent Description:  "This fragrance opens with white spices and toasted marshmallows that blend seamlessly into sugar crystals, and creamy peach. Sandalwood and cedarwood are wrapped in fluffy vanilla. Yum!"

The burn was awesome and clean.  It had a great throw and lasted a long time.

Wonderful Wick - Cinnamon Clove (woodwick)

Scent Description:  n/a (discontinued)

I bought this because it was on crazy clearance for around 90% off.  It didn't have a throw.  I mainly bought it for the lighting the wood wick supplies.

Colonial Candle - Blue Spruce (8oz 2 wick)

Scent Description:  n/a (discontinued)

The throw was great.  The burn was flawless.

Air Wick - Life Scents Emerald Wonderland (5oz, single wick)

Scent Description:  Morning frost, evergreen, and sugar cookie

The throw was great especially for the size.  The burn was kind of crap, but it burn most of the way down.

Wonderful Wick - Applewood Spice (wood wick)

Scent Description: n/a (discontinued)

The burn was crap.  The scent was non-existant.  The lighting was nice.  Haha!

McCall's Candles - Jack Frost (large, single wick)

Scent Description: "Jack Frost will be nippin' at your nose this winter! Warm up with this soothing butter-mint delight and make Jack Frost a part of your holiday collection."

The burn was nice.  It had no throw whatsoever despite being strong on cold.  It didn't even have a throw on the warmer.

Colonial Candle - Birch & Clove (8oz, 2 wick)

Scent Description: n/a (discontinued)

It had a great burn, wonderful scent blend, and strong throw.

Goose Creek - Moonstruck (large 2 wick jar)

Scent Description: "Love is in the air with this beautiful sensual fragrance that opens with a zest of Sicilian Bergamot. An exotic blend of dark cocoa, lavender, patchouli and creamy vanilla warms the heart and leads into a base of mahogany, warm amber and exotic musk – making you not wanting the night to end!"

This is one of my favorite blend of all time. The throw is strong, but it's a bit heavy on the soot at times.

Wonderful Wick - Coconut Grove (wood wick)

Scent Description: n/a (discontinued)

I bought this on good clearance.  I hate coconut scents.  So, I'm glad it didn't throw well.

McCall's Candles- Peace on Earth (Medium classic jar)

Scent Description: "A warm and comforting blend of creamy French vanilla, rich shea butter, decadent cashmere, soothing Egyptian musk and a hint of bright citrus. A perfect blend of holiday bliss."

It had no throw even on cold. It burned pretty well.

Jack Be Nimble Candle Creations - Chocolate Chip Cookies (soy, 2 wick)

Scent Description: n/a (discontinued)

It had a beastly strong throw.  I just couldn't stand the scent at all.  It had a very heavy melted butter note. I had to give it away.

Yankee Candle - Nature's Paintbrush (large, single wick)

Scent Description: "A perfect autumn day captured in radiant, aromatic strokes of brisk air, spicy woods and warm musk."

This had a very unique scent which made me fall in love instantly.  The burn was pretty good. There was almost no soot.  The throw was great.  The candle also lasted a long time.  I would repurchase in a heartbeat.

Bath and Body Works - Paris Lavender Macaron

Scent Description: "Celebrate the city of love with a truly French treat that combines the scent of lavender blossoms with a patisserie cookie."

It had a very strong throw, but I HATED the scent.  It was just foul to me. It had a strong buttermilk notes that mixed with a powdery lavender.  I just couldn't do it.  It did burn well and have a strong throw, though.


Additional Notes:

My favorites that I would definitely repurchase:  Yankee Candle Nature's Paint Brush and Goose Creek Campfire Marshmallow

Candles that performed well but I hated:  Bath and Body Works Paris Lavender Macaron and Jack Be Nimble Chocolate Chip Cookies

Candles that were completely disappointing: McCall's Candles Jack Frost and Peace on Earth


*This is not sponsored in anyway.  I wasn't sent products for free.  I wasn't sent product in exchange for a review.  I definitely am not cool enough to be paid by any companies to write this post.  :)


  1. Loved it. Huff that Jack Be Nimble, please.

  2. It was so bad!! It was like a hot butter candle LOL


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