Epic Vendor Wax Haul: Witch City Wicks, Barrett Wax Crafts, Chloe & Me Candles

Saturday, March 11, 2017

This is the first of four epic vendor wax hauls and order experience reviews (mostly wax melts with a few candles) I did back around holiday time.  I had been slowly saving up for the upcoming sales all year and just let loose to both discover new vendors and support small businesses.

It has taken me a couple months to fully get this posted as I work full time with a long daily commute, but I feel that it's never too late to talk wax.

Just to Note:

Even though it should go without actually stating, these reviews and commentary are based on my particular experiences with these particular vendors placing these particular orders.  This is not meant to discourage nor encourage others to do anything.  This is not meant to be a representation of how everyone's ordering experience will go.  This is just me sharing some cool wax I bought and sharing my experience and giving my two cents.

Haul Video


Witch City Wicks

Official Website:  https://www.witchcitywicks.com/

First Impression: 

I absolutely love their branding.  The mix of Gothic imagery, supernatural themes, and a dash of old world finesse in a clean and crisp presentation is just amazing.  They seem to have a clear vision of who they are, and it sucked me right into it.

They also seem very professional: their website looked great and it looked like they really took care into presenting their products.  It's easiest one of the best presentations I've seen from a wax vendor.


Ordering & Shipping:

It was a great ordering experience.
Their website doesn't just look great, it's also very easy to navigate.  The pictures of the products were clear. There were even scent descriptions on each fragrance--the absence of which is one of my big pet peeves with other vendors. (Or severely outdated scent lists!)

Shipping rates (domestic) are tied to the USPS priority shipping rates over 13oz and to the First Class rates under that weight. My products came very fast and were wrapped well.

Another thing to note, as I am can be quite a cheap skate, is that they do offer coupon codes from time to time.  Goodness knows, I love me a coupon code!


The Actual Products:

Here are my thoughts on a few of the products from my order:

Wolf Moon (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
This scent takes me back to the days when I used to hang out in New Age stores regularly.  It smells like a complex sweet and earthy incense.  There is a slight sweet floral, earthy wood, patchouli, and just a hint of greenery.  It really takes me back.

Holy Ground (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
This scent is honestly unlike any scent blend I've encountered.  In the official scent description, it claims to have a mix of fresh earth and sandalwood.  And wouldn't you know, they hit that fresh earth note spot on!  I'm almost angry about it.  That note legit smells like high end soil.  I'm just...I don't even know. The more I smell it, the more I like it.  I'm not sure what that says about me.  Maybe because we're on the cusp of spring, it has me feeling more alive every time I huff it.

Seance (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
The official scent description claims a mix of frankincense and sandalwood.  I definitely get the woody scent.  It smells just like an old box in which you'd keep your tarot cards or your fancy candle sticks.  The frankincense adds to the mood this scent blend evokes.  This is another scent that takes me back years to a very fun and interesting time in my youth.  Oh, I just love it! 

Lime Patchouli (Candle; 2oz tin): Cold Impression
I love patchouli and lime, but I had never seen them together.  They make for an interesting blend.  The lime note is less sweet cocktail and more tart leaning toward a sanitation or medicinal product.  It is the strongest note with the patchouli peeking out underneath.  It is a very unique scent with which I think I'm a little in love.

Viking (Candle; 7.75oz glass jar): Cold Impression
I wanted to try one just one of their larger candles, forever keeping my spending limit in mind, and I decided on this one.
The official scent description reads: "The salty scent of the sea softened with forest greens, jasmine, green apple, juniper berries and musk."  It a clean, fresh scent with the greens and musk peeking through the first layer.  If only it came with the handsome and magical smelling Viking, too!


Barrett Wax Crafts

Official Website: http://barrettwaxcrafts.com/

First Impression:

This was a vendor I stumbled upon on Instagram by accident one day when they were running a holiday promotion.  I'm so glad I did.

The website was clean and very easy to navigate.  There was a variety of scents and products being offered. The prices were also very reasonable.  I got a very good vibe from everything. I also found it refreshing to find another vendor that takes the time to present their products in a professional manner.  (There were even scent descriptions on each listing!  Yes!)


Ordering & Shipping:

Ordering was completely hassle free.  As stated above, the website was very easy to navigate. All the product listings had scent descriptions and clear photos of each product.  I just added everything to my cart and paid with good ol' Paypal.  Easy peasy!

I'm not sure about the shipping costs as I had a free shipping coupon.  My order arrived to my home very quickly and was packed amazingly well.

Since I talked about coupon codes above, there is actually a link on the navigation bar of the Barrett Wax Crafts website titled "Promotions" which lists any codes or sales that are ongoing.


The Actual Products:

Like before, I just picked a few things from my order:

Teaberry (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
This is strong on cold and smells just like the Clark's gum!  Oh the memories!

Santa's Candy (Wax Melt; Candy Shaped Melts): Melted Review
These threw like little beasts!  The scent was amazing as well. The best way I know to describe the scent blend is:  take a canister of the mix old fashioned candy they sell around holiday time and huff it.  It reminded me of sneaking candy out of my dad's big green cardboard canister of candies when I was little.

Eucalyptus and Spearmint (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
This scent reminded me of the Aromatherapy line from Bath and Body Works. It has the same Eucalyptus note that the Stress Relief line has from there.  It's also very strong on cold.


Chloe & Me Candles

Official Website:  http://www.chloeanme.com/

First Impressions:

I had actually been following this vendor's instagram for quite awhile before I decided to place an order.  She has some of the most creative and beautiful wax pieces and collections I've seen.

So, when she was offering a great deal on a Secret Santa Mystery Sampler, I decided to take the plunge and make my first order.

I ordered from the official website, linked above, as I was directed to on an instagram post detailing the sale sampler by the vendor.  From my understanding, this vendor also has an Amazon store, an Etsy store, and a plethora of facebook groups and auctions.  I'm not honestly sure even now.  She constantly posts wax creations with different company logos and themes that never appear on her website.  There's no clear branding that I can see there.

To be fair, maybe it's more clear on Facebook as a lot of vendors seem to primarily update on Facebook in closed groups.  I don't fool with Facebook nor do I have the time or desire to start at the moment.  So, I have no idea.  I think the fact that a lot of vendors do this is to their detriment.  But what do I know?


Ordering & Shipping:

The official website was very clean looking and the products pictures were very nice.  It was a bit clunky to navigate, but it wasn't too hard to get the job done.

One thing that did surprise me at checkout was that I had to pay Pennsylvania sales tax on the items.  I live in Tennessee.  So, this shouldn't  be the case.  I do understand that this is probably to help the vendor cover their costs come tax time as self employed people are taxed to death.  It struck me as odd as most businesses, my self included when I sold candles back in the day, factor that into the retail product cost.  It was the first time I had to pay sales tax online to a business that didn't operate in my state.

Once I finished my order, I got an email almost immediately that my order had been received and that the team would be working on it.  I had placed my order on December 3rd, and the site said (still says as of this post) to "please allow 14-18 days for orders."  So I figured the December 21st at the latest (18 days) if it's actual days or the 28th (18 business days) if it's only business days.  So, this being a Secret Santa Mystery Sampler, it's not gonna be a big deal.

On December 22nd, I sent a message to the vendor through the contact box linked in the top navigation bar of the official web site. I just wanted to check the status of the order as I hadn't received any shipping notification or status updates and was getting concerned.  I never received a response.

When I went to contact the vendor again, the web site was closed December 23rd or 24th through January 2nd.  So, I couldn't access any information on the website other than to read the notice which said they were closed but would be continuing to fulfill existing orders. So, I figured I would get a notice about my order soon as it had been over 20 days.

I never got any notification and the closed status wasn't actually lifted off the store until January 5th.

I checked to make sure that I was still charged for the order and that it wasn't refunded or something.  (I've had this happen before with other companies if orders are unable to be fulfilled. You just get a full refund and keep it moving.)  The full charge was still there from the day I ordered.  So, I assumed that it's still going to be sent to me at some point as I have seen any email or any instagram post or even a note on her website that orders are delayed.

I should note here as well that I was getting increasingly irritated.  On the vendor's instagram, she was constantly posting pictures of orders going out of stuff that had been listed well after I made my order.  (I think it was a Doctor Who thing or something?)  There were constantly things she was selling for facebook groups and auctions. The last straw was when I saw she was about to have a Ready to Ship restock despite my order being made over a month prior.  I was getting frustrated.

I finally just went to paypal and opened up a claim on January 3rd that I'd never received the items.  I hated to do that, but I was out of options.

Lo and behold!  I got a response from the vendor in less than 15 minutes.

She said she had never gotten any of my messages on which I give her the benefit of the doubt. She may not have had her contact box set up properly or something.  She also claimed her supplier was closed for the holidays.  (This was something that would have been good to be made aware up for potential order delays especially when I ordered right around when the product listing was posted.)  I filed the claim on a Tuesday and she said I would have my wax by the end of the week.

That Saturday, January 7th, I got a notice through myUSPS that a shipping label was being created for a shipment from Pennsylvania where the vendor is located.  Praise be!

I finally ended up receiving my order on January 11th, the following Wednesday, which was 39 days or 28 business days.

This was first experience with anything like this ordering vendor wax.  I've always heard stories, but I've never experienced any problems before this.

Shipping was USPS Priority and the package was packed well with an invoice.


The Actual Products:

Her products are beautiful and the blends she sent me were great. In fact, I've melted though more than half my order.

Vanilla Bean, Cotton Candy, and Zucchini Bread (Wax Melt; Loaf): Cold Impression
This loaf has such an interesting blend of scents and is very beautiful.  This vendor makes really beautiful loaves.

Pistachio Cake (Wax Melt; Shell Shaped): Melted Review
This smelled amazing and threw very well.  It reminded me of the pistachio pudding I would eat as a kid mixed with a warm bakery.  I really enjoyed melting it!

Vanilla Bean Noel (Wax Melt; Square Bar Shaped): Melted Review
These were awesome!  It was just like the Bath and Body Works scent of the same name but even better!  These melts were quite small but a single one filled half the house with a toasty vanilla scent in a tea light warmer.

Blueberry Lemon Vanilla Bday Cake (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
This is very light on cold.  I get a slight candy lemon scent and bday cake behind it.  These are also cutely packaged as part as a ninja turtles set.

Additional Notes: 

Would I order from these vendors again as my thoughts stand today?

It would be a definite yes for Barrett Wax Crafts and Witch City Wicks.  YES!

I'm torn about Chloe and Me as her wax that I've melted thus far has been some of the best I've melted in ages, but I wouldn't go through the trouble I had with the ordering again.  So, maybe on a RTS restock or a destash?  Not sure.  I prioritize ease of ordering, and that's why I don't order from a lot of other big vendors.  Time will tell.  I shall immensely enjoy melting the wax I have now.

At the end of the day, I got my hands on some pretty awesome wax.  That's what truly matters.


*This post is not sponsored in any way nor was I given any products for free or at a specially discounted rate in exchange for a review.  I bought these just like any other customer.

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