Epic Vendor Wax Haul: Save Your Scentses, Ato Z Candles, Ramble on Wax

Sunday, March 12, 2017

This is the second of four epic vendor wax hauls that I did around holiday time toward the end of 2016. I had saved up all year to discover some new to me vendors and support small businesses during the epic sales time.

It has taken me a couple of months to get these posted as I am extremely short on time due to my job. I still wanted to share, and so I am.

Just to Note:

Even though it should go without actually stating, these reviews and commentary are based on my particular experiences with these particular vendors placing these particular orders.  This is not meant to discourage nor encourage others to do anything.  This is not meant to be a representation of how everyone's ordering experience will go.  This is just me sharing some cool wax I bought and sharing my experience and giving my two cents.

Haul Video

Or Watch on Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKvws_1mMNM


Save Your Scentses

Official Web Site: https://saveyourscentses.com/

First Impression:

I discovered this vendor through another vendor I was following on Instagram.  They re-posted about an epic holiday sale that Save Your Scentes was having.  So, I decided to check it out the website...and fell in love.

The web site is clean in design and easy to navigate, and the pictures are very nice.  My only tiny nitpick was that there are no scent descriptions on the individual listings.  There is a master scent list that the owner keeps very up to date which makes up for it.

Another thing I really loved and that I hadn't seen from another vendor is the sections where it tells how the company came to be and what makes them different.  It gives you a clear view into what the products are about and what you can expect.


Ordering & Shipping:

It was a breeze to order.  The worst part was trying to choose between all the different offerings.  Too many pretty things!

Shipping is calculated depending on the size of your order.  There is a chart on the website showing what shipping options you can choose and how much they are.

My order got to me very fast.  It was wrapped so amazingly well with environmentally friendly materials.  I still get giddy when I think about it.  It was truly like opening a present complete with a hand written notes and everything!  It made my whole week!

Another thing to note is that they have a loyalty program where you can earn points from purchases to use toward future discounts.

The Actual Products:

These are a few items from my order:

Bluebird (Wax Melt; 0.5oz Skull Tart): Melted Review
This smelled fresh, sweet, and fruity. The site says this is a blend of blueberries and her house blend Birds of Paradise which is a sweet tropical scent.  It didn't smell tropical to me but more on the fresh side.  It threw very well especially for it being only half an ounce.

Strawberry Fields (Wax Melt; 1.5oz Natural Infusions Scent Shot): Cold Impression
I fell in love with this product line at first sight.  (Some of y'all know how I've been an essential oil and natural herb junkie for years.)  These wax shots are infused with ingredients such as dried flowers, herbs and fruit.  They also contain organic essential oils and premium fragrance oils.  Be still my heart!  This particular shot is fresh strawberries infused with strawberry leaves.  It smells just like fresh, sweet strawberries!

Poolside (Wax Melt; 0.5oz Skull Tart): Cold Impression
This is very strong on cold.  The official scent description reads, "green florals & lavender, crisp citrus & orange blossom, and a warm woods undertone create a unique fresh fragrance reminiscent of lounging by the backyard pool."  To me, it smells like an awesome dryer sheet or bar of soap.  I love it!

Fizzy Ginger Ale (Wax Melt; ~0.5oz Snowflake Tart): Cold Impression
This melt might be my favorite scent blend ever!.  It legitimately smells like bubbly, fresh ginger ale down to the little bite of ginger to your nostrils.  It is very strong on cold and the most authentic true to life blend of this type I've found.

Lavender 'Nilla (Wax Melt; 1.5oz Natural Infusions Scent Shot): Cold Impression
This is ultra calming to even smell. It is a milky vanilla infused with lavender buds.  If this throws well, it will be an amazing nighttime bedroom melt.  It reminds me of the Sleep Aromatherapy line from Bath and Body Works in the Lavender Vanilla.  It's very similar. 

Cherry Almond Zucchini Bread (Wax Melt; ~0.5oz Small Square Tart): Cold Impression
The cherry and almond are so spot on and compliment each other so well.  With the zucchini bread peeking out underneath, it reminds me of some kind of bakery dish with cooked cherries on top with a sprinkle of almonds.  Yum!


A to Z Candles

Official Web Site: https://atozcandles.com/
Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AtoZCandles?ref=l2-shopheader-name

First Impression:

I had found out about A to Z candles after seeing a post by Beth Says on instagram looking for vendors with flat rate shipping.

I really liked the brand's message and presentation.  It's almost anti-vendor in a way.  A lot of vendors suck people in with 100 different shapes and colors of tarts, shapes, and glitter.  Her products are all white soy and very minimal, focused, and cohesive in packaging and presentation. 


Ordering & Shipping:

I ordered from the Etsy store.  So I had no issues from the store interface at all. I love Etsy shopping.

The only thing that took me a minute to adjust to is how the vendor lists her products.  She does it by the fragrance instead of the type of product.  Each fragrance listing has all the different products and prices the you can get with that scent.

Shipping is flat rate $3. Yes, FLAT RATE!  We wax hoarders live for that flat rate.

It came quickly and was packaged beautifully in recycled and environmentally friendly materials.


The Actual Products

Here's my thoughts on some of the items in my order:

Hippie Holidays (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
This is one of my favorite scent blends of all time.  I've had it in wax from other vendors.  So, I had to try it from this vendor as well.  I'm so glad I did. Once I let the wax properly cure, it became super strong on cold. It is a blend of patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, and peppermint.  I like to think of it as Christmas in a hippie or new age store because it evokes that feeling.  I love it!

Toasted Marshmallows (Candle; 4oz): Cold Impression
This is a warm vanilla scent.  It is a medium strength on cold.  The blend is nothing special.  It's actually reminiscent of the french vanilla scent blend that you find in most white votive candles at discount stores.  Perhaps it will smell different once I burn it.

Eucalyptus & Mint (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
This smells great to me. It doesn't have the soapy like quality a lot of eucalyptus blends have.  The mint is very cooling and the strong note.  It will be perfect for when I force myself to start spring cleaning.


Ramble on Wax

Official Web Site: http://www.rambleonwax.com/

First Impression:

This vendor caught my eye while randomly searching for wax on instagram.  I remember seeing a picture of her key and key hole shaped (not sure the official name on her site) melts that were just beautiful.  The colors were super bright and it just popped right out of my phone screen at me.  So, she had an instant follower in me.  I have still never seen melts so pretty!

In addition to her wax being incredibly beautiful, she has some of the most unique scent blends that I've come across in a long time.  (I'll have some examples listed below.) She also puts a lot of thought into the names of each product.  It's so refreshing to see.

A nice touch is the Our Story section on the website that introduces you to the vendor, Lauren, and what her mission statement is and what she hopes to achieve in her product offerings.  I just love it when they do that!

I continued to admire her posts until I saw she had a sale and a restock on Black Friday and made an order. 


Ordering & Shipping:

The website is easy to navigate and order through.  So, the ordering experience was straightforward.  The only problem I ran into was her restock time.  It was in the late morning on Black Friday.  So, I didn't get to take advantage of it until my lunch hour as I was at work.  There were not many items left, but I was able to get a few items.  She sells out quickly!

My order shipped USPS priority and I was refunded shipping overages very quickly.  The order got to me very quickly and was packed beautifully.  The vendor even had their logo on the side of the package.  It was cool.


The Actual Products:

I just want to take a moment and do a couple flips, because the scent descriptions are on the product labels.  YES!!!!

Here's a few items from my order:

REM Cycle (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Melted Review
This melt was just amazing! It threw very well even in my lower watt scenterpiece warmer, and it lasted longer than most wax I've melted.  Its performance was stellar.  The scent blend is nice, too.  It has sweet honey, vanilla, musk, and citrus.  I get the sweet honey and the vanilla as the dominant notes.  Then the musk adds to it with the citrus rounding it out.  I melted this in my bedroom and bathroom.  Yes!

Breaker Breaker (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
This scent blend consists of warm zucchini bread, peppermint stick, earl grey tea, and apples.  I get all those notes on cold sniff.  It's is like being around a table after having afternoon brunch with some guests drinking herbal peppermint tea while others have black tea with a fruity and warm treat.  I love the warm bakery against the cool peppermint. 

The Recluse (Wax Melt; Clam Shell): Cold Impression
This is one of my new favorite scent blends I've come across as it combines a bunch of my favorite scents.  It consists of: light and dark tea, jasmine, sandalwood, bergamot, oak moss, and leather.  When I sniff, I can really smell every single one of those notes with leather being the dominant one.  It's so awesome that it almost makes me angry. I even make weird noises when I huff it.  Haha!  I've tried a lot of leather scents and scent blends from several different big retailers and vendors.  This is one of the best I've come across that is a blend and not just straight up leather.  (Yankee Candle still wins for a plain old singular leather scent for me.)  In this, I get leather with the sweet jasmine, and the earthy moss with the tea and bergamot.  UGH!  It's just right up my alley.  So good.


Additional Notes:

Would I order from these vendors again?

Absolutely without hesitation.  I had nothing but awesome experiences with each of these vendors.

I just hope I can melt some of ye olde wax stash down before the next awesome sale happens that I can't resist.  :) 

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*Not sponsored.  I'm just a regular wax huffer like everyone else.

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