Epic Vendor Wax Haul: New Moon Candles, Wilfred Wax

Saturday, March 18, 2017

This is the last of four epic vendor wax hauls that I did around holiday time toward the end of 2016. I had saved up all year to discover some new to me vendors and support small businesses during the epic sales time.

It has taken me a couple of months to get these posted as I am extremely short on time due to my job. I still wanted to share, and so I am.

Just to Note:

Even though it should go without actually stating, these reviews and commentary are based on my particular experiences with these particular vendors placing these particular orders.  This is not meant to discourage nor encourage others to do anything.  This is not meant to be a representation of how everyone's ordering experience will go.  This is just me sharing some cool wax I bought and sharing my experience and giving my two cents.


Haul Video:

Or Watch on Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvsEX5BqdZw


New Moon Candles

Official Websitehttp://www.newmooncandles.com/

First Impression:

I think I might have found out about this vendor through a giveaway on Instagram, but I'm not entirely sure.  I know it was on Instagram as I do not use or fool with facebook groups.

I hadn't heard of this vendor until a little before I made this first order.  I decided to order because they had an amazing coupon code going on at the time.

Upon first glance of their site, I remember being impressed by the great selection of products, how beautiful their novelty candles were, and how affordable they were compared to a lot of vendors.

From the look of their products, I assumed they were not a new business.  (Sometimes, you can just tell when a vendor has long since found their groove and confidence, ya know?)  Though, I couldn't really tell what they were about or what their brand was by looking at the site until I read the "about us" section that is in their top navigation bar.  (I really love when companies do that!) 

The line that stuck out to me the most was: "It is our hope that you will love our wax... to the moon and back."  Then, it all made sense.


Ordering & Shipping 

Their website was just a little dated and clunky but I didn't have any trouble making my order.  I just remember wishing I could click wax melts and just be shown all the wax melts at once instead of having to go in sub categories for each thing.  That's me being nit picky, though.  I'm a lazy shopper.

I liked that the pictures weren't photoshopped so you got a clearer idea of what the product you order would actually look like.  Most listings also had scent descriptions.  There is also a master scent list that appears to be kept up to date.

Shipping was super fast especially considering that most of what I ordered was not ready to ship.  It got to me within a week during holiday time.  Wow!  I'm still impressed by that.

My order shipped USPS priority, and it was packaged wonderfully.  I still get a bit giddy when I think about when I opened it.  The owner even put a Christmas card in there and some full size samples. 


The Actual Products:

These are a few of the items from my order:

Mysteries of the Sea (Wax Melt; 10oz chunk bag): Melted Review
The official scent description lists the following scent notes: "lotus, eucalyptus, sea botanicals, sea moss, and coriander seed, with slight hints of vanilla and tropical fruits."  The scent is definitely aquatic, fresh, and complex.  I absolutely love to melt it in my bathroom.  It also throws like a beast and lasts a long time even in a tea light warmer!

Cajun Cream (Wax Melt; 5oz chunk bag): Melted Review
The official scent description reads:  "A scrumptious blend of creamy french vanilla and sweet butterscotch with a hint of gooey caramel."  This is a house blend from this vendor.  This is just ooey gooey sweet heaven in a chunk.  Better yet, it is one of the strongest throwing melts I've encountered in a long while.  I stuck one chunk in my lower watt Scenterpiece warmer in my bed room and it scented half the house for over a day.  It was awesome!

White Tea and Ginger (Candle; 8oz tin):  Cold Impression
I wanted to try this scent as the scent of the same name from Bath and Body Works was my signature scent all through high school and college.  This smells the same to me, and I love it.  I hope it burns well.


Wilfred Wax

Etsy Storehttps://www.etsy.com/shop/WilfredWax

First Impression:

I can't remember if I stumbled upon this vendor on Instagram or Etsy first.  I do remember their packaging immediately caught my eye.  They have some of the best branding I've seen from a small company--not just wax companies.

Their logo/mascot is a cute little dragon that is on all of their products and packaging.  It goes along with their scents as well that are very whimsical.  I followed this vendor for quite awhile before I was financially able to make a purchase, and it's been fun to watch them grow.


Ordering & Shipping

Wilfred Wax uses Etsy for their store.  As I've said in previous posts, I love Etsy.  It makes it easy to order, pay, and I've never had any problems.

Their shop photos are also very clear and well done.  The scent description of each product is in the title of the listings, as well as, in large print on the product labels. 

My order shipped via USPS priority and it's free shipping on orders $75+ with a code that is in the shipping & policies section of each product listing.

My order arrived quickly.  The packaging was amazing!  Each candle was in its own box complete with a stamp of their little dragon logo.  The logo was even on the outside shipping box as well.  It was such a nice and professional touch!


The Actual Products:

These are a few items from my order:

Won-Won! (Candle; 8oz single wick soy): Cold Impression
This is one of my favorite scent blends that I've come across in a long time.  The official scent description reads: "A magical blend of pumpkin juice, ginger, and saffron."  I definitely get the ginger and pumpkin with the splash of saffron behind it.  I've been obsessed with ginger scents lately and I could just huff this all day.

Sweet Chai O' Mine (Wax Melts; Clam Shell): Melted Review
I can appreciate a good Guns and Roses reference for sure.  The scent description for this one reads: "A cuppa creamy vanilla chai infused with the warmth of spicy cloves and cinnamon."  The vanilla is definitely the heaviest note in this blend.  It's not so much a bakery vanilla as a creamy, rich vanilla.  The spices are very muted, and I would have never guessed this to be for a chai latte.  It reminds me more of Yankee Candle's Cinnamon Vanilla.  Unfortunately, it didn't throw well for me in a lower watt Scenterpiece warmer or a tea light warmer.

Halfling Hill (Candle; 8oz single wick soy): Cold Impression
This scent has me ready for spring! The scent description reads: "A stubbornly unadventurous blend of cherry pipe tobacco, grassy meadows, blossoming orchards, and honey ale."  Strangely, that's exactly what I get when I smell this candle.  It's like a perfect blend of all those notes.  Reminds me of being in a grassy field full of wild flowers, and it's very strong on cold.


Additional Notes:

I think if I had to pick a favorite from all the vendors that I ordered from in these four hauls, it would be New Moon Candles.  Don't get me wrong. I love a lot of the other vendors that I've shown over these last four posts and will definitely reorder from them, but New Moon Candles just blew me away with their products.

I have melted through around a third of the wax melts and halfway through a novelty candle.  So far, everything has been excellent.  I'm so happy I took a chance and ordered.

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*Not sponsored.  Didn't receive any products for free or at a special reviewer rate.  I'm just a regular wax consumer like you.

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