Epic Vendor Wax Haul: Helen's Wax Melts, Moonbeams Wax Meltz

Saturday, March 18, 2017

This is the third of four epic vendor wax hauls that I did around holiday time toward the end of 2016. I had saved up all year to discover some new to me vendors and support small businesses during the epic sales time.

It has taken me a couple of months to get these posted as I am extremely short on time due to my job. I still wanted to share, and so I am.

Just to Note:

Even though it should go without actually stating, these reviews and commentary are based on my particular experiences with these particular vendors placing these particular orders.  This is not meant to discourage nor encourage others to do anything.  This is not meant to be a representation of how everyone's ordering experience will go.  This is just me sharing some cool wax I bought and sharing my experience and giving my two cents. 

Haul Video

Or Watch on Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcbtp82BIpE


Helen's Wax Melts

Etsy Storehttps://www.etsy.com/shop/HelensWaxMelts
(As of this post, the store is closed and no longer restocking.)

First Impression:

I came across this seller on Instagram after someone had posted a haul from them.  All the feedback looked great.  The seller had frequent restocks.  I also loved the clear branding down to the names of the scents.  So, I followed them on Instagram and waited for a sale.


Ordering & Shipping:

The platform for the vendor's store was Etsy.  I love Etsy.  It's easy to navigate, gives me cash back through Ebates, and easy to find out shipping costs and information like that.

Shipping was really fast especially considering it came clear across the entire country.  My order came in a flat rate USPS priority mail bubble mailer.

Everything was packed with amazing thought and care.  It was almost like receiving a package from a dear friend.  There was even a hand written card in there along with extra little goodies.  It was truly a treat to open.


The Actual Products:

These are a few items from my order:

Bye Girl, Bye (Wax Melt; Small Shot): Melted Review
This smells like old school bubble gum. Think sugary sweet Hubba Bubba.  The scent duration during melting was pretty good in a lower watt Scenterpiece warmer. The throw was about a medium strength.

Lady Fingers (Wax Melt; Small Shot): Melted Review
I detect a warm and sweet bakery scent in here with a lemon note that is reminiscent of lemon cookies.  This melt did pretty well in a lower watt warmer and had a medium throw.

Coffee Cake (Wax Melt; Regular Shot): Cold Impression
The strongest note is a dead on instant coffee scent.  Behind that, there is a sweet, just baked cake note.  It is very strong on cold.


Moonbeams Wax Meltz

Official Web Site: https://moonbeamswaxmeltz.com/

First Impression:

I came across this vendor on Instagram.  I was instantly intrigued by her scent names, packaging, and branding.  Her fragrances had fantasy, sci-fi, gothic, and other alternative themed names.  I was instantly drawn to it. 


Ordering & Shipping:

The store portion of the vendor's site is powered by Shopify.  It was very easy to order, and several payment methods are accepted.  I had no problems adding stuff to my cart, putting in a coupon code, or anything like that.

I like the layout of the site as it's not too busy to the eye.  It is very easy to find products to purchase by category.  Each product listing has scent descriptions, and most even have a backstory for the specific scent.  (Hallelujah!)  There is also a master scent list, in two parts, that can be accessed from the main navigation bar on the site.  (Can I get an amen?!)

Shipping was USPS priority and came very quickly.  The packaging was amazing, and the vendor even had a hand written note and samples in there.  It was a great experience start to finish!


The Actual Products:

Here's my thoughts on a few items from my order:

Chocolate Mexicano Caliente (Wax Melt; Scent Shot):  Cold Review
The first note I get is the chocolate with a bold peppermint right behind it.  I'm hoping a spiciness will also come out one I start melting it.

Gunslinger (Wax Melt; Scent Shot): Cold Review
The official scent description for this one reads:  "A masculine yet invigorating scent with notes of gunpowder, sagebrush, flowering white thyme and smoky prairie woods."  I definitely get a smoky note and a fresh plant type of scent.  It's very unique.  It's also nice to get a masculine scent that doesn't smell like a cheap cologne store or after shave.

Devil's Rose Jam (Wax Melt; Clamshell): Cold Review
This is a floral blend that I actually like!  What?!  I can't stop smelling it.  It is a blend of rose and bright citrus that comes across as a bit sweet as well.  Yum!


Additional Notes:

No additional notes, but a confession of a wax addict.  Moonbeams Wax Meltz dropped a restock today, and I almost bought a bunch more wax even though I still have a lot to melt through.  She decorates them so pretty and the scents are so appealing.  Soon, my pretties!  I must be strong until I melt some more down!

You might be a wax addict if...


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*Not sponsored.  Was not sent any products for free or for a special reviewer rate.  Just your average obsessive wax huffer. :)

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