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Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's time once again for some more wax melt reviews!  If you are aren't familiar with empties reviews, these are reviews of products that I've already completely used: not cold impressions, not first impressions, or reviews done barely into the product's life.  Review video is embedded below, as well as, short reviews for those pressed for time.


Or watch on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_DqlOda3aM


:::Melted Wax (Not in Video Order):::

Scentsationals - Chai Tea
 - such a cozy and warm scent
 - just like a starbucks chai tea latte
 - medium throw; average duration

Better Homes and Gardens - Sparkling Berry Garland
 - sweet, fresh green garland
 - medium scent throw
 - average duration
 - one of my favorite scents for christmas time

Sassy Girl Aroma - Strawberry Short Cake (Scoopable)
 - sweet candied artificial strawberry
 - just like the short cake ooze in the grocery store
 - sweet white cake in the background
 - liked the scent blend
 - strong throw; better than average duration
 - scoopable is too much trouble though
 - ain't nobody got time for that

Candles by Victoria - Raspberry Banana Cream (scent shot)
 - smelled heavenly on cold
 - had little throw

Sassy Girl Aroma - Hello Lover (large scent shot)
 - strong on artificial lemon
 - smelled like sugar and pledge mop cleaner
 - wasn't a fan

 Pink Zebra - Napa Leather (Sprinkles)
 - smells like new car scent
 - between medium and strong throw
 - love the sprinkles style

Better Homes and Gardens - Snowy Winter Woods
 - one of my favorite winter scents
 - smells like being in a wood cabin
 - dry wood, heavy on cedar, with some cool mint background
 - average throw and duration

Fortune Cookie Soap - The Hound (scent shot)
 - zero throw
 - I've only had one melt out of more than 50 from this brand that had any throw.
 - I do not recommend.

Sassy Girl Aroma - Nag Champa (large scent shot)
 - smells just like the incense
 - awesome throw
 - seemed to last forever on a lower watt warmer
 - Yes!

Pink Zebra - Cedar Lodge (sprinkles)
 - very spicy younger cedar wood scent
 - better than average throw
 - average duration
 - mixed surprisingly well with a fresh sharp orange scent

Wilma - Party Punch (sample scent shot)
 - sweet and sugary mixed fruit
 - threw like a beast
 - lasted much longer than average
 - awesome!

Sassy Girl Aroma - Orange Bliss (sample scent shot)
 - wasn't a fan of the blend
 - smelled like a mix of old orange and shampoo
 - didn't throw well

Ava's Country Cupboard - I Dream in Pink (owl tarts)
 - fun pink sugar blend
 - great throw
 - lasted a long time
 - awesome

Sassy Girl Aroma - Vanilla Banana Wafers (chunk tarts)
 - yummy scent on cold
 - banana smelled a bit off on warmer
 - medium scent throw
 - didn't last long

Front Porch Candle Co - Welcome Home Christmas
 - cozy scent with an evergreen background
 - great throw
 - lasted a long time
 - would definitely repurchase

Fortune Cookie Soap - Tree of Life (scent shot)
 - smelled great on cold
 - little throw on warmer

Better Homes and Gardens - Frosty Winter Nights
 - love this blend
 - mint with juniper and other young green tree goodness
 - average throw
 - average duration


:::Additional Notes:::

This was the first time I tried a scoopable wax, and it will be the last. I love being able to control the amount of wax to warmer, but it's a lot of trouble.  The scoop spoon would be covered in wax and subsequentially in cat fur. Sprinkles have worked so much better in that respect. No hassle and some function.

Maybe I'm just lazy for scoopable.  ;)


Not sponsored.  I received a couple of the Better Homes and Garden melts in gifts from friends.  Other than that, it was all my poor wallet.

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