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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Today, I'm bringing you another candle empties post in which I give short reviews on candles that I've completely used up.  If you have time or are a more visual person, there is also a video embedded down below in which I ramble on as I review all these candles.

It's feels good to be able to bring y'all a post again!

::Candle Empties #12 Video::

Or watch on youtube

:::Candles (Not in Video Order):::

Burt's Bees - Pinecones and Cinnamon 
6.5oz single wick soy, 2015 pour
 - Loved the scent blend, not generic or artificial smelling
 - Had a nice throw, not over-powering but very present
 - This is my 4th or 5th of this particular candle.  Half have thrown well, and half have been duds.

McCall's Candles -  Make a Wish
18oz, 2 wick, indulgence line style
 - Very perfume-like scent blend, more like a body care scent
 - Burn pretty well with little soot
 - Had to quit burning early as the scent was being to take on a burnt note that wasn't pleasant
 - put on warmer, but was so strong it gave me a headache as I am sensitive to most florals

Goose Creek Candles - Peanut Butter Sugar
24oz, 2 wick, Halloween edition folk art jar
 - great burn, mild sooting
 - wonderful throw, filled my entire kitchen
 - loved the scent blend, was a wonderful sweet sugary warm vanilla
 - didn't smell any peanut butter note in it at all

Swan Creek Candle - Hibiscus Green Tea
24oz single wick soy, pantry jar style
 - burned pretty well
 - little throw, could only smell the soy wax
 - threw remainder on candle warmer, got a tiny throw
 - loved the scent on cold, green and fresh
 - would not repurchase this particular scent again

Our Own Candle Company - Banana Nut Bread
13oz single wick, mason jar
 - scent blend was amazing on cold
 - burned great until a quarter way down and wick would no longer light
 - wick turned white and wouldn't hold any flame, 2nd candle this has happened on
 - throw was light burning, great on the candle warmer
 - might try again as this was a bargain candle bought from a local resell store

WonderfulWick - Warm Sandalwood
15oz wood wick
 - perfect burn
 - almost no soot
 - throw was meduim to light medium in a 10x12 square room
 - scent blend was okay, very light generic sandalwood scent

Kringle Candle - Christmas
8.5oz single wick classic jar
 - strong on cold, decent throw burning in a smaller room
 - some soot, but otherwise great burn
 - classic green Christmas scent with some bright notes
 - packaging is amazing

Air Wick Life Scents - Emerald Woodland
5oz single wick, blend: morning frost, evergreen, sugar cookie
 - this was a pleasant surprise
 - great and interesting scent blend with the sugar cookie note
 - threw very well in a smaller space
 - burned pretty well with little soot
 - would definitely repurchase

McCall's Candles - Christmas Jingle
12oz, 3 wick
 - strong cinnamon note
 - great throw even in a larger room
 - perfect burn with no soot

Jack Be Nimble Candle Creations - Holiday Frost
10oz, 2 wick, soy
 - great burn with no soot
 - okay scent throw, but not very strong even in a small room

Colonial Candle - White Pear and Cedar
22oz, 2 wick
 - great throw, even in a large room
 - interesting blend, sweet fruity cedar
 - good burn with little soot

McCall's Candles - Sugar Plum
12oz, 3 wick
 - no throw burning or on a candle warmer
 - hardly any scent on cold as well

Our Own Candle Company - Cedarwood Vanilla
13oz, single wick, mason jar
 - No throw burning
 - No throw on the melter
 - Light on cold even

Kringle Candle - Christmas Stroll
22oz, double wick
 - Epic gorgeous packaging
 - Clean burn, little soot
 - Decent throw
 - Scent turned burnt smelling halfway down
 - Great throw on warmer for the remainder

American Home by Yankee Candle - Shades of Fall
4oz, single wick, 2015 pour
 - No throw whatsoever
 - Dud, dud, dud

Yankee Candle - Bakery Air
22oz, single wick, 2016 pour
 - Interesting scent blend - not generic sweet bakery at all
 - Burning nicely, just a little soot
 - throw was excellent

Colonial Candle - Birch & Clove
8oz, 2 wick
 - Wicks were way too weak
 - Stopped burning halfway down
 - Wouldn't relight, Grrrrr
 - Throw is very good
 - One of my favorite scent blends of all time

McCall's Candles - Christmas Morning
18oz, 2 wick, indulgence style
 - Amazing and complex scent blend
 - Strong on cold sniff
 - No throw burning
 - Little throw on warmer

Colonial Candles - Water Lily
8oz, 2 wick
 - Strong on cold
 - Green and aquatic floral, very interesting blend
 - Great throw
 - Weak wicks
 - Quit burning a quarter of the waydown
 - Unable to relight at that point at all


::Notes and Crap::

Wow, I had a lot of duds and disappointments this month!  I especially hate the candles that I just had to quit burning or that got to a certain point and wouldn't even light again.

I think a lot of this may be because the majority of these are holiday editions or holiday fragrances. Most times, holiday items tend to lack the quality that a lot of the regular line items have.  It's like companies know that people are going to be shopping and buying it anyway, so why not maximize profits?

Of course, this is just my opinion.  I've just become more cognizant of it lately based on my many years as a crazy consumer and working in retail.  Holiday items in other products categories, like bath and body, rarely last or have decent quality.  It would seem the same may be true for a lot of candles as well.

Here's hoping next my next bunch of candle empties is much better!


I bought all this crap myself.  I'm not sponsored by any of these companies nor was I sent any products for free or at a discount in exchange for a review.  I'm just a crazy cat lady that likes candles more than I should.

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