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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's time for another set of candle empties in which I show and discuss the candles that I've completely burned up or gave up on since the last time.  As always, the video will be embedded below along with a list of products mentioned with short, rapid fire text reviews.

Empties Video:

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Products Mentioned, In Video Order: 

Bath and Body Works - Vanilla Bean Marshmallow (Medium Jar)
  • love the scent, one of the best vanilla scents I've tried, didn't throw well in the medium size, had better luck with a 3 wick previously

Burt's Bees - Pine Cone and Cinnamon
  • dream burn, no soot even though I barely trimmed the wicks, this candle had a good throw, the candle identical to it I had burned before has no throw, do with that what you will

American Home by Yankee Candle - Shades of Fall
  • pointless for fragrance, zero throw even on a candle warmer

Mainstays - Garden Rain (3 wick)
  • the perfect burn of legend, no scent, no trimming needed, great scent throw, clean fresh almost body product type scent

Yankee Candle - Market Blossoms
  • I loved it! (Full Review Post HERE)

Goose Creek - Enchanted Woods
  • little to no throw, blah burn, had to stop burning a third of the way down because the scent turned bad and the wax discolored, smells similar Japanese Cherry Blossom from BBW to me

American Home by Yankee Candle - Banana Walnut Bread (various sizes)
  • small single wick 4oz threw well, the larger sizes (both single and double wick) were pointless, no throw, super light even on the candle warmer, what is this backwards sorcery?

Big Lots - Lemon Tart (Retro Kitchen Collection)
  • barely any throw, bakery lemon scent, last one like this threw well, but this one sucked, this brand is quite inconsistent 

Swan Creek - Leather (medium jar)
  • spicy leather scent, had quite a bit of soot, weak throw burning, okay throw on a candle warmer

Airfresh - Angel Orchid
  • no throw, lost scent due to having not even a dust cover, wasted a dollar

Air Wick - Sweet Summer Fruits
  • lemon head type scent, crappy tunneling burn, okay throw

Yankee Candle - Cinnamon Vanilla
  • great throw until halfway down when the scent turned nasty, really special and authentic cinnamon blend, put the remainder on my warmer and got days of scents, I would try this one again in a larger single wick, no to this tumbler nonsense

Goose Creek - Lemon Meringue
  • good on cold, no throw, a lot of soot, even burn

DW Home - Poolside Splash
  • little throw, tons of soot when burning, I had to blow it out, ain't nobody got time for that much soot

Swan Creek - Summer Rain
  • awesome fresh almost bar soap smell, awesome throw, lasted a long time, burn was meh, wick was too strong and mushroom-topped a lot



My thoughts on Mainstays 3 wicks candles remain the same: the best burning candles out there.  I read somewhere that they are made by Candlelite.  I'll have to investigate further for sure.

I'm gonna hold off buying anymore American Home by Yankee Candle items for a long while.  I had 4 candles in this empties that were complete and utter duds.  No thank you!

Surprisingly, my opinion of the regular Yankee Candles is much more favorable than it has been.  I've had good luck with the large single wicks this years so far.  I won't be buying anymore tumblers though. Nope.

I'm still burnt out on Bath & Body Works.  I am happy that they brought back Merry Mistletoe, though.  It's one of my favorites!


This isn't sponsored nor was I sent any of these candles for free.  

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