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Thursday, October 13, 2016

I burn through quite a few candles still even with working all the time.  It takes dedication, madness, and a stinky house full of furry friends to forever combat.

This is a video of me reviewing all the of the candles that I have completely burned in the last few weeks.  It is a tad bit long.  So, I have provided a list below of all the candles I mention with one liner reviews as an accompaniment for those of you short on time.

Empties Video: 

Or Watch on Youtube:

Candles, In Video Order:

Yankee Candle - Beach Wood
  • Burned half way, no throw, didn’t want to waste more time

Goose Creek - Dozen Roses
  • great throw, unique scent, soot city

Wonderful Wick - Aqua Spa
  • Burned alright, no throw, no crackle

Swan Creek - Pumpkin Vanilla
  • Favorite candle of the bunch, threw as strong as a good wax melt, no soot, yes!

Jack Be Nimble - Herbs de Provence
  • Decent throw, no soot, nice green scent

McCall’s - Tomato Basil (Tomato Vine)
  • throw of legend, almost choked me out, very green scent like the middle of a tomato vine, little soot, decent burn

Mainstays - Cotton Candy
  • light throw, desk candle,  sweet scent, great burn

Mainstays - Soothing Spa
  • strong throw, clean scent, flawless burn

McCall’s - Laura’s Lemon Loaf
  • good burn, no throw

Mainstays - Hazelnut Cream (Aromabeads)
  • good throw, okay burn, soot

Living Colors - Iced Lavender and Vanilla Amethyst
  • little throw, okay burn

Jack Be Nimble - Rosemary
  • burned awful

Mainstays - Lilac Breeze
  • strong throw, flawless burn

Swan Creek - Lavender & Lemon
  • long burn time, okay burn, great throw, no soot

Jack Be Nimble - Figue Tree
  • No throw, terrible burn

Yankee Candle - Fresh Mint
  • long burn time, great burn, almost no soot, medium throw

Jack Be Nimble - Peppermint Eucalyptus
  • great burn, awesome throw, dream candle

DW Home - Eucalyptus and Mint
  • good burn, good throw

Our Own Candle Company - Root Beer Float
  • okay throw, quit burning halfway down, some soot

Big Lots - French Vanilla Macaroons
  • great throw, great burn, one of the best big lots candles I’ve tried to date

DW Home - Cooling Eucalyptus
  • great on cold, little throw burning, soot city


I thought it would be neat to add this little section to the end of my empties posts.  My opinions change depending on my experiences with more products.  So, this will just show you what's cooking in the old noodle.

I got to finally to burn some candles from a brand, DW Home, that I've seen hyped on youtube, as well as, a southern indie brand.  I just love trying out different brands.  I get bored with the same old thing.

Shoot, it will be a good long while before I can jump back into the Bath and Body Works madness.  I'm burnt out.  Get it? Burnt? :)

The most consistently burning candles are without a doubt the $3.33 Mainstays in the 3 wick from Walmart.  I've yet to have one not burn flawlessly.  Most even have a great throw.

Most of the other brands included in this bunch have me on the fence.  I'm still holding my opinion until I try some more from the lines.

The exception is Living Colors from Big Lots.  I've had all duds.  I wouldn't take one for free even from my best friend.  That goes for most of the MVP (the manufacturer of Living Colors) made candles.  The only ones I've had luck with are the Colonial Candles.  The rest have been disasters. Don't even get me started on the Home candles from them that are sold at Family Dollar or the True Living from Dollar General.  We'd be here all night.

I'm aware that there are many people who hype these candles that I wouldn't even use as a paper weight on youtube.  Their area must get better products than mine or they live in some parallel universe where the sky is sparkly purple and these perform well.


The title image has a watermark from Scents With Twang which was a candle and wax melt review site I used to upkeep before merging all my site into

AKA: It's time for me to make some more images.  Haha!

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