Wax Melt Empties | Wax Empties #9

Monday, August 29, 2016

Here are my quickfire reviews for the wax I melted from January into April 2016.  There are retail, high end, and vendor wax items included. Video is also embedded below.



Or watch on youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idhlOmctaI0


Products, In Video Order: 

Goose Creek - Journey at Sea
threw well, last longer than average

Febreze - Gain scent
YES, laundry bomb of gloriousness

Ava's Country Cupboard - Strawberry Shake
Great throw, sweet cream and strawberry, would definitely repurchase

Colonial Candle - Caipirinha
green, lime, great in my bathroom in a low watt

Ava's Country Cupboard - Strawberry Blonde
okay throw, same strawberry note as shake but not as good

Scentsationals - Napa Valley Wine Barrel
very strong throw, not my type of scent

Fortune Cookie Soap - It's Only A Dream
almost no throw, would never purchase wax from this brand again, multiple duds

Front Porch - Basil, Sage, and Mint
green w a hint of mint, did well in my bedroom

Ava's Country Cupboard - NY Birthday Cake
creamy bakery scent, lasted a decent time, pretty good throw

Deer Ridge Candles - Kinky Cowboy #2*
threw like a beast, one of my favs of all time

Scentsationals - Strawberries and Cream
medium throw, average duration, sweet artificial strawberry

Scentsationals - Grandpa's Workshop
medium strong throw, okay duration

Ava's Country Cupboard - Fluffy Pink Peppermint
okay throw, okay duration

Ava's Country Cupboard - Clean Green
one of my fav blends of hers, did well

Colonial Candle - Birch and Clove
Yes, smells like a spicy fire, does decent

Goose Creek - Patchouli
disappointing, doesn't smell of patchouli, it's more of a earthy or mossy blend, light throw

Febreze - Mediterranean Lavender
generic powder lavender, no throw

Ava's Country Cupboard - Gran's Berry Griddlecakes
berry and bakery, did fairly well

Ava's Country Cupboard - Lemon Frosted Cheesecake
average throw, smelled like lemon bakery paradise

Rose Girls - Twister
threw very well, but mixed bad with other scents in my house

Ava's Country Cupboard - Butter Fudge Baklava
smelled like butter, light throw

Scentsationals - Apple-icious
smells of fresh sweet apples, great throw, yum and yes

Colonial Candle - Blue Spruce
cool green scent, threw well

Front Porch - Blackberry Sage
medium throw, did okay

Ava's Country Cupboard - Moscato
light throw, would not repurchase

Febreze - Frosted Pine
pine scent, great throw

Front Porch - Marshmallows by the Fire
similar to Marshmallow Fireside, not the same but a cousin, medium throw


Not sponsored.  These are my own opinions based on my experiences.

*Received in a care package from a friend.

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