Wax Empties #9: Candles

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wow, it's been a long time!  I thought it was about time to get my candle empties that I did 3 months ago posted.  :/ 

For those pressed for time, or just favor words over moving pictures, a full list of the candles is below complete with short, one-liner reviews.

 January - April 2016 

Or watch video on youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50PPJGKV9CQ

Candle List (In Video Appearance Order)

McCall's Candles - Cherries Jubilee
  • Amazing throw, true scent, blew my dang socks off, burned flawlessly

Colonial Candles - Birch & Clove
  • smells like a spicy wood fire, mostly good burn, love

Jack Be Nimble Candles - Raspberry Patchouli
  • amazing throw, love the scent, good burn, no soot, yes!!!

Yankee Candle - Peppermint Bark*
  • burned great, no throw unfortunately

Kringle Candle - Autumn Rain
  • great throw, gorgeous packaging, burned for a long time, pretty good burn, little soot

Burt's Bees - Pinecones & Cinnamon
  • great on cold, but no throw at all, no soot

Airwick - Enchanted Holiday Evergreen Adventure
  • classic evergreen, great throw, decent burn

Colonial Candles - Autumn Spice Tea
  • bakery spice scent, little throw, good burn

Dollar General - Lemon Sherbet
  • little throw, crappy burn

Our Own Candle Company - White Mistletoe
  • medium throw, wick moved so had to blow out early

Mainstays - Hidden Springs
  • good throw, perfect burn, price makes it even better

Goose Creek - Poison Berries
  • quite a bit of soot, great throw, good burn

Big Lots - Cabernet (Alfresco collection)
  • decent burn, medium throw, little soot

Wonderful Wick - Lilac Petals
  • great throw, great burn

Yankee Candle - Early Sunrise
  • scent turned bad part way through, inconsistent throw, decent burn

Colonial Candle - Tobacco and Honey
  • okay burn, soot, strong throw

Airwick - Unwind Time (French Lavender)
  • good throw, great herbal lavender scent, good burn

Yankee Candle - Leather
  • true to life leather scent, great burn, great throw, YES, YES, YES

Goose Creek - Black Leather
  • leather is just a background note in the scent, more of a spicy earthy scent, not a good throw, okay burn, would not repurchase 

Colonial Candle - Fireside
  • no throw, good burn

Air Fresh - Angel Orchid
  • decent throw, good for a small room or bathroom, great burn, beyond great for a dollar candle

American Home by Yankee Candle - Ginger Pumpkin Pie (Walmart)
  • amazing throw of legend, not a generic pumpkin scent at all, would repurchase for full price in a heartbeat, LIFE, YES


Chunk Journal Page of My Favorites of this Bunch:

What the fart is a Chunk Journal?

In short, it's a junk or collage journal for the sole purpose of making pages out of wax labels and related ephemera.  The name is the brain child of wax and journal banter between myself and Beth Says (her youtube channel, her wax blog).  It's a play off Junk Journal.  (Plus...I love saying the word CHUNK.  I can't help myself.)

Basically, I take my favorite candles and wax melts for a given empties group, and I make a collage spread out of them to look back on.  (With candles, it's more like which ones I can rip the labels off in one piece. ugh).

So, above is my first spread which features my favorites from this bunch.


*- This was given to me in an awesome friend mail from Katie.  This doesn't effect my review in anyway.

Every other candle I purchased myself with my own money.  No sponsored or free candle for review stuff going on here.

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