Chat, Haul, and Review #6

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Here's another Chat, Haul, and Review for y'all.  I have a mixed bag of products in this one for sure.

I had originally shot the video for these about 3 and a half months ago.  So, the reviews below will reflect my thoughts after really getting to test out the products.

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Products Mentioned, In Video Order: 

Skull Satchel Purse

Sadly, I've not gotten to carry this beauty yet.  I had another studded purse that I ordered from Aliexpress as well that I've been carrying the last 3 months or so.

The quality of the material and stitching is great.  The look of the purses are great.  The part that I feel they skimped on was the actual hardware.  The zipper pulls and the o-rings are very low quality.  The metal is akin to a cheap paperclip and bends at the slightest touch.

I've had 4 of the zippers on my studded purse break so far just from carrying it to work and sitting it in my desk.  The whole main zipper doesn't close anymore.

While this is not specifically about the skull purse pictured in the video, but of another purse I got from aliexpress, I do believe this is important to mention.  I think, from now on, I'll just spend a couple extra bucks and get a purse from Kmart, Marshalls, or a similar low cost store,.

Alphabets and Numerals Stamp Set

These are great for the low price I paid.  In fact, I'd say they are very close to what you would get from a stamp set at Walmart since I had purchased one in the same time frame.

The box is super, but there were a few annoying things once I went to use them.  All of the stamps were connected together and had to be pulled or cut apart which was time consuming.  Also, some of the stamp were mounted to the wood crookedly.  They were still usable, but it still speaks to the look and quality.

Boca Burgers - Original and All American Flame Grilled

 These veggie burgers had a decent taste, but you wouldn't fool even the most inexperienced griller into thinking these are the real deal.

Pros include: a fraction of the fat and calories of a beef burger, available at most stores, and fairly inexpensive when compared to good beef, cookout option for vegetarians

Cons: SALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, also the smoke flavoring in the all american burgers about choked me out, doesn't taste ANYTHING like a real burger

 Better Homes and Garden - Sunset Creek Azalea Wax Melts

This smells to me like a vintage shampoo.  I want to say like Prell, Pert or Finesse.  I need to go down the shampoo aisle and huff when I have time one of these days.  Sadly, I've not had time to melt it yet.

Jack Be Nimble Candles - Peppermint Eucayptus 2 Wick Candle

Boy do I love soy candles!  This one did great for me.  The throw was very strong, and the burn was steady and clean.

Small Drawer Organizer

I bought 2 of these dudes at Walmart in the hardware section.  (It's WAY cheaper than buying the same dang thing in the craft section.  Just a tip)

I ended up mounting them to the wall to hold tiny craft things.  They've been working great.

Folio Organizer for My Magazine Pages

I don't actually use this anymore.  It was more of a pain in the rear than it was worth.  I have a new system for filing my magazine clipping that has been working great.

Wescott Paper Trimmer

My cuts look like a dog made them.  So, I know I needed one of these to have a straight edge.

This one is okay.  You can do a couple sheet of paper or one manila folder if you hold your breath just right.  It's very light duty, but better than nothing.

Tree of Life Necklace

I still haven't wornn this yet! AHHHH

Unt Peel off Base Coat, Cuticle Oil, Tip Off Polish Remover, Facial Toners

Sadly, I haven't gotten to try any of these products yet except for the sample firming toner I got and the cuticle oil.  I've just not been painting my nails or keeping up with my face routine very well.

The cuticle oil is amazing!  It's not too greasy and smells like oranges.  It's been my go to at my desk.

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

One of my best purchases of the year.  It's especially good, because I got them like 90% off.

Sadly, the mouse went stupid and I had to scrap it after about three months.  The scroll wheel just would move on its own and was delayed.  I just had to quit fooling with it.

The keyboard still works great!  I'm typing on it now.  It makes it so I don't ahve to be hunched over my laptop.  Yes!

Bluetooth Shutter Remote

This is one of my worst purchases.  This was very cheap on Amazon.  It is supposed to let you take photos or stop and start video recording remotely on your phone.  Awesome, right?

Well, it only works once in ten times.  So, poo on that.


This is not sponsored in any way.  Nope. Nope. Nope.

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