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Thursday, May 12, 2016

These are my opinions on some wax melts that I've used up over a period of about 3 months.  So, you may want to grab a beverage, a snack, and a comfy seat. 

Video is embedded below, as well as, short written reviews if you are pressed for time.


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Or watch on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJFFscqY0zI

Melts mentioned, in video order: 

Scentsationals Apple-licious
  • smells like a fresh apple that you just sliced into, it threw great, would repurchase
Goose Creek Pumpkin Molasses
  • threw great, generic scent, probably would not repurchase
Ava's Country Cupboard Woolen Blanket
  • threw well, held scent well even after a year, would repurchase
Better Homes and Gardens Ski Resort
  • threw great, wonderful blend, would repurchase in a heartbeat if they bring it back
Better Homes and Gardens Twinkling Holiday Lights
  • strong throw, would repurchase
Colonial Candle Orange Blossom
  • fresh floral, threw very well, lasted a long time in a low watt electric warmer, would repurchase if they bring it back
Febreze Frosted Pine
  • threw great, lasted quite a few hours, would repurchase with a coupon
Better Homes and Gardens Warm Rustic Woods
  • STRONG throw, like a men's earthy cologne, would repurchase
Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Morning Latte
  • strong throw, lasts a long time, would repurchase
Better Homes and Gardens Sparkling Berry Garland
  • love this scent, good throw, lasts about 4 hours hich is average for this brand for me, would repurchase
Better Homes and Gardens Fresh Cut Frasier
  • STRONG throw, Christmas tree in a cube, would repurchase
Better Homes and Gardens Warm Autumn Sweater
  • dupe for the older Bath and Body Works Sweater Weather, medium throw, average duration, would repurchase
Ava's Country Cupboard Glazed Marshmallow Donut
  • gave me life, smelled amazing, threw well, would repurchase, yes yes yes
Rose Girls Blackberry Mocha Cookies
  • divine on cold, yes to this scent blend, YES, medium throw that quickly faded, would repurchase to give it another chance
Glade Sparkling Spruce
  • the bane of my existence, need 6 cubes to get anything, glade should be ashamed, never again
Better Homes and Gardens Snowy Winter Woods
  • log cabin goodness, throws well, would repurchase in a heartbeat
Goose Creek Tahitian Citrus
  • slightly artificial, strong throw, clean and bright, ,would repurchase
Ava's Country Cupboard Flannel Sheets
  • laundry melt to beat for me currently, STRONG throw, a wonderful surprise, would forever repurchase, yes yes yes
Colonial Candle Blue Spruce
  • strong throw, cool evergreen, would repurchase
Better Homes and Gardens Turning Autumn (Acorn and Wood)
  • woodsy and nutty, medium to strong throw, average duration, would repurchase
Better Homes and Gardens Pure White Woods
  • men's musky soap scent, cologne like mahogany teakwood, VERY STRONG throw, would not repurchase because of preference
Colonial Candle Autumn Spice Tea
  • spicy bakery, medium throw, would not repurchase
Colonial Candles Water Lily
  • aquatic floral, medium to light throw, would repurchase on really good sale
Scentsationals County Fair (Caramel Apple and Roasted Chesnuts)
  • medium to strong throw, roasted chesnuts is a bit artificial but mixes well, would repurchase
ScenSei Hippie Holidays
  • YES, YES, YES, hippie store scent with a hint of evergreen, threw like an absolute beast, will definitely repurchase next time I make an order, YES 
  • Full Review Post
Front Porch Black Raspberry Coffee Cake
  • raspberry didn't throw on cold, spicy coffee cake, would not repurchase
Front Porch Sweet Potato Pie
  • light throw, would not repurchase
Front Porch Autumn Treats
  • bakery with spice, medium throw, would not repurchase
Front Porch Pine & Peppermint
  • true to the name, good throw, would repurchase
Scentsationals White Sandalwood
  • light throw, would not repurchase
Front Porch Lemon Tea & Cake
  • bakery lemon, strong throw, would repurchase
Yankee Candle Wild Sea Grass
  • earthy clean green, threw well for me in a tea light warmer, would repurchase


I paid for almost all of these with my own money.  I did receive, as stated in the video, some in a wonderful friend mail from Beth with no obligation to talk about them or any crap like that.  You can check out her links below.  She does all kinds of videos and posts including a lot of wax related ones.

Beth's Channel, Beth Says: https://www.youtube.com/user/frumpette
Beth's Wax Blog:  http://merelymelting.blogspot.com/
Beth's Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/beth_says_so/


Vendor Pages: 

Ava's Country Cupboard: http://www.avascountrycupboard.com/

Front Porch: http://www.frontporchcandleco.com/

ScenSei: http://www.scensei.net/

Rose Girls:   http://rosegirlschunkwaxmelts.com/

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