Swatch It Out: Random Polishes #19

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Swatch It Out time!  If you are new to this series, I swatch seven random polishes from my collection.  I take swatch pictures and video and show y'all if they are worth being on the lookout for or just need to stay on the shelf.

Let's Swatch It Out!

Nicole by OPI - Goodbye Shoes

I picked this polish up at either Kmart or CVS awhile back on clearance.

I love the color of this polish.  I don't have another one like it.  However, the formula is a little runny.  It also requires at least 3 coats which I'm not all about at all.

Wet n Wild - Careful It's Vine-tage

I bought this polish at Kmart awhile back right after this collection come out.

The formula is quite nice, and it's completely opaque in two coats.  One thicker coat would probably do the job as well.

The finish is between a matte and a satin.  It dries very quickly and seems to chip quite quickly for me.  (I do have jobs that are rough on hands, to be fair.)

Sephora by OPI - It's Real 1k Top Coat

I got this polish at Big Lots for only $1.80.  Yes!

This is one of my favorite toppers in my entire collection.  It's so unique, and it just adds a nice touch over just about any color.  I will use it until it's gone for sure

Revlon - Smoldering

I picked this up from Big Lots in a 2 for $2 pack.

This polish was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting it to be shear as all get out.

It was complete opaque in two coats, and the formula was great.  It also differs from a typical silver in that it has flashes of other colors in the finish.

Sally Hansen - Cherry Fast

I picked this up from Kmart on clearance a while back.

The formula on this dude is great!  However, I don't get any wear time out of it if I try it as an all over color.

It is beyond fabulous as a stamping polish, though.  Yes!

China Glaze - Fairy Dust

I bought this at Sally Beauty Supply awhile back.

This is probably my second favorite topper in my collection.  It is my "manicure fixer."

It looks nice over any color.  It refreshes a dull manicure, and it will hide if you smudge your polish after you've finished painting.

It is all the yeses.

Zoya - Daul

I bought this directly from the brand's website during a promotion.

The formula is pretty good.  It does take 2 thicker coats or 3 thinner coats to reach opacity.

I love the copper flash in it as it makes it just a bit magical.  I can't wait to rock it come fall time.


Final Thoughts:

Favorites: It's Real Top Coat, Fairy Dust, and Smoldering

Retiring: Goodbye Shoes

This was a pretty good group of polishes overall.  I may end up passing on my Careful, It's Vine-tage as well.   It has an amazing formula and all, but I just get no wear out of matte polishes.  So, I'm going to see if one of my peers wants it.  Or y'all may see it in an upcoming craft project.


Video (with live swatches)

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Not sponsored.  No PR whatnot.  I bought all these polishes myself.

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