Candle Empties #8

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Here are my thoughts on a bunch of candles that I have finished burning.  Short, one line, reviews are below, as well as, a video showing and discussing each candle. 

Y'all, upon rewatching the video, this group of candles was pretty tragic.  Haha!


[will embed once live]

Or watch on youtube:


Candles mentioned, in video order:

Living Colors - Bourbon Vanilla Latte, Pumpkin Crumb Cake, and Pomegranate Spice
  • Smelled great on cold, smelled like chemical death plastic burning, had a strong throw burning but smelled awful, put on candle warmer no throw, would only repurchase to fling at an enemy
Yankee Candle - Treehouse Memories
  • medium jar, 2013 pour, burned decent, light throw, probably would not repurchase
Colonial Candle - Blue Spruce
  • 8oz jar, burned great, threw great, would purchase
Dollar General - Creamy Vanilla
  • burned awesome, no throw, would purchase again for the crazy good clearance price only
Tru Living - Lemon Mint
  • burned awful, put off residue that stuck to walls, would never repurchase
Yankee Candle - Peeps
  • large jar, burned awesome, light throw for the most part, would repurchase for like $5
Our Own Candle Company - Chocolate Peppermint Sticks
  • burned okay, some soot, throw was great, would repurchase
Everyday Home - Pound Cake, Vanilla Buttercream, Snickerdoodle
  • champion of tunnelling, worst burn I've seen in years, give it an award, I would need a lot of blows to the head to repurchase this
Goose Creek - Christmas Cashmere
  • medium jar, burned pretty good, great throw, would repurchase
Colonial Candle - Apricot Mint
  • 3.5oz jar, burned flawless, threw amazing, would repurchase
Yankee Candle - Pinecones and Lime
  • medium jar, 2014 pour, burned terrible, no throw, would not repurchase
Goose Creek - Black Leather
  • antique silver packaging, had to stop burning because the mercury glass lining was flaking off into the wax, would not repurchase because of safety
Yankee Candle - Greenhouse
  • large jar, 2015 pour, left wax stuck all over jar, little soot, moments of decent throw between long periods of no throw, would not repurchase
Colonial Candle - Pumpkin Roll
  • medium jar, beautiful burn, no throw, would not repurchase


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