About the lack of posts for the last month...

Friday, May 20, 2016

Work has just been kicking my butt this month.  There ain't no other way to say it.  I have a lot of posts that I need to finish and post, but time has just not been on my side. I've had one day off this whole month in which I did laundry like a crazy person and attempted to get the house in some kind of order.

I have one more day off coming up.  So, I hope to have some time to show this blog some more love soon.  The way my schedules have worked out for both jobs has just not been the best.  (And I had to go on an intense training trip for a week out of state that was exhausting.)  So, I've not had time for any blogging.

TLDR:  I have no plans to stop blogging.  (They will have to pry this blog from my cold, dead hands....or pay me some serious moolah. lol I'm a realist.)  My jobs are just kicking my butt this month.  And bills getting paid  and professional life progressing come before internet things.

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