Dollar Tree Haul: April 26, 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I swear I do still shop at the Dollar Tree.  Haha!  There just hasn't been much to get other than a few lunch items that are boring that I get all the time.  (And too much junk food. Ugh.)

So onto what I got with commentary, reviews, and whatnot.  Whoohoo!

Binder Clips - 8ct, Large

I love these!  I use them to hold together craft projects, paper, and whatnot that I'm gluing, drilling, or something like that.  They work great as little clamps.

Jot 4pk Ink Pens - Various Color Ink

I didn't need anymore pens, but I bought these anyway.  I blame going to the store on my way home from a long shift and telling myself "I deserve them."

The ink color matches the color of the pen, and I tested these out and they write just fine.

Jot Double-Sided Markers 

I hadn't seen these in my store before, and I thought I'd try them out.  They look similar to the ones at Walmart that are like $4-$5 bucks by the adult coloring books.

I tried these on a piece of computer paper, and they all wrote just fine.  None of them were dry.  There was a little bleed through the single sheet.

I'll have to road test it a bit more to see how good they really are.

Book Rings (Medium 8pk, Large 6pk)

I was so happy to see these come back after looking for months.  I was even more happy that they now have 3 different sizes.

I use these to hang and sort my nail polish swatch sticks as you can see in the above picture.

Patterned Duct Tape

I really hate generic duct tape.  So, I don't know why I bought this.  Well...yes, I do.  It had the retro phone pattern and the glasses pattern, and I talked myself into buying it for collage journal purposes.

Why do I hate generic duct tape?  Let me tell you a story, and this is just one of the many stories I could tell you that have led to my frustration with this stuff.

So, I had to send out quite a few packages with Christmas stuff this past year.  (I ended up not getting it out until April, but that's another thing.)  So I went ahead and unflattened, set up, taped the bottom, filled them with goodies, taped the top, and labeled the boxes so they were ready to ship off.

I used all kinds of patterned and clear tape that I had on hand: both name brand and generic.

Lo and behold, when I got up the next morning to run them to the post office, all the the tape EXCEPT the duck tape brand and the plain clear scotch shipping tape had lifted completely off the boxes on the top and bottom.  It lifted clean off, y'all.  It was like it just didn't have enough adhesive coating or something.

So, I had to wait until I could tape each and every box up again with the tape that actually worked.

I'm not even getting into how there is barely any tape on these rolls, and you end up paying the same for the good name brand stuff per yard.  That's a whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother day though.  Whole. 'nother. Day.

So, yeah, I bought these for crafts. :/

Tool Bench Painter's Tape

I will always try something out before I say if it's good or not.  I hope these stuff is good, because I usually use Frog Tape with my DIY projects.  Frog Tape is amazing, but it's expensive.  So, I will use this stuff when I go to glass etch next and talk about it in a later review.

Jot Glue Tape 2pk

I thought I would give this stuff a go since I usually use Tombow glue tape which is a bit pricier.  I'll try to use this in my next college project or something and talk about it in a later review.

I will say that these don't have much product on them compared to a Tombow.

Tombow refills each have 52ft of tape, and a 3 pk is about $6.50 on Amazon.  So, 156ft for $6.50, or 4 cents a foot.*

These Jot glue tapes say 9.85ft (3m) on the package.  I'm going assume that is for each of the two dispensers in the package.  That makes the total 19.7ft (6m) for the $1.00 package. That makes these 5 cents a foot which is actually more than the Tombow.

There is really not much product on these at all.  So if it's 9.85ft  (3m) for the whole $1.00 pack.  That would make it 10 cents a foot which is more than double the Tombow refills.

*It should be noted that you do have to buy an applicator for the Tombow refills that usually comes with one 52ft roll for about $3.50.  That comes out to about 6.5 cents a foot.


Unless the Jot ones are just beyond amazing, I will probably stick to my Tombow since it's actually cheaper in the long run.  Not everything at the Dollar Tree is the best deal.

Manila Folders 10pk

I have been buying up these manila file folders every chance I get because I have an art DIY project to do with them in the future.  That's all I'll say for now.

Floral Grown Up Coloring Book (4 Designs)
Geometrical Grown Up Coloring Book (4 Designs)

These are not Greenbrier.  The company that made these books is Vision St Publishing.

I picked up eight of these, because these are really nice quality books.  These are, in fact, the best ones I've seen come to Dollar Tree.  They have the thick pages that are perforated and have nothing on the back. They aren't like the ones that are printed on the flimsy, gray coloring paper.

I thought it was a great deal for a dollar.

Adult Coloring, Relax and Rewind (3 Designs)

These are also not Greenbrier.  The company that made these is Bendon.

The three designs my store had were: Mandalas, Cats & Dogs, and Flowers.

These have thinner pages than the books I mentioned above and the designs are printed on both sides of the sheets. They aren't quite as thin as children's coloring book paper but almost.

Junk, Junk, All the Junk :)

Y'all it seems like all I buy at this dang store here lately is junk food.  UGH...

I swear I used to only eat healthy crap before I started working all the time.  Now, it's like how much candy can I fit in my cart.  (If they ever get Cotton Candy Mike and Ike in again, I'm sunk.)

Let's hope I eat better come May.  :)


*Not sponsored in anyway.  My wallet gets forever beaten when I go in this dang store.


  1. Awesome finds. I love it all. Didn't take me more than 20 or 30 wrong clicks to find the blog. You must be proud to have a genius like me be such an adoring friend. Lucky you. Lolololol

    1. It doesn't help that I've changed blogs yet again. Hopefully, this one will stick this time. lol Hope the weather is nice up your way. We go between beautiful and depressing rain with no inbetween. Well and allergies galore. I don't even attempt to wash my car until it's over. It shines a lovely green in the sun at the moment. LL <3


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