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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Today, I am reviewing French Vanilla Macaroons from Big Lot's Paris Cafe collection.  I am forever amazed at how many candles that Big Lots keeps getting in, both for their private labels and well known brands, while keeping the price of the majority of them really low.

I had been keeping my eye on this one for quite awhile and jumped to purchase it the moment it went on clearance to make room for some newer collections.  (What can I say?  This girl is bargain addicted. Haha.)

Official Scent Description:  (couldn't find one)

:Initial Thoughts:

I've burned quite a few Big Lots candles so far.  It seems that they are either amazing or duds.  There's no in between.

So, I don't have expectations one way or another with this one.

:Cold Impression:

It is pretty light on cold with a toasty vanilla scent.


What: 14oz, 3 wick tumbler

Where: Big Lots brick and mortar store

How Much?  original price $5, but I purchased on clearance for $2.50


Duration: 35.5 hours (could have possibly gotten 1-2 more)

Burn:  The burn was excellent. As shown in the above picture, there was little to no soot and nothing left on the sides.

I didn't have to babysit the wicks either.  They stayed at a consistent level with zero mushroom tops.  I only had to trim the tips once when the flames rose a tad toward the very end. That's probably from where the small amount of discoloration on top of the remaining wax came.

Throw:  For the first about 5 hours of burn, I got nothing.  I thought I had bought a dud.  (As I mentioned above, Big Lots brand candles are usually either rock stars or total duds in my experience.)

But...after that first 5 hours, it starting throwing at a medium level and continued to get stronger and stronger throughout the remainder of the burn.  For the last 10-12 hours, it was a beast that filled up my entire kitchen, dining room, and a little of my living room with a warm vanilla scent with a background of toasty coconut.  I was sad to finish it, to be honest.  It smelled so good.


:Final Thoughts:

I wish my store had more of these, but I bought the last one.  If they did, I would have gone back and bought 2 or 3 more in a heartbeat.

I was so happy at how well this one did, but I still mostly buy my Big Lots candles on clearance or with a store coupon.  I do this because I have gotten duds in the past, but they do seem to be forever improving with some of the manufacturers they partner with for their private label.  (I also do it because I'm a cheapskate that likes to pay as little for things as possible.  Haha.)

I have a Living Colors, another Big Lots label, burning at the moment.  Hopefully it will do well also, but I'm not counting on it.  I never have luck with Living Colors.


Not sponsored in any way.  It's just not my thing.  I burn what I want when I want.  By George. *stamps foot* ;)


  1. Always well done. You're awesome.

    1. Thank you! It helps justify my ridiculously large candle collection, in my mind at least. LOL <3

  2. Always well done. You're awesome.


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