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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Y'all know that I need more candles like I need thorns in my side, but I did pick up a couple last night after my shift.  I've been huffing them ever since they came in about a month and a half ago.

The Paris Cafe Collection, as well as, the Living Colors Spa Collection is 50% at all my area Big Lots.  (I'm assuming it's corporate wide?)  So I really couldn't resist picking a couple of these up after all the good things I've heard from people that have bought some of them.

TIP: If you go to your store and there is no price sticker indicating half off, you can always go to the cash register and ask them to price check it.  (You can also ask a floor person if they have a handheld.)  Sometimes, the price has been changed in the system, and the person in charge of ticketing hasn't made their way to that aisle to do the changes yet.  It never hurts to check prices.

What I Bought:

French Vanilla Macaroons (14oz 3 wick)

Official Description: (None that I could find)

My thoughts:  I haven't burned this yet.  So, I can just tell you how it smells cold. smells amazing!  Oh my goodness, I was so happy that there was one of these still left when I went to the candle aisle.

It's a warm vanilla scent with toasted coconut flakes with a background of sweet bakery.  It smells good enough to eat.  Yum!

Paris Cafe (14oz 3 wick)

Official Description: (None that I could find)

My thoughts:  Just as with the candle above, I haven't burned this one yet.  So, I can only tell you my thoughts on the cold sniff impression.

This is a very unique scent that I'm wracking my brain trying to find a way to describe it.  I smell something different on each sniff.  I would say that I definitely get a wisp of earthiness with a bit of fresh baked bread.  I also get some sweetness with a slight nuttiness behind that.  It's very unique to me.  It isn't as strong on cold as the candle above but you can definitely smell it.


I don't believe the Living Colors Spa Collection is specifically marked on the bottom like these candles.  Your store should have pulled all the of the collection, re-ticketed them, and placed them in a central location under a clearance sign.  If you don't find them in aisle, they may be in a general clearance section in the store.  


I bought these items with my own money.  I'm not sponsored in any way.  I do work at a small Big Lots store on nights and weekends, but this doesn't affect my opinion in any way.  I have to pay and wait in line just like anyone else.  The only difference is that I'm there more than most people, and I get a small employee discount.


  1. I'd be interested in a review on these. I bought a triple layer candle from big lots last fall and it has zero scent throw. :[

    1. I can totally do that. I'll start burning one next. Big Lots candles are very hit and miss. It seems like there is no in between. I don't really have any luck with the Living Colors ones. Those are mostly made by MVP which I have no luck with either. (Other than their colonial candle line) That company also makes the Dollar General (True Living) and Family Dollar (at home? simply home?) and I've stopped trying with most of those. LOL

      There are several companies that do the Big Lots candles. Let's hope these were made by one of the good ones. :)

      Oh and the Flea Market Finds collection should be half off at your store. If not now, then soon. It went half off in our district yesterday. There are single wick mason jars and 3 wicks in that collection in a bunch of scents.


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