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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Today's wax melt review is of Harvest Treats by Front Porch Candles.  I picked this little grubby tart up directly from the vendor's web store.

Official Scent Description:  Blend of Sweet Potato Pie, Marshmallow, Sugar Cookies, Caramel, and Angie's Famous Cupcakes.

Initial Thoughts:

This is the first melt I've ever tried from Front Porch Candles.  I've heard pretty good things about the performance of these wax melts.  So, I expect it to do fairly well.

Cold Impression:

This is definitely a sweet, syrupy bakery scent with a background of fall scents.  It's very strong on cold.

Performance and Stats: 

What: .9oz grubby tart

Where: kitchen (small galley, approx 7ft ceiling)

Duration: 4:15pm - 8:45pm (4.5 hours)

After a little over an hour, the scent has filled my entire kitchen, the adjoining dining room, and into 2 other connecting rooms.  It smells like spicy and sweet bakery goodness in here.  Yes!

At the 3 hour mark, it has definitely died down a lot.  The scent fills up half my kitchen.  It is also different in that the marshmallow and bakery notes are in the front with barely a hint of caramel behind it.  It's not nearly as nice as when it started.

The scent is pretty much gone a little after the 4 hour mark.  I have to be right up on it to smell anything, and the only note I'm getting is a sweet artificial vanilla.

Final Thoughts: 

This wax melt did pretty well for me.  I do wish the strong throw that I got initially would have stayed around a bit longer.  It seemed to taper off pretty quickly compared to other melts I've tried.  I have a bunch more scents from an order I made to try, and I can't wait.

As for ordering, etc:

Front Porch Candles has the best web store and ordering system of any wax vendor I have come across thus far.  It is one I wish all vendors had.

They do free shipping, constant promotions, a huge variety of scents, and your order gets to you fast.  I was beyond impressed.

My favorite thing is that you don't have to be on Facebook to order or find out about promotions.  They have an email newsletter that alerts subscribers of restocks, promotions, and etc.  As someone who is never on Facebook or don't have the time to fool with groups, it is absolutely wonderful.

I also think that this makes their products accessible to so many more people.


*Scent description from: http://www.frontporchcandleco.com 


*Not sponsored.  I bought this dude myself with my pitiful funds.

*This review is based on my experience with this particular melt.  Your experience may vary.

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