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Saturday, November 21, 2015

First, let me say, I am not affiliated or a consultant for this company nor do I personally know any.  I am just a curious, weird, and wax obsessed cat lady who made an order from the web site.

This is one of those brands that I've been curious about even since I first found out about them.  I had only seen glowing reviews, but I'd never seen a review that wasn't from a consultant from this direct sales company.

So when they had an awesome coupon code promotion going awhile back, I thought I'd pick up a few of the 3.75oz jars and see how they perform for myself.

Macho Man

Official Scent Description:  Upscale, masculine fragrance with notes of lavender, smoldering vanilla and musk

In my opinion, this is not a masculine scent at all or at least not one of which I'm familiar.  It runs more towards earthy perfume for me especially with the lavender and musk akin to something an amazing mature woman would wear when she is decked out in her Sunday best.  I like it just fine, but it wasn't the scent I was expecting at all from the description.

Maybe this is what rich, city boys smell like since they added "upscale" to the description.  Haha!  I'll have to go awkwardly huff a couple to see.  Don't think I won't.  I'm weird like that.  ;)

As for the performance, it throws amazingly well.  I put just a few sprinkles in my tea light warmer, and it filled half my house with a super strong throw for hours. 

Cedar Lodge

Official Scent Description: (couldn't find one)

This smells like straight up cedar wood.  It even has the spicy bite in the scent that freshly cut especially fragrant cedar has.  Very nice!

As for the performance, this one does very well, too.  I put some in my tea light warmer, and it scents the whole house for several hours.

Banana Pudding

Official Scent Description:  Dreamy layers of creamy custard, classic vanilla cookies and just ripened bananas

This smells simply delicious!  The strongest note is the vanilla wafers with a sweet candy banana behind it.

As for the performance, I've melted this one the most out of any of the items in this haul.  The jar is half gone.  Haha!

It does pretty well.  It's the best performing banana pudding type wax I've come across so far.  I usually get a medium throw in my tea light warmer that fills up one of my smaller rooms for at least 5-6 hours.

Patchouli Sandalwood

Official Scent Description:  Exotic patchouli softened with sandalwood

I get sandalwood the most in this one for sure.  It greatly overpowers the patchouli.  This scent makes me so happy as I used to burn incense constantly.

As for the performance, this one is super strong!  This is probably one of the strongest wax melts I've ever melted by far, and I didn't even use that many wax sprinkles.  This one seriously just smacks you in the face.

I started this one out in my tiny bathroom, and it was way too strong in there.  So, I moved it out into the main living area in the center of the house.  It scented the entire house for the better part of 3 days, and it even lingered in a couple of the rooms for days afterwards.  I was all about that life. I will probably use even less wax next time, because it is that strong.

Napa Leather

Official Scent Description:  Supple and soft leather, just like in a new car

This smells just like the "New Car Scent" air freshener spray that you can get for your car at the store.  It also smells just like the little blue tree you can hang from your rear view mirror as well. 

I haven't melted this one yet, but it's about a medium on cold.


Each of boxes that the wax sprinkle jars came in also had these cute little quote cards:

I thought that was a nice touch that you rarely see with non-vendor wax.  The wax sprinkles are also pictured above.  They are about the size of those laundry beads from Downy and such.


Final Thoughts: 

I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised by these products.  I expected them to not be good at all since I had only seen what I perceived as biased reviews from sellers themselves.  When there are that many positive reviews, I start to get skeptical.

These 5 scents turned out to be pretty awesome for me.  Some were stronger than others.  Patchouli Sandalwood could smoke your enemy out of hiding if used properly.  So, it's definitely my favorite.  The weakest is Banana Pudding, but it's still on the level of a really good retail store melt like Scentsationals.

I really like the little sprinkles or wax beads.  It lets me better control the amount of product and really get more bang for my buck.  I've also seen people mix several scents together to make their own blends.  I'm too lazy to do that, but that is really cool.

I also really like that they came in heavy duty glass jars.  It makes me feel better about the price, and I can repurpose them when I am done.  Oh yes.

I would buy from this company again on a good sale for sure.  These 3.75oz sprinkles jars full retail for $8 which is a bit steep for me especially when you also have to pay for shipping if you order online.  I will say that the product does last a lot longer than cubes or chunks.  I have melted Banana Pudding more than 5 times and I'm only halfway through the jar.  Keeping in mind what a lot of wax vendors charge for scoopables and such, it's not even that high priced for the market.

As for ordering, shipping, and etc: 

I ordered this back during summer, and I live in the South.  It was not exactly wax ordering weather.  Imagine my delight when my order came packaged with freaking cold packs.  How awesome is that crap?  It made me feel a lot better about the shipping charge. Haha.  That was seriously just awesome, though.

I didn't like that I had to order through a consultant even though I was just browsing the web store and wanted to order.  I mean, I'm glad some random lady three cities over made a sale and possibly a commission, but it was a hassle and made me feel a bit uncomfortable.  I just wanted to checkout and pay for my wax and not have to go through a whole process where I had to pick a consultant.  Ya know?

I understand that this is a direct sales company, but I still felt weird about it.  I wonder if Scensi and other like companies are the same way.  Probably.


Official scent description from:


*Not sponsored.  I bought these myself even without a consultant or anything.  I was just that curious...and strange.


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    1. They have really done well for me so far. I learned about them from you. They seem to last a long time too bc you don't use as much I think.


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