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Monday, November 2, 2015

Today, I got another DIY (Do It Yourself) idea for y'all.  These are hanging organizers that didn't cost me a dime, because I made them by out of some empty soap and shampoo bottles.  I decorated them at no cost as well with materials I had around the house like paper, fabric, and tape.

If you are interested in how I did this Free DIY Recycle Craft Project, each step along with pictures is included below.  (And even a video tutorial!)

Choose and Prepare Your Containers: 
  • First, you are going to need some containers to use for your hangers.  I'm using some hair product, soap, and face wash containers.  Most anything will work that you can fully clean it out like sauce bottles, glue bottle, or anything with the shape you want.

  • Then, you need cut the end with the lids off and wash them completely out and let dry.  Keep in mind what you want to store in each when you cut the length.

  • You may need to file down the cut edge with some sand paper or an emery board as they can be very sharp.
While optional, I decided to decorate mine: 

    Quickest Method: Use Decorative Tape:

    This method works best for squared containers as rounded and tapered containers tend to crinkle the tape.
    • Choose some decorative tape, such as washi or fashion duct tape to put on your container.  I used washi tape as shown above.  I recommend using duct tape if you are going to hang your container in a moisture rich environment such as your bathroom.

    • Choose which side that you wish to be the back or the one that will be against the wall.  Place your starting end there so that all your seems will be hidden once it's hung up.

    • Place the first level halfway above the top of the container and complete the loop around and cut off.  Then, cut 4 small cuts in the corner of your tape that's left hanging over the top.  Now, fold it inside, and smooth it down to give you a nice top edge and cover any sharp points.

    • Continue adding tape layer by layer until you cover your container in the manner you desire.
    See below for to how to hang it.

    Cheapest Method: Use Paper or Fabric Scrap Pieces
    • Choose a piece of paper or fabric big enough to wrap around your container and leave an inch or two overhang on the top and bottom.  I recommend using fabric if your container has sides that aren't straight as it will stretch better and leave less wrinkles than paper. 

    • I am using a page from a magazine, but I've also used scrapbook paper, wall calendar pages, and scrap piece of fabric from an old pajama top with success.  

    • Glue and wrap around the body, leaving at least an inch overhang on top and bottom, keeping in mind what part of the page will show in the front.

    • Fold up the bottom like you are wrapping a present, and firmly glue each part down.

    • For the top, cut about 4 slits in the overhang pieces.  Coat each liberally with glue and tuck and smooth them inside the container to create a clean and secure edge.
    Now, let's move on to how to hang them:

    Make The Holes:
    • First, decide how you want to hang it.

      • You could hang them securely and flush to the wall by screwing through the back of the container right into the wall.  This could be further aided by cutting the front lower than the back.  My dad does this in his workshop with milk jugs and old rubbing alcohol bottles.  It works better for heavier items like bolts and metal parts.

    • For this tutorial, I'm hanging mine on the wall next to my office desk.  I also won't be storing anything heavy in them.  So, I'm using ribbon and twine to hang mine.

    • I started by making 4 holes in each of my containers: 2 in the front and 2 in the back.  Keep in mind what type of string, yarn, or ribbon that you are going to be using when sizing each hole.

      • For the thinner plastic, shown to the right, I was able to just use my paper hole punch.  For the thicker plastic, I used my drill.  You could probably also use an awl or just whatever you have on hand that will make holes.
    • This is optional, but I felt it would add to the longevity of some of my container coverings. 

    • For the paper covered containers, I also put a couple coats of sealant on after I drilled the holes.  I used Mod Podge, but you could use any compatible substance that dries clear like a glue wash.

    • Let it all completely dry before moving onto the next step. 

    Finishing it Up:
    • Take your string or ribbon and thread it through the four holes leaving the tails toward the front.

    • I threaded mine through the inside of the container, because I like how it better holds the items that I'm putting inside upright.

    • As shown in the top panel, pull the back loop to the desired length as this will be the actual hanger.

    • Then, take the tails and tie them into your choice of a knot or bow to hold the back loop securely in place.

    • I used ribbon on the left and butcher's twine on the right.

    Now, let's hang them up and fill them with some crap:

    Fasten to the Wall and Fill With Junk:

    • Pick how you want to fasten them to the wall.  This will depend on what you are going to cram in them, what type of surface you are fastening them to, and all that good business.

      • For example: if you can't make any hole in your walls for whatever reason, you make want to use Command hooks or something similar.

      • If you are going to place them into sheetrock with no backing stud with a heavy load, you may want to use a molly bolt.

    • The stuff I'm putting in my container is very light, and the wall I'm putting them on is sturdy.  So, I just used push pins as pictured in the top left panel.

    • If you are also using push pins, I do recommend placing the string between the base and wall instead of directly on top of the pin.  That way, your container will be more secured and less likely to fall off if someone brushes by it or something.


    Video Tutorial

    Or Watch on Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c58M_VWwrF4


    *This is not sponsored in anyway.  I got this idea from my dad who has used milk jugs and other like containers are organizers in his work shop for years and years. I just thought it would be neat to "pretty" them up a bit.  

    Also I was in need of some extra space in my tiny house to store some crap and have no extra money to spend on organizing supplies at the moment.  Also, it saved a trip to the dump for recycling.  Whoohoo!  Two birds.  One stone.

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