Dollar Tree Haul: The Force Was with Me

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Here is a small Dollar Tree haul from when I went into the city this past Friday.  I picked up some staples of mine, as well as, some items that are new to me to try.

Supreme Healthy Max Hip & Joint Dog Treats

I have had these in other hauls on the blog.  We've been giving these treats to our old dog for months now, and they seem to help a lot with his joints and whatnot.  We even took them with us on the last vet visit, and our vet said they were good.

Anti-Gravity Pen

I saw this and thought it would be neat to put my dad's stocking for the holiday.  So, I can't really tell y'all if it's worth a crap or not as I can't open it.

Fashion Playing Cards in Retro Print

I bought these to use in crafts, but I play a mean card game on occasion.  Oh yes.

Solar Dancing Turkey

No one is surprised that I picked this guy up as I am severely addicted to these dancer dudes.  I do think last year's turkey was better, though.

Jot Multi Color Permanent Markers - 8pk

I decided to pick these up after my knockoff Sharpie markers from the flea market finally bit the dust.  I really don't expect much from these.

I was pleasantly surprised when I road tested them on some notebook paper.  They all wrote fairly well, and none were dried out.  I'll know more after I use them for awhile in my paper craft projects and whatnot.

They are definitely not the same as Sharpie ones, though.  They smell different, and the tips are much harder.

Stars Wars Santa Hat

Wow, Star Wars at the Dollar Tree?!  Star Wars is now under Disney?!  Maybe I really do live under a rock.  Things have changed much since the Episode 1 movie days when I used to follow the franchise more closely.

Oh well.  I got this for my oldest nephew.  I thought it would be something to add to his box.  So buy I did.

Assured Safety Swabs

I have been on the hunt for these for weeks.  Curse of the Dollar Tree: the store shall always have the item until you need it.  Then it shall never be found again.

Thankfully, I was able to find some again.  These are like insanely overstuffed q-tips.  I got them to use on the animals' ears.  I'm always afraid I'll poke too far with the regular ones.

Coastal Bay Fruit Slices Candy

I switched it up from my Circus Peanuts.  Oooh adventurous girl right here.

Francesco Rinaldi Pizza Sauce

This is another staple product from the Dollar Tree for us.  One of the best tasting store bought pizza sauces I've come across in my limited area.  (Whole Foods and other frou frou stores we do not have.)

You can also find it at Walmart for around $1.30, but my Dollar Tree seems to always stock it. 

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