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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It is time once again to dig through my candle trash in another empties review post and video.  If you aren't familiar with empties reviews, I basically save all the jars of the candles that I've burned completely down to give y'all my thoughts on how they performed and if I would repurchase them.

Video is embedded below, as well as, the complete included candle list in video order with short, mini reviews of each candle in case you are pressed for time or text is more your thing. 

Empties Video: 

Or Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj38s4fUf4c


Candles, In Video Order, With Mini Reviews

Big Lots Natural Collection - Butterfly Meadows
  • jar is gorgeous, threw very well, burned nice, would repurchase
Yankee Candle - Strawberry Buttercream (Large Jar)
  • full detailed review post and video HERE
Yankee Candle - Open Air (Medium 2 wick tumbler)
  • jar was cute, had zero throw, would not repurchase
Bath & Body Works - Merry Mistletoe (Medium Jar, 1 wick)
  • fruity pine tree, decent throw for size, would repurchase on sale
Paula Deen - Lemon Bars (1 wick, pint mason jar)
  • full detailed review post and video HERE
Big Lots Natural Collection - Unknown Scent (3 wick)
  • super strong throw, burned pretty well, floral scent so i probably would not repurchase but great candle
Luminessence - Harvest Seasonal Spice (from Dollar Tree)
  • burned okay, zero throw, would not repurchase
Febreze - Sugared Cranberry (mini 3oz)
  • decent burn, super amazing throw, would definitely repurchase
Dollar General - Holly Berry (3oz)
  • burned okay, no throw, would not repurchase
Colonial Candle - Rosewood (medium 2 wick 8oz)
  • spicy old wood, burned great, throw was quite weak, wouldn't repurchase unless very cheap
PureScents - Apple Orchard & Vanilla Spice (from Family Dollar)
  • burned awful, zero throw, wouldn't repurchase or take home for free
Yankee Candle - Pillow Talk (10oz single wick pillar tumbler)
  • burned great, strong throw in my bathroom, would repurchase on sale
Yankee Candle - Vanilla Lime (large jar and tumbler, 2015)
  • full detailed review post and video HERE
Yankee Candle - Trefoils (footed tumbler)
  • sooted a lot, burned okay, threw amazingly strong, would repurchase
Bath & Body Works - Summer Boardwalk
  • burned alright, strong throw, half way down wax discolored and scent turned nasty, not sure about repurchasing
Colonial Candle - Birch & Clove (medium 8oz 2 wick)
  • burned extremely well, smells like a really fragrant wood fire, great throw, would definitely repurchase
Goose Creek - Twilight Forest (large 2 wick)
  • sooted badly, wicks moved, threw very strong, would repurchase on a stupidly good sale because of scent preference
Colonial Candle - Spring Awakening (3oz, 2 wick)
  • burned nicely, threw light in bathroom, clean green scent, might repurchase on really good sale
719 Walnut Ave - Mahogany Driftwood (3wick)
  • burned great, throw was about a medium in my bathroom, true to cold, would repurchase
Colonial Candle - Clementine Cupcake (votive)
  • no throw, only burned halfway because of floating wicks, would not repurchase
Colonial Candle - Illusion (votive)
  • woodsy masculine scent, threw medium, burned crappy with floating wick, would not repurchase
McCall's Candles - Root Beer Float (medium 2 wick)
  • super strong throw of legend, true to life scent, burned crappy as the wicks kept drowning, had to pour out wax several times, would repurchase on sale
Big Lots Tropical Collection - Lemongrass Verbena (3 wick tumbler)
  • detailed review post HERE
Yankee Candle - Fruit Fusion (large jar, 2015)
  • sooted like crazy, throw was great at times, wick moved, fresh citrus zest, might repurchase if on really good sale
Paula Deen - Pear Crisp (3 wick)
  • detailed review post HERE
Yankee Candle - Lavender (large 2 wick tumbler, 2015)
  • threw like a beast, true essential oil lavender, sooted a ton, wick moved so much it melted half the label off, would repurchase
Goose Creek - Summer Sherbet (medium, 2 wick)
  • detailed blog post review HERE
Paula Deen - Coconut Macaroon
  • detailed review post HERE
Yankee Candle - Clean Shave (3 wick tumbler, 17oz, 2015)
  • dream burn, no soot, throw was a weak medium, would repurchase on a good sale

Now, it's candle jar clean out, reuse, and recycle time!  :D


*Not sponsored.  I bought all these myself.
**These candle reviews are based on my own experience with these particular candles.  You experience may vary and all that crap.

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