Swatch It Out: Random Polish #13

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This is a series that I do on the blog as well as on my youtube channel (video below) every other Tuesday.  I pick seven random polishes from my collection of which to take swatch pictures, film live swatches, and do mini reviews.

Covergirl - Emerald Blaze

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.  The polish goes from the green shown in the picture to a brown with the finish depending on the angle.

I picked this one up at CVS on a Extracare Bucks deal a little while ago.

The formula is fabulous!  It is an easy to paint with consistency and goes on smooth.

I actually chose this polish to wear for the week after I took these pictures and shot my video.  I got fair to middling wear time, for me, out of it with my usual top and base coat.

I got a significant chip on my middle finger after 3 days.  By day 5, I had to take the polish off as it was flaking off in several places.  I usually get around a week out of polishes.  It's a gorgeous polish, but I wish it was more resilient to the rough wear through which I put my hands.

Finger Paints - Magenta Mural

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.  The color appears a bit cooler toned in the photo than in person.

I picked this one up on an online clearance sale from Sally Beauty a few months ago.

This is the first Finger Paints polish that I have ever worn or swatched.  I really like the application wand.  The brush is also nice, but mine was cut crooked.

I am actually wearing this polish as I type this.  So, I can talk a little bit more about the formula and wear.

The formula is pretty good.  It goes on the nail a bit thick.  So, it dries a little slower than I would prefer.  I painted them last night, complete with base and quick dry top coat, and dented one of my nails over an hour later.  FRUSTRATION! Haha. Thankfully, that was the only mishap as the other nails set up well.

I'm on the end of day 2 for wear, and it looks as good as when I first painted it.  I've been to hell and half Georgia today, too.  I'm not easy on my hands at all.  Ain't got time or money to be a dainty princess when there's cats to pet, things to build, and jobs to be had.  I do love me some dainty princess manicures, though.  Whoohoo!

Zoya - Yuna

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.  The color appears cooler in tone in the picture than it does to the naked eye.

I picked this polish up last year directly from the brand's website during a promotion.

This is one of my favorites in my entire collection.  It's gray!  It's glitter! It'  Haha.

The formula is a tiny hair on the thin side but really great overall.  It is one of the best formulas out of any of the Zoya polishes I own.

I've worn this polish several times, and I almost always get at least a week with my preferred base and top coats.  I really want to put this back on my nails again after looking at the picture.  Love it!

China Glaze - But Of Corpse

The above picture shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this polish up a little while back at my local brick and mortar Sally Beauty store on clearance.

The formula on this one is amazing!  I was so happy since I've not had good luck with formulas from this brand so far.

It dries to a matte and textured finish as shown above.  I wonder if it is intended as a crackle polish as I noticed some cracks trying to form as it dried.

I don't keep up with collections or the polish world.  So, I'm not sure.  I wish it would just say on the bottle.

Maybelline Color Show - Lavender Lustre

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I received this polish as a gift, but this brand can be found for the best price at Dollar Tree and Big Lots.

The formula is quite good.  It goes on easily and goes where you want.

I've worn this one quite a few times.  I usually get great wear time of at least a week when I wear my base and top coat.

This is one of the polishes that I have in my collection to fall back on if I need to slap some polish on and go without worry.  I've even gotten several days out of it without a base and top coat.

Revlon - Copper Penny

This picture above shows one thick coat without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this polish up for $1 at my local Big Lots store.

As with the other Revlon metallics, the formula is great!  You really can't go wrong with the gold, silver, or this copper from the line.

Shiny melted penny fingers are what life is about. 

Revlon - Artsy

The picture above shows 2 coats on the middle finger and 1 coat over black on the other 3 fingers.  This was taken under a daylight bulb.

I also have a blog post from awhile back where I swatched this outside: HERE

I picked this polish up at Kroger awhile back either full price or with a coupon.

This is one of my favorites in my collection.  I don't have anything else like it.

It's a blue base with silver glitters that is just magical.  The formula is a hair runny, but it's alright.

I've worn this several times, and I've gotten average wear time for a chunky glitter like this one.  I find that on the 3rd or 4th day, the larger glitters start to chip off which is normal for me.


Final Thoughts: 

Favorites:  I like too many of these to ever choose one.

Duds: None.  (Yes!)

This is just a great group of polishes in my opinion.  They are all worthy of their spot in my collection.


Video (With Live Swatches!)

Or watch on youtube:


*Not sponsored in anyway.  I purchased all of these polishes myself with the exception of the Maybelline which I received as a gift.

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