Paula Deen Pear Crisp | Candle Review

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today, I am reviewing Pear Crisp from the Paula Deen Collection.  I picked this candle up awhile back at my local Big Lots store.

Official Scent Description: (couldn't find one)

Initial Thoughts: 

I have burned two other candles from this brand recently: Lemon Bars and Coconut Macaroon.  The first did quite well while the other did poorly. 

So, I'm thinking this one is going to be hit or miss as well.

Cold Impression: 

I definitely get a warm baked pear scent with a hint of the sweet crumble topping befitting a baked crisp dessert.  It is quite light on cold.

Performance and Stats: 

What: 21oz (3 wick)

Duration: 58.5 hours (put itself out)

Burn:  It burned pretty well.  I did have to trim the wick often as the flames would get high enough to soot like mad every 90 minutes or so.

It always pooled out evenly, didn't tunnel, and left little wax on the sides.

Throw: What throw?  Haha.  Seriously, this candle gave me nothing but a bit of warm and illumination.  There was nothing.  NOTHING.

Final Thoughts:  

Well, I do like the candle jar.  It's very heavily weighted on the bottom and will be fun to repurpose after I clean it out.  The candle itself may as well have been unscented.

I think this concludes my journey with trying Paula Deen candles unless I find one at 90% or more marked down.  I am 425% over wasting my money on candles that do poorly. 


*Not sponsored.  I bought this pitiful candle with my own money and regret it.  I do get a good glass out of the deal...that I have to clean out myself.  Ugh.

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