Paula Deen Coconut Macaroon | Candle Review (Updated with Video)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Today, I am reviewing Coconut Macaroon from the Paula Deen Collection.  I picked this candle up at my local Big Lots for $7.

Official Description: (couldn't find one)

[UPDATE:  Video embedded and linked below.]

Initial Thoughts: 

I am very hit and miss with these Paula Deen candles.  I hope it will do well, but I'm not expecting anything spectacular.

Cold Impression: 

It smells like you went to the store, bought a bag of sweet coconut flakes, and then proceeded to huff it like a mad man.  It's just sweet coconut goodness.

Performance and Stats: 

What: 20oz Single Wick

Duration: 95 burn hours (really crooked wick, had to blow out early)

This wick on this candle was centered at the very top and then ten kinds of crooked the rest of the way down.  It went from one side to the next.  It was seriously the worst placed wick I've come across so far.

I ended up having to blow the candle out early, because the wick was all the way on the glass in the corner at the bottom.

I did have problem with sooting.  First, as mentioned above, the wick was really crooked which contributed to the soot build up.  Also, this was a candle that I had to babysit a bit since the flames ran high and curled over on itself.

As for the throw, it was very light.  I also couldn't smell any of the delicious coconut that you get on cold sniff.  It was just a very weak sweet vanilla scent.

Final Thoughts: 

This candle was a big disappointment.  I had to babysit it.  The wick was extremely crooked.  The weak throw was also a huge disappointment.

I would never repurchase this scent or style of candle from this line ever again.


Video Review (Shows how the candle burned)

Or Watch on Youtube: 


*This is my experience with this particular candle.  Your experience may vary.

*Not sponsored.  I bought this myself.

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