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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Today, I am reviewing Summer Sherbet from Goose Creek Candles.  The full retail price for this candle is $24.99, but the company often has sales on their website.  I've heard that many people also find these candles for less at stores like Homegoods and TJ Maxx.

Official Scent Description:  It’s summer’s favorite scoop. Summer Sherbet is a rainbow of flavors. With orange, lemon, lime, peach and raspberry.

Initial Thoughts: 

I have high hopes for this one as I've been having good luck with burn and throw with other candles from this brand so far.  I've also already tried this scent in wax melt form and it did quite well for me.

Cold Impression: 

It smells just like the name.  It's like you went to the store and huffed a tub of rainbow sherbet.  You get that sweet creamy lime goodness with sweet artificial fruitiness right behind it.

Performance and Stats:

What: 16oz, double wick

Duration:  58 hours; I blew the candle out with about an inch of wax left.  So, I would have easily have gotten the 70-90 hours that the company claims.

Burn:  The burn was pretty good. I had the same problem as I've had with other Goose Creek candles in that the wicks, no matter how short I trim them, get sky high after a couple hours.  So, a little bit of baby sitting was required.  Despite that, the soot was quite minimal.

I did have a weird issue where there were black deposits left on the side of the glass.  The wax also began to greatly discolor halfway down.  It went from the vibrant color you see in the picture above to a dirty rancid grease brown color.

Throw:  Despite being strong on cold, it had little to no throw from the beginning.  Every once in a great while, I'd get a ghost of a lime scent if I stood right over it.  It was very disappointing.

I ended up blowing it out early, because about an inch and a half from the bottom it started putting off a nasty scent.  It was like smoky, rancid grease.  It gave me flashbacks of when I used to work food jobs and have to switch out or filter the fryer grease.  The wax also began to greatly discolor as I mentioned above. 

Final Thoughts: 

I was really disappointed with this candle especially after having success with this scent in the wax melts.  This is also the first Goose Creek candle that hasn't had a throw that I've encountered. 

I also am still puzzled by the black deposits left on the glass, the rancid turn in the scent throw, and the wax becoming greatly increasingly discolored. 

I would never repurchase this candle again.  I love the scent.  So, I would repurchase the wax melts.


*This review is my opinion based off of my experience with this particular candle.  Your experience may vary.

*Not sponsored.  I bought this myself with my own money.

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