Goose Creek Candle Haul - Fall Candles and Wax Melts

Thursday, October 29, 2015

This is a Goose Creek candle and wax melt haul from awhile back with a lot of fall scents.

There will be a list of the wax melts and candles that I picked up, scent descriptions of each, as well as, cold sniff impressions.


Black Leather (22oz Large Jar 2 wick, 22oz Antique Silver 2 wick)

Official Scent Description:  This alluring fragrance takes hold of your senses featuring top notes of leather and bergamot. Suede, cardamom and moss enrich the heart leading into warming base notes of amber, musk, cedar and sandalwood.

The strongest notes to my nose are: leather, suede, and very earthy moss.  I don't pick up any of the other notes on cold except every other sniff I get a warmth in the background that I'm assuming is the cardamom.

It's like you had a leather clad cowboy who rolled down a moss covered hill, got covered in dirt, and then let you take a good sniff of  his clothes.  It's quite lovely. 


Wax Melts: 

Orange Vanilla

Official Scent Description: The beautiful fragrance of freshly ripened oranges with sweet and soft golden vanilla.

This is reminiscent of an orange-sicle, but orange is more of a fresh fruit than a "whatever artificial thing they put in cheap ice cream" scent.

I'll be curious to melt it as I've not had luck with these types of scents.  I had a candle in Dreamsicle from Yankee Candle which smelled like a divine ice cream treat on cold.  It turned into soured orange mop cleaner while burning, though.  Blech.  Hopefully, this melt will serve me better.

Crunchy Leaves

Official Scent Description: Enjoy notes of black currant, Fuji apple, and tangerine, enriched with a warm heart of cinnamon stick, clove bud, and plum puree. Cedarwood, oak bark, amber, convey a cozy finish.

I was worried about this one when I ordered it, because I am not a big fan of the generic apple cinnamon scents with which this holiday season constantly slaps you in the face.

This is not that at all!  The black currant and tangerine give that apple note some dark and delicious life.  The spice note is an equal blend of cinnamon and clove.  I don't detect any of the woodsy or amber notes on cold.  Maybe it will come out in the warmer.

Grapefruit Mandarin

Official Scent Description: Delight your senses in this fresh, invigorating blend as juicy grapefruit, orange and cassis mingle together with a vibrant bouquet of cyclamen, violet leaf, black currant and musk.

This is a repurchase.  I already have a detailed review of this wax melt up on the blog.  You can find that wax review post HERE.

Carving Pumpkins

Official Scent Description: It’s a fresh outdoor pumpkin fragrance with notes of cinnamon, clove, bergamot, rose and woody. The bottom notes are woods, vanilla, and patchouli.

The first note that jumps out to me is wood.  It is not a pine or cedar wood.  It's a green or young wood almost like you took a greener than grass banana that tastes like a plant stalk and rubbed it on some bland white wood.  I spend a lot of time in a wood workshop.  So, I'm digging it.  It's very unique compared to other wax melts I've encountered.

The only other note I get is a slight hint in the background of a weak spice.  We'll have to see what happens in the warmer.

Lemon Herb

Official Scent Description: The exhilarating aroma of Lemon Herb combines fresh citrus and herbal leaves. Lemon, olive leaf, bergamot & sandalwood

I get bergamot first with a bright and tangy lemon notes behind it. I'm curious as to how this one will do in the warmer.  It has that lemon note that could either go light and fresh or dollar store mop cleaner.  I don't get any herbal notes on cold at all.

Hazelnut Cake

Official Scent Description: A mouth watering blend of toasted hazelnuts and creamy vanilla with sugarcoated vanilla bean, butter, and coconut.

Oh wow!  This one reminds me of the Bath & Body Works Kitchen Spice candle that I just finished burning.  It smells identical to me.  Did I find a Bath & Body Works dupe?  Oh yeah!

This is just so warm and nutty.  You get the toasted hazelnuts that are rounded out by the warm vanilla.  I don't pick up any coconut.  I'm so excited to melt this one, because I love that Kitchen Spice candle!

Harvest Hayride

Official Scent Description: The fun days of fall... Sweet autumn air, smoky embered woods and warm spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove. Enjoy the harvest hayride.

How do I even begin to describe this scent?  It's so unlike any fall scent I've sniffed.

I get all the notes stated in the scent description above in pretty equal balance.  You really do get a realistic fragrant hard wood note with the spiciness of the cinnamon and clove, the brightness of ginger, and just a wisp of smoke in the background.  Wow!  I may melt this one next.

Journey at Sea

Official Scent Description: Slip into the peaceful journey at sea as sparkling bergamot, mandarin, nashi pear and golden pineapple entice your senses. The heart is salt grass, watery floral, lily of the valley and white woods.

I don't pick up any of the fruit notes on cold.  I mainly get the watery floral.  I could see this scent as working with body care as well.


Official Scent Description: The exotic earthly allure of patchouli with notes of woody patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and white cashmere.

This is definitely not a classic Patchouli.  I get the white cashmere note first with sandalwood behind it.  The patchouli peeks out after those notes.  I didn't smell any cedar on cold at all.

Pumpkin Molasses

Official Scent Description: Invite Autumn in! Fresh fallen leaves cozy up to the sweet and smoldering scent of pure cane molasses, spiced pumpkin and caramel amber.

The sweet molasses mixed and caramel are the strongest on cold.  It is a lighter, sweeter molasses instead of a dark sorghum.  The pumpkin spice is very muted in the background.

Spice Cake

Official Scent Description: The home baked goodness of a delicious spice cake with warm kitchen spices, baked apples, pecans, and brown sugar.

I get a mix of spices and pecans as the strongest notes.  The spice is quite strong so my poor nose can't detect anything pass that on cold.

Whipped Pumpkin Latte

Official Scent Description:  Stay warm and cozy with a frothy latte. "Brewed" with creamy maple, vanilla spice, warm milk, cinnamon stick and white pumpkin spice.

This just smells like a classic pumpkin pie scent to me.  The pumpkin spice is mainly what comes out with a hint of sweetest behind it that smells like pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin Spice Muffin

Official Scent Description: This sweet and spicy treat folds cinnamon, shaved nutmeg, fresh ginger and cake batter into a delicious pumpkin muffin. The finishing touch is brown sugar, maple icing and vanilla.

This is such a sweet dessert muffin scent.  It's like that cupcake that you refer to as a "muffin" to make it seem healthier.  Haha!

This smells like a really spicy pumpkin cake with maple frosting on top.  I don't detect any vanilla on cold, but the nutmeg and ginger really set this one apart from all the other 9000 generic pumpkin spice scents that I've come across. 


*Not sponsored.  I had to abuse my wallet for these goodies.  Haha.
**Official scents descriptions from Goose Creek's official site.

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