Dollar Tree Haul: Junk Food and Batteries

Friday, October 23, 2015

A small Dollar Tree with a junk food pile of shame...and sugary deliciousness. 

Junk Food Extravaganza

Chocolate Animal Crackers
Fruit Slices
Circus Peanuts
Candy Corn

All but the animal crackers are for me.  I'm on a restricted diet in which I can't eat any fat.  Lucky for me, a lot of candy is fat free.  That's mainly because it's a big pile of dyes and sugar, but I'll take it.  Candy, candy!

Westsoy Soy Milk

I talked about this in my last Dollar Tree haul.  It has a good consistency and great for a dollar.  It doesn't taste like dairy milk.  It is very much a soy taste.

Rinaldi Pizza Sauce

This is one of my top 5 Dollar Tree products and my favorite store bought pizza sauce. I hope they carry it forever and always.  It completes me.  I wish it was fat free.  If I'm ever able to digest fat again, I shall drink it in one shot. 

Plackers 35ct Floss Picks

On top of the increased junk food consumption, I have a dental check up fast approaching.  So, I have to raise my floss game up a level.  I usually coupon the Oral-B ones.  I thought I would give these a try since I'm completely out.

I've tried one so far, and it was quite good.  It will be a great back up for me when I'm out of the others. 

7 Day Stackable Pill Boxes

Sunbeam 2pk 9V Super Heavy Duty Batteries

We picked these up to try in our smoke detectors.  They should be okay in that application.  The super heavy duty batteries are not any good for anything that requires much juice.  I tried them in my camera once and they lasted about 5 minutes. 

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