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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I am just blown away that I was able to make an order from this vendor.  Rosegirls' wax melts are some of the hardest to get unless you live near their brick and mortar store.

Items that I got are listed below, as well as, cold impressions and any official scent descriptions I'm able to find.

Twister (Chunk Bag)

To me, on cold, this smells like a blend of citrus and herbal tea.  I am curious to see what other notes come out upon melting.

Chai Toffee (Chunk Bag)

This is divinity in wax form!  I smell a very spicy and warm chai with a butterscotch scent to round it out.  I could huff this for hours and never tire of it.

I have melted one chunk of this one, and it did very well for me.  I will hopefully have a wax of the day review up on it soon with more detailed information on its performance.

Blackberry Mocha Cookies (Pie)

Official Scent Description:  blend of Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies and Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha

This is my favorite of the order!  I feel like I need to take a minute every time I smell it.

The first scent that stands out is the coffee.  It is a very nice coffee fragrance that transports me right into a fancy, overpriced coffee shop.  Slightly under that is a sweet and cooked berry scent. 

Mandarin Cuppa Cake (Pie)

On cold, the orange note is really pronounced.  It is a mix between a sweet confectionery orange and a sharper orange.  Underneath that, I can smell a little bit of sweetness and vanilla.  It is almost like a slight bakery twist on a classic cream-sicle scent.

Vanilla Ice Cream (Sample)

Truth be told, I can't really smell much off of this one.  It was in the same bag of the Toffee Apple Crunch sample which is super strong and seems to have rubbed off on this one.

Toffee Apple Crunch (Sample)

This one is seriously stout on cold!  It is a balance of a sweet candy apple and caramel toffee.  This one reminds me so much of the Summer Boardwalk candle from Bath & Body Works minus the sweet cream note.


Rosegirls Web Store:

I recommend that you also join their facebook group if you have an account.  Sometimes, samplers, grab bags, and things like that are put up for sale that don't make it to the web site.


*Not sponsored.  I paid for these pretties myself.

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