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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Today, I am melting and reviewing Chai Toffee from Rosegirls Chunk Wax Melts. 

Official Scent Description: [could not find one]

Initial Thoughts: 

This is the first ever product from this brand that I've ever tried or even had in my hands.

Wax from this brand is very hyped up and can be very hard to get unless you live near their brick and mortar store.  The easiest way is to join their facebook group and watch for updates.  I was so excited just to be able to order some to try to see if it lives up to all the hype.

Cold Impression:

It is very strong on cold.  The chai is warm and very spicy.  You get a sweet butterscotch scent underneath the spice.

Performance and Stats:

What: 1.1oz chunk

Where: kitchen (small galley style, approx 12' x 8' with a approx 7ft ceiling)

How: Glade Warmer

Duration: 5pm - 1am; 9:30am -2:30pm (13 hours)

Within the first 20 minutes, with barely any of the chunk melted, it filled up my entire kitchen and the adjoining dining room.  The scent is definitely spicy for the most part with just a hint of the toffee.

After four and a half hours, it's still going pretty strong.  My dad came home, through the door connected to our kitchen, and was like, "Wow! That smells good!"  Haha!  It has definitely filled the kitchen and is still coming out into the dining room a bit.  The spice is still the strongest note, but the sweet is coming out a bit more.

At 1:00am or 8 hours in, it was still throwing pretty well.  It was a tad bit weaker than it was at the beginning, but still filling up my kitchen pretty well.  I had to go to bed.  So, I turned the warmer off to remelt the next day.  Wow!

I started that sucker back up at 9:30am the next morning.  After about 2 hours, it is still throwing a medium scent.  It is lighter than when it was first melted, but it still is filling the kitchen with a balanced background scent of spicy and sweet.  What is this sorcery?

At around 2:30pm, you could still smell it but only a couple feet from the warmer.  So, it was time for me to move on to the next melt in my stash.

Final Thoughts: 

I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised.  I don't usually have good luck with items that are hyped up on youtube and social media.  This melt did very well, though. 

This is definitely in the top 5 performing wax melts for me so far.  I am over the moon.  I look forward to melting more of the melt in my order.  Oh yes!


Rosegirls Official Store Page:

Rosegirls Official FB Group:


*Not Sponsored.  I bought this with my own money.

* This is based on my experience with this particular melt.  Your experience my vary and all that jazz.

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