Mainstays Triple-Scented Candle: Strawberry Lemonade, Frozen Mint Leaves, and Lemon Sugar | Candle Review

Monday, September 21, 2015

Today, I am reviewing a Triple Scented Candle (Strawberry Lemonade, Frozen Mint Leaves, and Lemon Sugar) from Mainstays.  This style of candle's full retail price is $6.97 from Walmart.

Official Scent Description: (couldn't find one)

Initial Thoughts: 

Surprisingly, this is the first Mainstays candles that I have ever burned.  This is also the first Hanna's candle that I have ever burned.  I'm not expecting miracles for the price point.  I also haven't seen many reviews of this brand.

Cold Impression: 

The only scent that is uncovered on cold is the Lemon Sugar, and it smells great!  It is a nice and sweet lemon candy-type scent.

Performance and Stats:

What: 15oz double wick

Duration:  67.5 burn hours achieved (had to pour out wax twice)

The wicks on this candle are pretty puny, but it didn't achieve an even wax pool even though I didn't wrap the candle or put it in a hurricane.  The burn was great except for in the middle where the scent first started to merge.  When I got to that point, I had to pour some wax out twice to keep the wicks from completely drowning.  Once I got past that, the candle righted itself again and burned very nicely.

The throw was pretty great with this one most of the way.  (The exception is when I was having troubles towards the middle as mentioned above.)  I mostly had it burning in my small galley kitchen (roughly 12'x8').  It filled that whole room with a medium scent and even crept into the adjoining dining room at times. 

Final Thoughts: 

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with this candle.  Other than the burn problems that I had toward the middle of the candle, it did very well in both burn and throw especially for the price point.

I have another candle in this style but in a different scent combination.  I look forward to seeing how it fares. 


*This review is based off my experience with this particular candle.  Your experience may vary.

*Not sponsored.  I bought this on clearance at my local Walmart.

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