Dollar Tree Haul: Small Haul with a Bit of Everything

Friday, September 4, 2015

This is a Dollar Tree haul from the end of August.  It is small, but it's still awesome.  (I'm a bit biased, though.)

Sassy+Chic Hair Scissors

I cut my own hair.  So, I thought I'd give these a go for a buck.  I haven't used them yet, but they have to be better than using the office scissors.  Haha!

Basic Solutions 3pk Plastic Headbands

These are the best headbands that I have found for my fat head so far.  They do slide off occasionally, but they mostly stay on.  I will take it!

Basic Solutions 5pk Stretchy Headbands

These would never stay on my fat head.  I use these instead to hold my planner, binders, books, and stuff like that closed.  Think Erin Condren, but without the stupidly high price and pretentiousness.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme
LA Colors Art Deco Striper in Black

I bought these to use as craft paints.  I also recycle my old polishes for using on metal, glass, and other crafts to use them up and cut down on waste.

Pillow Case

I bought two of these, and they aren't that bad at all.  I put these at the same level as the budget ones at Walmart, Target, and Kmart that are usually at least $3-$5.

Naturally Select Tropical Trail Mix

This is my dad's favorite mix.  He always gets a bag.  He likes it, because he can put it in his truck and it doesn't melt or get messed up in the heat.  He also says that there are no hard pieces.  So, they are easier on his teeth than some of the other mixes.

Coupon Inserts 10pk

These are 3 pocket pages that are equivalent to currency pages.  I picked these up for a DIY project, but they would work great for printable coupons.

The Complete Book of Home Remedies for Cats

(Amazon Page)

Seriously, was there a book more suited to me?

***After reading the reviews for this book on the Amazon page, it seems that some of the recipes in this book may not be safe for your animal.  I am not a Vet or anything of the sort, but I do find that very concerning to say the least.

Path of the Sun by Violette Malan 

(Amazon Page)

I was excited to see this one, because I have actually read the book before this one in the series.  This is not the first book of the series. Do be aware of that.

Solar Dancers 

Dollar Tree has just been cranking out new solar dancers like crazy.  I like!  Keep 'em coming!

Small Personal Size 2016 Weekly Agenda (Hard Back)

I was surprised at how nice this little dude looked, and the quality seems really nice especially for a buck!

The top right picture is what the weekly spread looks like.  You don't get a lot of room, but it would be great for appointments and things.  I don't like that it has the half days for the weekend.  I wish planner companies would cut that crap out already.

Underneath that, it shows the address pages of which the planner has quite a few of in the back.  I am just over the moon for a buck for this thing.


Video of the Haul:

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*Not sponsored.  If only I could get Dollar Tree to notice my po'dunk self.  Haha! 

*Amazon links are referral links.  I don't make anything by you clicking on them.  I would make a tiny bit if you clicked through and bought the books.  Seriously, though, don't buy them on Amazon.  Buy them at the Dollar Tree for way less.  I just provided the links so readers could get more information about the books.  You can also just google the book title.

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