Dollar Tree Haul: New Purpose Foaming Hand Soap Review and More

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I swear I've been to Dollar Tree more times this month than I have in the last six months.  Items, mini reviews, and more included below.


Dollar Tree has some really cute calendars yet again this year including some character ones like SpongeBob and My Little Pony.  I picked up a cute wall one, and the smaller one in the picture is a desk one with a stand built in.

Door Stop

Nothing is more exciting than a door stop, eh?  They had the single pack with the large one as you can see above, as well as, double packs with smaller ones.  They had them in white and dark brown.

I've been needing one for my office door for awhile, and this one has been working great so far on the hard wood floor.

Supreme Healthy Max Dog Treats in Hip & Joint Formula

I've been buying these for my old arthritic dog for months.  They help him so much.  I even took them to his vet to let her look them over, and she said they were good to keep his joints lubricated and whatnot. 

One thing is note is that the recommended daily dose is one treat daily per 10lbs of dog.  So if you have a giant dog like me, you are going to be going through a lot of treats.  They come out to be about the same price for us as the bigger more expensive packs at Walmart and whatnot.  Funny enough, he likes the taste of these better, though.  Haha!

Purpose Foaming Hand Soap in Grapefruit

Oh man, you think I would have learned my lesson with items that are over-hyped on youtube and social media in general.  But, no!  I went out to pick this item up after everyone was saying it smelled amazing and was as good as the Bath & Body Works foaming hands soaps that I use all the time.

Before I continue, let it be known that I am a soap snob.  I fully admit it.  I have super dry and sensitive skin.  I can also get really good soap for cheap by following promotions and using coupons.  So, I don't settle when it comes to hand soap.

This stuff sucks!  There is no other way to say it.  It sucks.  It is very thin, watered down, and barely even foams properly.  On top of that, it dries my hands out to the point where they get itchy.  Also, the grapefruit scent is not good at all.  It is not like a fresh, bright grapefruit smell. It's like a grapefruit that is 3 weeks old and you aren't sure if it's still safe to eat or not.  It's just an old, close to rotting fruit scent.  I really don't like it at all.

If you are looking for a really  good foaming hand soap for $1, I highly recommend the Lemon Blossom one that they have at Dollar General right now.  (Funny enough, it was right beside this Purpose one on the shelf.)  It is yellow and in a short, fat container.  It is great!  I would put it up there with the Bath & Body Works ones, and I'm a soap snob like I said.  I am almost through one bottle of it, and I plan to pick up at least 2 or 3 back ups.

3pk Pocket Dividers A5 sized, 3-hole

This is the first time that I've seen stuff sized for a mini binder at Dollar Tree.  My personal planner is a mini binder.  So, I thought I would pick it up to try it. 

It works great, and it looks a lot cuter than the Avery ones I have.  I hope they start offering more A5 sized stuff.

Stickers, Stickers, and More Stickers!!!

Dollar Tree has been getting some really high quality and cute sticker lately. 

I seriously need to stop buying stickers.  It's ridiculous.  Haha!


All opinion expressed in this post are based on my experience with this particular product that I purchased with my own money.  You experience may vary and all that jazz.

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