Yankee Candle Haul : Candles

Monday, September 28, 2015

This is a small candle haul from awhile back when I was able to use some of my reward vouchers with a promotion.

Leather (Large Jar, Single Wick)

Official Scent Description: The luxurious, rich aroma of fine leather.

It smells just like walking into a leather goods store.  I hope this one burns well.

Pinecone & Lime (Medium Jar, Single Wick)

Official Scent Description: Vividly fresh and cool . . . a surprising combination of citrus and lime, herbs and pine

The pine is definitely the strongest note on cold.  It smells like a very dark pine scent like one you would have in an air freshener or cleaning solution.  It is much more concentrated than what you would smell naturally from a pine tree.  (Or at least from many pine trees I have throughout my yard.)  The lime is very much in the background, but I can smell it.

Early Sunrise (Small Tumbler, Single Wick)

Official Scent Description: A new day dawns crisp and fresh in this clean lemony citrus scent with hints of ginger and tea

This smells just like the description.  The ginger and citrus come through first and is rounded out by a nice tea scent.

Clean Shave (3 Wick Tumbler)

Official Scent Description: This evocative mix of juniper and patchouli creates a woodsy, masculine fragrance.

This smells so nice to me like a high end shaving cream.  It isn't particular woodsy or earthy to me.  It is just very fresh and clean.  I've already burned this one all the way down and should have a review coming soon.

DIY: Make Your Own Throw Pillow | Beginner Sewing Project

Thursday, September 24, 2015

This is a super easy, beginner friendly, inexpensive sewing project.  I used a sewing kit that I picked up for $1 at the Dollar Tree and materials that I picked up on post seasonal clearance last year to make these cute throw pillows that make me feel kind of domestic or some crap like that.

Also, y'all be knowing that I'm not about to pay the crazy high prices that they want for cute throw pillows in the store.  No thank you.

(Video tutorial will be embedded and linked below if that is more your kind of thing.)

Materials Used:
  • Dollar Tree Sewing Kit ($1.00, with straight pins, thread, needles, etc) 
  • Scissors (Because the pair in the kit wouldn't cut melted butter)
  • Fabric Place Mats ($0.15-$.30 each on clearance last year)
  • Filling (I used 100% polyester snow cover that costs around $.50 for a giant bag on post holiday clearance)

Making the Pillow: 

Note: I made an entirely new pillow instead of recovering an old one.  The directions would differ if you were making a pillow cover only.

First, lay your place mats wrong side out with the sides that you want to show on the inside as if the finished pillow was inside out.  Make sure you have them turn the correct way as well.  (AKA have the tops and bottoms facing each other so one isn't upside down.)

Line up your place mats.

Next, take straight pins, and pin in a horizontal line, every inch or so, a little above where you want to attach the mats.  You can use them as a guide as you sew.


Once you have one side pinned nicely, thread your needle and get to sewing.

I personally did a straight or running stitch, looks like spaced out minus signs shown above, and then went back on top of it with another running stitch to reinforce it.

You want repeat the above pinning and sew 3 sides completely, and sew the 4th side together all but a 2 inch or so hole as shown in the picture above.  You also don't want to leave the hole in the corner as it might make it look strange when you go to close it later.

Knot and secure your thread and all that jazz.  Make sure the thread is especially secure around the open hole as you don't want it to break during the stress of the next step.


Now, it's time to turn it inside out.  Basically, you have to use that 2 inch hole you left open to get the pillow case turned the right way.

Once the case is turned right side out, take a moment and appreciate how cool it looks already.

Next, it time to stuff it.  Take what ever filling you using and stuff it to the desired fullness.

I usually take a pen or chopstick and make sure the stuff get nicely into the corners as well.


Lastly, you have to close up the last hole.

A lot of people use glue so that there are no visible stitches, but I usually use clear thread or fishing line.  I like the stitched look.  It makes it all homemade and rustic looking or some crap like that.

Thread your needle with whatever thread you want to use on the outside with a big knot on the end.  Sew your first stitch through one side so you can hide the thread tail inside of the pillow.

Sew a running stitch for the rest of the length to close the hole.  Make sure you do your best to match the unsewed parts to the already sewn parts by rolling it over the same amount and all that jazz.


To bind off, tie a knot into your last two stitches.  Then, sew through the last hole and bring your needle through the center of the pillow.  Cut off the excess thread close to the pillow surface and pull the cover to hide it inside the pillow forever.

Enjoy your fancy looking, one of a kind, throw pillow! :D


Video Tutorial

Or watch on youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nJ3bOLGM94

Walmart Wax Melt Haul

This is a collective haul of wax melts over the last couple of months that I picked up from Walmart's website with free ship to store.  A lot of times, they offer lots of 5 and 10 packs for a severely discounted price instead of the $2 per clamshell that you would pay in store. 

The prices change very often.  So, you do have to stalk a bit for the good deals.  It pays off as at times they put the 10 packs as low as $10. Most of the packs listed below are back at full price on the website in favor of more spring and summer type scents being discounted for the changing season.

Scensationals Duo 5pk: Fond Memories

This pack came with 2 Grandpa's Workshop (Crush Cardamom and Tobacco & Cedar) and 3 County Fair (Caramel Apple and Roasted Chestnuts).

These were 2 of my favorite scents from last year.  They both threw great, and I was so happy to get them for a low price.

Scentsationals Duo 5pk: Delectable Treats

This packs came with 3 Orange Bourbon Cupcakes (Honey Bourbon Frosting and Molten Orange) and 2 Cookie Fix (Buttery Shortbread and Sugared Pecans.)

This was out of my comfort zone, but I'm game for most things when it comes to wax.  Orange Bourbon Cupcakes is strong, I can't figure out if I like it or not yet. Haha!

I haven't melted cookie fix yet, but I am not too fond of it on cold.  It smells very artificial instead of like a bakery treat.  Hopefully, it will be better while melting.

Scentsationals 10pk: Americana

This pack came with 2 of each of: Apple-icious, Strawberries & Cream, Cupcake, No Place Like Home, and Faded Denim.

I have only melted 2 of these so far: Cupcake and Faded Denim.

Cupcake is your typical sweet frosting scent.  It is pretty good on its own, as well as, a blending scent for some sweet and sugary goodness.

Faded Denim is amazing!  Where has this been all my life?  It is a fresh laundry scent that throws like an Olympic champ of legend.  It fills my entire house and lasts for several hours.  I will definitely be buying more of this one.  It is definitely in my top 5 melts of all time.  Yes!

Scentsationals 10pk: Winter Stroll

This pack contained 2 of each of: Pure White Woods, Snowy Winter Woods, Sparkling Berry Garland, Warm Rustic Woods, and Iced Winter Cranberry.

I saw that this pack had Sparkling Berry Garland in it, and I had to have it.  That is hands down one of my favorite scents in retail wax.  It smells like a sweet berry evergreen wreath. 

Snowy Winter Woods is another favorite of mine.  It is very woodsy with a hint of mint to cool it down.  It makes the whole house smell like a cozy log cabin.

Rose Girls - Chai Toffee | Wax of the Day Review

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Today, I am melting and reviewing Chai Toffee from Rosegirls Chunk Wax Melts. 

Official Scent Description: [could not find one]

Initial Thoughts: 

This is the first ever product from this brand that I've ever tried or even had in my hands.

Wax from this brand is very hyped up and can be very hard to get unless you live near their brick and mortar store.  The easiest way is to join their facebook group and watch for updates.  I was so excited just to be able to order some to try to see if it lives up to all the hype.

Cold Impression:

It is very strong on cold.  The chai is warm and very spicy.  You get a sweet butterscotch scent underneath the spice.

Performance and Stats:

What: 1.1oz chunk

Where: kitchen (small galley style, approx 12' x 8' with a approx 7ft ceiling)

How: Glade Warmer

Duration: 5pm - 1am; 9:30am -2:30pm (13 hours)

Within the first 20 minutes, with barely any of the chunk melted, it filled up my entire kitchen and the adjoining dining room.  The scent is definitely spicy for the most part with just a hint of the toffee.

After four and a half hours, it's still going pretty strong.  My dad came home, through the door connected to our kitchen, and was like, "Wow! That smells good!"  Haha!  It has definitely filled the kitchen and is still coming out into the dining room a bit.  The spice is still the strongest note, but the sweet is coming out a bit more.

At 1:00am or 8 hours in, it was still throwing pretty well.  It was a tad bit weaker than it was at the beginning, but still filling up my kitchen pretty well.  I had to go to bed.  So, I turned the warmer off to remelt the next day.  Wow!

I started that sucker back up at 9:30am the next morning.  After about 2 hours, it is still throwing a medium scent.  It is lighter than when it was first melted, but it still is filling the kitchen with a balanced background scent of spicy and sweet.  What is this sorcery?

At around 2:30pm, you could still smell it but only a couple feet from the warmer.  So, it was time for me to move on to the next melt in my stash.

Final Thoughts: 

I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised.  I don't usually have good luck with items that are hyped up on youtube and social media.  This melt did very well, though. 

This is definitely in the top 5 performing wax melts for me so far.  I am over the moon.  I look forward to melting more of the melt in my order.  Oh yes!


Rosegirls Official Store Page: http://rosegirlschunkwaxmelts.com/

Rosegirls Official FB Group:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/433853050051772/


*Not Sponsored.  I bought this with my own money.

* This is based on my experience with this particular melt.  Your experience my vary and all that jazz.

Swatch It Out: Random Polish #11

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's time to swatch seven random polishes from my collection once again to see if they are worth keeping or would be better suited for a craft project.

Revlon ColorStay - Vintage Rose

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this polish up last year from Big Lots for $1.50, but these have been showing up for $1 at other discount retailers lately.

This is one of my absolute favorite polishes to wear in the colder months. I usually get at least a week of wear out of it with a base and top coat.

The formula is pretty good, and the finish is nice even without a top coat.  I'm still forever baffled as to why they discontinued this awesome line of polishes in favor of the Gel Envy line.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Somber Bliss

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.  The color is slightly warmer and darker in person than in the picture.

I picked this one up on clearance at Kmart for around a dollar.  These usually retail for around $7, but they can be found on clearance or at discount stores for much less pretty often.

The formula on this one is an absolute dream.  It went on so easily and very smoothly. I also like the salon brush that comes with this line.  It's wider than normal ones but not ridiculously so.

I actually am wearing this one as I type this and have had it on for over a week (with a base and top coat added.)  I have a little tip wear and one minor chip on the corner of my peeling nail on my ring finger.  I have been really rough on my nails this week, too.  I was even in the hospital for some tests and the whole bit. (Nurses said my polish was gorgeous.  Oh yes, I was styling on the table y'all!)

Broadway Nails - Gunmetal

The picture above shows one coat over top of Sally Hansen Somber Bliss under a daylight bulb.

I picked this polish up at Dollar General for $1 which is the everyday price.

I couldn't resist the rainbow holographic glitter, y'all.  It had to come home with me.

The formula is a great consistency, but the glitters are a pain in the butt.  They sink right to the bottom of the bottle and are a bear and a half to get on the brush.

If I try this one again, I'm definitely going to set the bottle upside down for awhile before I go to use it.

Broadway Nails Gel Strong - Chalice

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this polish up for $2 at Dollar General which is the everyday price.

The formula on this one is pretty good.  I was actually surprised at how well it covered on the 2nd coat, because it was sheer as everything after the first coat.

I haven't road tested these yet.  So, I am curious.  I really like the formula but I have heard mixed reviews as to how well they wear.  It seems to be glorious or disastrous for people on that front.

I will say that these don't have those toxic death fumes that the regular Broadway polishes seems to have.  Haha!

Kiss New York - Mermaid

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb. The polish is slightly darker and warmer toned in person than in the picture.

I picked this one up at Kmart for around $4.

Wow!  This polish literally shows every flaw and bump in my pitiful nails.  It wasn't as noticeable in person, but it is brutal in the picture.  Haha!

The formula on this one is pretty good.  The problem, for me, lies with the brush.  It is freaking huge!  It's the biggest brush I've ever seen on a polish. It made it difficult to work at times since I have short pitiful nails beds.

Milani - Fuchsia Fierce

The picture above shows one coat without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this one up a little while back at Dollar Tree for $1.

The formula on this one is a hair on the thin side but pretty good overall.  I forever love a one coat polish.  The problems I could see with this one is potential staining and wear time.

Milani polishes, in my experience, are usually hit and miss with the wear time.  You either get a bulletproof manicure or one that doesn't last a full day.

It is definitely beautiful, vibrant, and fierce in the swatch.  Oh yes!

LA Colors Gel Extreme - Risque

This picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this one up at Big Lots for $2 which is the everyday price.

This is one that looks much better in person and in the picture than it did during the live swatch (video below.)  It really has a nice finish.

The formula is okay.  It is manageable but a little on the thick side.  I also don't like the brushes and short wands on this line.  The soft brush coupled with the thicker formula can make it be a bit of a pain especially when you are working with a dark color like this one.

I really do like the finish look and will be keeping my eye out for other polishes from this line.


Final Thoughts:  

Winner of the Week: Milani Fuchsia Fierce

That fact that is was an easily manageable one coater earned it the title.  Also, it's hot pink.  Oh yes.

My Personal Favorite: Sally Hansen Somber Bliss, Revlon Vintage Rose

These are my personal favorites that I would bite the arm of a person trying to take them away from me clean off.  (I got some big rabbit teeth in the front, too.)

Retiring Polish: Broadway Nail Gunmetal

This adds a nice effect to the polish, but I have other glitters with a similar finish that aren't as difficult to use.  I am not about fishing for glitter.  I also have a couple craft projects in mind for later for which this would do quite nicely.


Video (With Live Swatches)

Or Watch On Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH9v1lhXSMM


*Not sponsored.  I bought all these polishes myself.

*My first impressions and opinions are based on my experience with these particular bottle of polish.

Mainstays Triple-Scented Candle: Strawberry Lemonade, Frozen Mint Leaves, and Lemon Sugar | Candle Review

Monday, September 21, 2015

Today, I am reviewing a Triple Scented Candle (Strawberry Lemonade, Frozen Mint Leaves, and Lemon Sugar) from Mainstays.  This style of candle's full retail price is $6.97 from Walmart.

Official Scent Description: (couldn't find one)

Initial Thoughts: 

Surprisingly, this is the first Mainstays candles that I have ever burned.  This is also the first Hanna's candle that I have ever burned.  I'm not expecting miracles for the price point.  I also haven't seen many reviews of this brand.

Cold Impression: 

The only scent that is uncovered on cold is the Lemon Sugar, and it smells great!  It is a nice and sweet lemon candy-type scent.

Performance and Stats:

What: 15oz double wick

Duration:  67.5 burn hours achieved (had to pour out wax twice)

The wicks on this candle are pretty puny, but it didn't achieve an even wax pool even though I didn't wrap the candle or put it in a hurricane.  The burn was great except for in the middle where the scent first started to merge.  When I got to that point, I had to pour some wax out twice to keep the wicks from completely drowning.  Once I got past that, the candle righted itself again and burned very nicely.

The throw was pretty great with this one most of the way.  (The exception is when I was having troubles towards the middle as mentioned above.)  I mostly had it burning in my small galley kitchen (roughly 12'x8').  It filled that whole room with a medium scent and even crept into the adjoining dining room at times. 

Final Thoughts: 

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with this candle.  Other than the burn problems that I had toward the middle of the candle, it did very well in both burn and throw especially for the price point.

I have another candle in this style but in a different scent combination.  I look forward to seeing how it fares. 


*This review is based off my experience with this particular candle.  Your experience may vary.

*Not sponsored.  I bought this on clearance at my local Walmart.

Dollar Tree Haul: New Purpose Foaming Hand Soap Review and More

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I swear I've been to Dollar Tree more times this month than I have in the last six months.  Items, mini reviews, and more included below.


Dollar Tree has some really cute calendars yet again this year including some character ones like SpongeBob and My Little Pony.  I picked up a cute wall one, and the smaller one in the picture is a desk one with a stand built in.

Door Stop

Nothing is more exciting than a door stop, eh?  They had the single pack with the large one as you can see above, as well as, double packs with smaller ones.  They had them in white and dark brown.

I've been needing one for my office door for awhile, and this one has been working great so far on the hard wood floor.

Supreme Healthy Max Dog Treats in Hip & Joint Formula

I've been buying these for my old arthritic dog for months.  They help him so much.  I even took them to his vet to let her look them over, and she said they were good to keep his joints lubricated and whatnot. 

One thing is note is that the recommended daily dose is one treat daily per 10lbs of dog.  So if you have a giant dog like me, you are going to be going through a lot of treats.  They come out to be about the same price for us as the bigger more expensive packs at Walmart and whatnot.  Funny enough, he likes the taste of these better, though.  Haha!

Purpose Foaming Hand Soap in Grapefruit

Oh man, you think I would have learned my lesson with items that are over-hyped on youtube and social media in general.  But, no!  I went out to pick this item up after everyone was saying it smelled amazing and was as good as the Bath & Body Works foaming hands soaps that I use all the time.

Before I continue, let it be known that I am a soap snob.  I fully admit it.  I have super dry and sensitive skin.  I can also get really good soap for cheap by following promotions and using coupons.  So, I don't settle when it comes to hand soap.

This stuff sucks!  There is no other way to say it.  It sucks.  It is very thin, watered down, and barely even foams properly.  On top of that, it dries my hands out to the point where they get itchy.  Also, the grapefruit scent is not good at all.  It is not like a fresh, bright grapefruit smell. It's like a grapefruit that is 3 weeks old and you aren't sure if it's still safe to eat or not.  It's just an old, close to rotting fruit scent.  I really don't like it at all.

If you are looking for a really  good foaming hand soap for $1, I highly recommend the Lemon Blossom one that they have at Dollar General right now.  (Funny enough, it was right beside this Purpose one on the shelf.)  It is yellow and in a short, fat container.  It is great!  I would put it up there with the Bath & Body Works ones, and I'm a soap snob like I said.  I am almost through one bottle of it, and I plan to pick up at least 2 or 3 back ups.

3pk Pocket Dividers A5 sized, 3-hole

This is the first time that I've seen stuff sized for a mini binder at Dollar Tree.  My personal planner is a mini binder.  So, I thought I would pick it up to try it. 

It works great, and it looks a lot cuter than the Avery ones I have.  I hope they start offering more A5 sized stuff.

Stickers, Stickers, and More Stickers!!!

Dollar Tree has been getting some really high quality and cute sticker lately. 

I seriously need to stop buying stickers.  It's ridiculous.  Haha!


All opinion expressed in this post are based on my experience with this particular product that I purchased with my own money.  You experience may vary and all that jazz.

Sassy Girl Aroma Wax Melt Haul | Vendor Wax

Friday, September 18, 2015

I had been hearing a lot of good things about Sassy Girl Aroma wax melts.  So, I finally broke down and made an order.  Product list, any scent description I can find, and cold impressions are listed below.

Iced Lemon Cookie Noel (Chunk Bag)

Smelling this makes me so dang happy!  It smells just like iced lemon cookies.  The lemon is a sweet bakery lemon instead of a crisp, fresh lemon.

I have melted one of these chunks already, and it did pretty well for me.  I hope to have a wax of the day review post up for it soon with more detailed information about its performance.

Vanilla Banana Wafer (Chunk Bag)

The banana scent stands out the most on cold.  It's a sweet banana like Runts candy instead of a warm, baked banana like what you'd get in a banana nut bread scent.  The vanilla come through as well to give it a delectable banana pudding type scent.

Caramel Cinnamon Marshmallow Latte (Chunk Bag)

On cold, a spicy coffee scent stands out the most to me.  Under that, I can pick up some sweetness from the caramel note.  I don't detect any marshmallow on cold.  So, I'll have to see if it comes out once melted.  It's very strong on cold and smells like an insanely overpriced Starbucks drink.  Delicious!

Orange Bliss (Sample)

I definitely get orange in this mixed with something sweeter like a peach or something along those lines.

Forbidden Fruit (Sample)

This smells like a very sweet mixed fruit scent with a strawberry syrup type scent in the forefront.

Hello Lover (Scent Cup)

Official Scent Description: Sweet sugar cane, lemon rind followed by hints of shortbread

Wow, this is a sweet lemon paradise! The lemon note definitely has a brightness that you get more from the zest instead of the fruit.  It is also made very sweet by the sugar.  The shortbread is in there, but it is definitely in the background on cold.

Vanilla Frosted Grahams (Scent Cup)

Official Scent Description:  Vanilla Frosted Graham Cracker with hints of Raisins and Cinnamon

This smells just like a spicy cinnamon graham cracker.

Nag Champa (Scent Cup)

Official Scent Description:  Just like walking through San Francisco's Chinatown

If you have ever been an incense burner, then you know this scent.  It smells just the Nag Champa incense without the smoke.  If this burns well, I'm going to buy a ton of these someday.  Whoohoo!

Strawberry Shortcake (Scent Cup)

Official Scent Description:  Notes of fresh strawberries, sweetened shortbread, and lots of whipped cream make this classic true to life and irresistible

This smells just like the gelatinous strawberry syrup you buy at the grocery store to put on the round shortcakes.  I do get a hint of the sweet cake in the background as well.

Strawberry White Cake (Scoopable)

Official Scent Description:  Fresh Baked white cake combined with Fresh Strawberries

Wow, this really smells like white cake on cold!  It is balanced with a sweet syrupy strawberry scent like the one in the Strawberry Short Cake mentioned above.

Deadly Weapon (4pk Grubby)

Official Scent Description:  A rugged and masculine scent with the perfect balance of intense spices including black pepper, cardamom and clove with a touch of sweet mandarin set the scene for the introduction of rich leather, smooth frankincense and edgy woods

Wow, this smells like a high end cologne or after shave and definitely earthy and spicy!  This reminds me of a spicier version of Mahogany Teakwood from Bath and Body Works.


Sassy Girl Aroma Web Storehttp://sassygirlaroma.com

I also recommend, as with most wax vendors, joining their official Facebook group.  That is where news of restocks, new scents, and stuff like that gets revealed.

Another thing to be aware of is that the shipping is invoiced separately for your order.  When you first check out, the shipping is set to zero.  You then get a paypal invoice, usually the following Tuesday, with the shipping amount that you still need to pay for you order.


*Not sponsored.  I bought these waxy goods with my own money.

Dollar Tree Haul: Small Random Haul

Thursday, September 17, 2015

This is a Dollar Tree haul from a little over a month ago.  I forgot to post it when I actually picked this stuff up.  Better late than never!

Composition Books

They came out with some seriously cute designs on the notebooks this year.  Truth be told that $1 for a composition book isn't the best deal.  I think they are cheaper at Walmart especially during this back to school sales time.  I just couldn't resist those designs.  Dollar Tree got me wrapped around its finger like something fierce.  Haha!

The Truth of All Things by Kieran Shields

Amazon Page for the Book*

I picked this book up because I thought it sounded interesting from what I read on the jacket.  It seems to be about solving a murder that occurs in which the murderer using old ritual methods from the days of the witch trials in New England's history.  It seems to be a mix of a modern murder mystery with historical elements mixed in.

Flower Solar Dancers

I just can't quit this solar dancers.  They complete me.

Baker's Twine

I don't have any craft stores within reasonable distance from me.  So, when I see some decent craft items, you bet your butt that I buy them.

Receipt and Sales Order Books

I usually buy these at Staples for a much higher price.   I feel like I've been cheated all these years.

Cooling Sports Towel

The only color they had of these at my store was a light pink.  I picked my dad up a couple anyway, because I thought they could really be helpful to him when he is working outside.  Thankfully, my father is not a slave to gendered marketing and prefers function over anything else.  (Fun fact: Pink was actually the preferred color for boys just a little over 50 years ago, but that's a whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother day.  I must keep my history nerd side at bay.  Haha!)

He used one of the towels when mowing, and he sad it worked pretty well.  He did have to bring it in and run it under the faucet a few times throughout the day.  As long as it stayed wet, he said it did great especially for a dollar.

Rosegirls Wax Melt Haul | Vendor Wax

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I am just blown away that I was able to make an order from this vendor.  Rosegirls' wax melts are some of the hardest to get unless you live near their brick and mortar store.

Items that I got are listed below, as well as, cold impressions and any official scent descriptions I'm able to find.

Twister (Chunk Bag)

To me, on cold, this smells like a blend of citrus and herbal tea.  I am curious to see what other notes come out upon melting.

Chai Toffee (Chunk Bag)

This is divinity in wax form!  I smell a very spicy and warm chai with a butterscotch scent to round it out.  I could huff this for hours and never tire of it.

I have melted one chunk of this one, and it did very well for me.  I will hopefully have a wax of the day review up on it soon with more detailed information on its performance.

Blackberry Mocha Cookies (Pie)

Official Scent Description:  blend of Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies and Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha

This is my favorite of the order!  I feel like I need to take a minute every time I smell it.

The first scent that stands out is the coffee.  It is a very nice coffee fragrance that transports me right into a fancy, overpriced coffee shop.  Slightly under that is a sweet and cooked berry scent. 

Mandarin Cuppa Cake (Pie)

On cold, the orange note is really pronounced.  It is a mix between a sweet confectionery orange and a sharper orange.  Underneath that, I can smell a little bit of sweetness and vanilla.  It is almost like a slight bakery twist on a classic cream-sicle scent.

Vanilla Ice Cream (Sample)

Truth be told, I can't really smell much off of this one.  It was in the same bag of the Toffee Apple Crunch sample which is super strong and seems to have rubbed off on this one.

Toffee Apple Crunch (Sample)

This one is seriously stout on cold!  It is a balance of a sweet candy apple and caramel toffee.  This one reminds me so much of the Summer Boardwalk candle from Bath & Body Works minus the sweet cream note.


Rosegirls Web Store:   http://rosegirlschunkwaxmelts.com

I recommend that you also join their facebook group if you have an account.  Sometimes, samplers, grab bags, and things like that are put up for sale that don't make it to the web site.


*Not sponsored.  I paid for these pretties myself.

Nails of the Day: Super Chic Lacquer - I Can Fly

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The polish of the day is I Can Fly by Super Chic Lacquer.

The picture above shows 2 coats with a quick dry top coat under a daylight bulb.

My nails aren't in the best shape at the moment, but this polish covered up all my peels and cracks very nicely fooling all who sees them.

I got really good wear time out of this one.  I had it on for more than a week with just tip wear and a couple minor chips.  That is on the top end of what I usually get with my manicures using the same base and top coat.  I probably could have worn it even longer, but I had to remove it to film my Swatch It Out videos for the month.

The formula was really nice.  It really went on the nail like a dream.  I'm not the biggest fan of the brushes and wands from this line, but the great formula more than made up for them.


*Not sponsored not did I receive these free for review.  I purchased this straight from the company's etsy store last summer.

Ava's Country Cupboard Wax Melt Haul

Monday, September 14, 2015

I had been searching for a vendor to order from since I decided to venture into the vendor side of the wax world.  I had been hearing great reviews of Ava's Country Cupboard and their ordering process was straightforward.  So, it was an easy choice to make as the first vendor from which to make my order.

This is a combination of 2 orders that I ordered straight from the vendor's web store in late March and late April.  It has been awhile, but I wanted to share it anyway.

Any melts that I have melted down or done blog posts for will be notes.  I've also included any official scent descriptions that I've been able to find.

Strawberry Marshmallow Twinkies

Official Scent Description:  strawberry stuffed twinkies with ooey gooey marhmallows

This one smells just like the name.  I just had to melt it first.  I even did a Wax of the Day review post on it.

Flannel Sheets

Official Scent Description:  (could not find one anywhere)

Cardamom Cedar Blossom

Official Scent Description:  refreshing blend of cardamom, rose, and cedar wood

I honestly didn't like this one on cold sniff, but I did find it interesting.  It smells just like the name suggests: a mix of spice, cedar wood, and floral.

On cold, the floral came out the heaviest.  The floral is very realistic and very strong.  Not being a floral fan, I almost passed it on to someone else.  I'm so glad I didn't, because it melted so nicely.  The scent notes were much more even when melted.  It was like a spicy, earthy flower blossom.  It was really interesting and enjoyable.

Clean Green

Official Scent Description:  combination of fresh greens, pear agave, vetiver grass and clean, forest moss

Mediterranean Magic

Official Scent Description:   Top notes of Sweet olives, tart grapefruit, dew-covered watercress; followed by middle notes of rose, jasmine, and cassis. Sits on a down of fresh amber and myrrh. A luxury Spa type scent

NY Birthday Cake

Official Scent Description:  a creamy cheesecake blended with bday cake

Orange Cream Cupcake

Official Scent Description:   Super creamy orange creamsicle frosting on a zesty citrus cupcake

Lemon Frosted Cheesecake

Official Scent Description:  (couldn't find one anywhere)

Glazed Marshmallow Donuts

Official Scent Description:  A great blend of Glazed Donut and toasted marshmallows

Gran's Berry Griddlecakes

Official Scent Description:  sweet and yummy griddlecakes covered in fresh berries

Strawberry Blonde

Official Scent Description:   Strawberries and iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry and cranberry

Frosted Maple Flapjacks

Official Scent Description:  (couldn't find one anywhere)

Woolen Blanket

Official Scent Description:   Aromatic rosewood and cedar leading to a deeply rich blend of spicy clove, everlasting vetiver, and dark amber

Butter Fudge Baklava

Official Scent Description:  Nutty, flaky crust, caramelized sugar, buttery vanilla fudge, and a hint of cinnamon sugar

Sea Salt and Rice Flower

Official Scent Description:  Fresh and clean scent! Creamy rice flower, citrus peel, cotton blossoms, night-blooming jasmine, azure sky ozone, grey sea salt, bamboo leaves, vanilla bean, and sheer musk

Lavender Wishes

Official Scent Description:  My favorite Lavender scent EVER! Milky, soft lavender with hints of sugar and vanilla

This lavender is more like the powdery lavender used in beauty products rather than the herbal or essential oil type lavender.  I'm very picky with lavender.  So, this wasn't my favorite.  It did perform very well in my bedroom though.

Island Fresh

Official Scent Description:   (Gain Laundry type)~ Fresh ozony top notes, followed by fresh greenery, lavender, vanilla, rose , jasmine, and melon, with bottom notes of fresh air


I also got some free samples included with each order in the shape of little wax dudes! :D

Chocolate Orchid

Official Scent Description:  great blend of fresh floral with undertones of real chocolate

Clean Green

See my entry above.  I didn't receive this in the same order as the full size Clean Green.

Jelly Donut

Official Scent Description:  (couldn't find one anywhere)

Salty Sea Air

Official Scent Description:  crisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, sun-weathered driftwood, and a hint of water lily


Notes about Vendor, Ordering, etc:

I thought I would make a note about the ordering process and whatnot since it's another variable added when it comes to vendor wax.

Easy of Ordering: 

It was really easy to order the wax.  Ava's Country Cupboard has a separate website that you are able to do your order on which is a huge plus for me.  I'm not the biggest fan of the vendors that operate solely on Facebook since many people don't have Facebook or want to fool with it all the time.

That being said, I do recommend joining the Facebook group as the restock schedules are announced on there along with the description of any new scents.  There are also sometimes grab bags up for sale that don't make it onto the official store page and stuff like that.


Shipping was really fast.  I always had my order within a week of my order date.

Ava's Country Cupboard also does a great deal on shipping.  It's a flat rate of $3 or free for orders over $25.  That's what really pulled me since a lot of vendors invoice the shipping separate or charge a high amount since they do it solely by weight.


Official Scent Descriptions From:

Ava's Country Cupboard Store Page: http://www.avascountrycupboard.com/

Ava's Country Cupboard Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1379610552259448/


Not sponsored.  I paid for all this smellies myself.  :D

Swatch It Out: Random Polishes #10

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's random polish swatch time again, oh yeah!  I have a mix of all different brands today that retail for $2 to $9.  I am also happy that I finally found some polishes from the new gel lines from Broadway, Kiss, and LA Colors.

My nails are also not in the best shape at that moment.  I have cracks, peels, uneven spots, and whatnot like a lot of people do.  So, I thought it would be neat to see how well these polishes hide or accentuate that as well.  I think it's important to see what polishes look like on non-professional nails that aren't photo-shopped to death.

Kiss Gel Strong - Electric

The picture above shows 3 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this up at my local Kmart store for around $4.00.  I just fell in love with the color in the bottle.  It's a purple base with a kind of magenta flash of shimmers in there.

The formula is great!  That's good, because the brush on these polishes is quite massive and square at the end.  It could be a problem for people like me with short, stubby nail beds.

I do really like this polish, but I was disappointed with how sheer it is.  So next time I wear it, I will put it over a solid base as a topper.

While my nail line still shows through quite a bit, you can't really see my nail flaws very much.   That may be because of the shimmers or the three coats.  Either way, I'm all about it.

Wet n Wild Megalast - Wet Cement

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this one up a long time ago probably from CVS for $1.99.  This shade is in their core line and can usually be found at any store that carries them.

This was one of the first neutral polishes that I ever purchased.  I really do love the color, but the formula is just okay.  It's definitely not one of the better ones from this line which has some stellar polishes.

If you have nails that aren't smooth, you may not like this one.  As you can see in the picture, all my peels, cracks, and other lovelies are almost highlighted instead of camouflaged by it. 

Broadway Nails Gel Strong - Where's Nemo?

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this polish up at my local Dollar General store for $2.

I just had to pick this up, because I had never before seen this line at any stores around me.  I've tried one Broadway polish from the regular $1 line with great success.  So, curiosity called to me.

The formula is on the runny side, but not unmanageable if you make sure to get all the excess off of the wand and brush.  I didn't have any cuticle flooding even while filming.

The drying time is about medium.  It's not super fast, but it's not so slow that it makes you want to cry and throw things.

If you have peels, uneven ridges, and whatnot like I do when I took this picture, this might be a polish to consider as it covered mine up pretty well even before a top coat.  If you compare the giant peel on my middle finger in this picture to the Wet n Wild one above, it's a night and day difference. 

Zoya - Dot

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this polish up directly from the company's website during one of their promotions.  The full retail is $9, but you can get them half off or more pretty often.

The formula on this one is not good.  It is very runny and hard to work with.  I forgive it, because I love the color so much.  It makes no sense, but I do love it.

This one hides imperfections fairly well.  It, at least, doesn't highlight them. 

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Silver Anniversary

The picture above shows 1 coat over Zoya Dot under a daylight bulb.

I picked this one up at CVS during a Sally Hansen promotion.  I think these retail for around $5-6.

This one is so gorgeous in the bottle, but the formula leaves a lot to be desired.  It is so runny!  The polish tries to drip off the brush before you can even go from bottle to nail.

It is very pretty and very sparkly.  You also don't have to fish much for glitter.

It covers up imperfections well as any good glitter does.  The shiny and sparkly distracts anyone who looks.  Haha!

LA Color Color Craze Gel - Damsel

The picture above shows 1 coat without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this one up at my local Big Lots for $2.  These polishes are really hard to find in my area.  I have 3 Big Lots stores and only 1 had them.  I must not be the only one looking, because the display had gotten the crap beat out of it.

The formula on this one is awesome!  I was shocked.  I honestly expected this one to be quite mediocre.

The brush on this is different from the regular Color Craze polishes.  It's wider and softer. So, I found that it worked best when I pushed it to the base of my nail, pushed a bit so it fanned out to the side, and did one swoop up for coverage.

I'm just over the moon with this one.  I'll have to keep my eye out for more.

This one didn't seem to cover my nail flaws very well with 1 coat.  It didn't highlight them, but you can still see them.  I might have benefited from a 2nd coat for a thicker coverage.

Sinful Colors - Embers Only

The picture above shows 2 coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I picked this one up at my local Big Lots for a little under $2.  Lots of other stores carry these including Walgreens which sometimes has them on sale for $.99.

I hesitate to talk about the formula, because I don't know if it would be the same when purchased in store.  When I bought this particular one, I noticed it was partially dried out and way too thick when I got it home.  So, I had to add 5 or 6 drops of polish thinner to it to make it manageable again.  (I'm not about to waste $5 in gas to exchange or return a $2 item.  Haha!)

I will say that it dries just a hair more cherry red than it appears in the bottle.  I just love the color, and I am not usually a big fan of bright reds like this at all.  Also, I can appreciate the color name pun.  The world needs more puns.

It seemed to cover up my peeling and stuff very well, too, other than the spot I missed on the edge of my pointer finger. 


Finals Thoughts:

The winner this week, in my opinion is LA Colors Gel in Damsel.

I mean, wow, that was a nice surprise.  I'll be curious to road test it eventually for wear time and whatnot, but I am very impressed with how it swatches.

I don't think that I have any worthy of craft retirement this week, but there are a couple that have crappy formulas that I am keeping for illogical reasons: Zoya in Dot and Wet n Wild in Wet Cement.

As for which ones covered up my nail flaws:

Where's Nemo? from Broadway was the clear winner, and Wet n Wild Wet Cement came in last place by far.


Video (with Live Swatches)

Or watch on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-HNwYXiXXs


*Not sponsored in any way.  I bought all these myself.  Not that cool

*Also...wow, bless my nails' heart.  They are peeling, cracking, and all that good stuff.  Haha!

Note About Coupon Lists

Sunday, September 6, 2015

There are no coupons in the newspaper today, but I hope to get the list from last week in which we got 3 posted today.  Again, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding. :) 

Dollar Tree Haul: Small Haul with a Bit of Everything

Friday, September 4, 2015

This is a Dollar Tree haul from the end of August.  It is small, but it's still awesome.  (I'm a bit biased, though.)

Sassy+Chic Hair Scissors

I cut my own hair.  So, I thought I'd give these a go for a buck.  I haven't used them yet, but they have to be better than using the office scissors.  Haha!

Basic Solutions 3pk Plastic Headbands

These are the best headbands that I have found for my fat head so far.  They do slide off occasionally, but they mostly stay on.  I will take it!

Basic Solutions 5pk Stretchy Headbands

These would never stay on my fat head.  I use these instead to hold my planner, binders, books, and stuff like that closed.  Think Erin Condren, but without the stupidly high price and pretentiousness.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme
LA Colors Art Deco Striper in Black

I bought these to use as craft paints.  I also recycle my old polishes for using on metal, glass, and other crafts to use them up and cut down on waste.

Pillow Case

I bought two of these, and they aren't that bad at all.  I put these at the same level as the budget ones at Walmart, Target, and Kmart that are usually at least $3-$5.

Naturally Select Tropical Trail Mix

This is my dad's favorite mix.  He always gets a bag.  He likes it, because he can put it in his truck and it doesn't melt or get messed up in the heat.  He also says that there are no hard pieces.  So, they are easier on his teeth than some of the other mixes.

Coupon Inserts 10pk

These are 3 pocket pages that are equivalent to currency pages.  I picked these up for a DIY project, but they would work great for printable coupons.

The Complete Book of Home Remedies for Cats

(Amazon Page)

Seriously, was there a book more suited to me?

***After reading the reviews for this book on the Amazon page, it seems that some of the recipes in this book may not be safe for your animal.  I am not a Vet or anything of the sort, but I do find that very concerning to say the least.

Path of the Sun by Violette Malan 

(Amazon Page)

I was excited to see this one, because I have actually read the book before this one in the series.  This is not the first book of the series. Do be aware of that.

Solar Dancers 

Dollar Tree has just been cranking out new solar dancers like crazy.  I like!  Keep 'em coming!

Small Personal Size 2016 Weekly Agenda (Hard Back)

I was surprised at how nice this little dude looked, and the quality seems really nice especially for a buck!

The top right picture is what the weekly spread looks like.  You don't get a lot of room, but it would be great for appointments and things.  I don't like that it has the half days for the weekend.  I wish planner companies would cut that crap out already.

Underneath that, it shows the address pages of which the planner has quite a few of in the back.  I am just over the moon for a buck for this thing.


Video of the Haul:

Or watch on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NwLwRw_xUc


*Not sponsored.  If only I could get Dollar Tree to notice my po'dunk self.  Haha! 

*Amazon links are referral links.  I don't make anything by you clicking on them.  I would make a tiny bit if you clicked through and bought the books.  Seriously, though, don't buy them on Amazon.  Buy them at the Dollar Tree for way less.  I just provided the links so readers could get more information about the books.  You can also just google the book title.

DIY: Make You Own Laundry Detergent

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I have had some requests to show how I make my own detergent that our household has been using for years.  Yes, we even prefer it to the commercial stuff.

Instructions, video, and more to follow.

So, this recipe consists of 3 ingredients:

You will need borax, washing soda (not baking soda), and a laundry bar (not a body bar.)  All of these ingredients are usually found in the laundry aisle. I have found all three at my local Walmart and Kroger stores.

The two main laundry bars that I use are: Fels Naptha and Zote.  I have heard of people using Ivory with some success, but I have never tried it myself.  You definitely DO NOT want to use a bar soap meant for the body.  It contains extra oils to moisturize your skin which translate to oil spots on your garments in a laundry detergent application.

If using Fel Naptha the recipe is as follows:
  • 1 bar Fel Naptha, grated
  • 1 cup borax
  • 1 cup washing soda
  • Yields about 1 quart
If using Zote, because it's a much bigger bar then the Fels Naptha, I double the other ingredients:
  • 1 bar Zote, grated
  • 2 cups borax
  • 2 cups washing soda
  • Yields about 1.5-2 quarts

Other stuff you'll need: 
  • grater with a fine grate (dedicated to soap, Dollar Tree sells them most times)
  • large container to grate the soap in
  • measuring cup
  • something to mix with or something to shake the detergent up in
  • a container to store your detergent in (1 quart or 2 quarts)
  • funnel if your storage container has a narrow top

Now, for the least fun part, grating the soap:

The soap needs to be as fine as you are able to get it.  I use the tiniest size as seen in the picture above.

I just set the grater on its side inside of a larger tupperware type container so I can grate while I watch Netflix of something.  It usually takes me about 5-10 minutes to grate one bar.

A helpful tip:  Sometimes when you first buy the soap, it is still somewhat soft or creamy.  It will not grate well at all like that.  It will just gum up the grater and leave you wanting to throw things.  So, what I do to make sure that it will grate up nicely is that I unwrap all the bars that I will be using and set them in a basket.  I leave space in between them, and leave them for 2 weeks or even longer to completely dry out.  This ensures that your bars will be nice and crumbly and will make a fine powder instead of a gummy mess of doom.

Once you have that bar completely grated up:

You need to add your borax and washing soda in the amounts listed in the recipe above.  Break up any clumps that may be in there.  Then, mix the fool out of it.

I have a lid for the container that I grate in.  So, I just take the grater out, leaving the soap, and add the other ingredients in and shake it with the the lid.

Then, I use a funnel to put my detergent in a jar like the fancy pickle jar that is shown in the pictures.

Now, you got some laundry detergent! Oh yeah!

The Fels-Naptha recipe makes about a quart, and the Zote makes about 2 quarts or a half gallon.  That may not sound like a lot, but...

You don't need to use near as much of this as you do the commercial stuff.

You only need one tablespoon for a regular load or two tablespoons for a big or heavily soiled load. That's it!  It's mainly, because this stuff just doesn't have any of the fillers that the store bought does.

Given that there is 64 tablespoons in a quart.  You will 32 large loads or 64 small loads out of this one batch.


Other Things to Mention:

Is it safe for HE?

We have had a front loading HE washer for over 5 years now and have used this stuff almost exclusively.  We add it directly to the drum before adding our clothes in there.  Never had a problem.

It doesn't "suds up" like the other stuff.

It really doesn't.  I'm no scientist.  From what I've read, it's because it doesn't have the extra sulfates and whatnot that the commercial stuff has in it that makes all the pretty bubbles.  Again, not a scientist.

Does it really clean your clothes?

Yes!  We found some great coupon deals for store bought detergent and tried to switch back to it a couple times, but it just didn't do as well as this stuff for us at all.  I have really sensitive skin that reacts to a lot of commercial detergents, and my dad has really dirty clothes with all kinds of stains from the workshop, too.  The homemade always does well for the stains and everything else. 

Which laundry bar should I use?

The Fels-Naptha is more heavy duty and has more powerful stain fighting, but it's a bit harsher.  The Zote is gentler, better for more sensitive skin, and works better for delicate things.

I always have batches with both on hand.  I use the Zote for most things and the Fels-Naptha when I need some extra power.

Is it cost effective?

I think so.  Borax and Washing Soda will run you about $4-5 each nowadays since the price has gone up a bit.  You get 7-8 or more quart batches out of them.  The laundry bars are about a dollar each.

So, to give an easy estimate, one quart batch runs you about $1.25-$1.50 depending on which soap you use for 32-64 loads.

What about fragrance?

I don't add anything else to mine.  I did try the essential oil thing that I have seen some variations suggest.  I found that it didn't work at all, though, and you risk having oil spots on your clothes.

I would say that if you just have to have a strong and long lasting perfumed fragrance to your clothes, then I would suggest things like the Purex Crystals or the Downy Unstoppables to add separately to your load.  I use them for my linens, and they make them smell quite magical. 

Otherwise, the detergent doesn't seem to leave much of a fragrance which I actually prefer for most things.  It's kind of like getting it professionally washed, and it just smells clean.

Does it leave your clothes white?

This recipe doesn't have any special whitening stuff added, and I also don't wear much white.  My dad says that he adds a scoop of an oxygen cleaner to his load of whites such as Oxyclean or the Dollar Tree version that we use more often with pretty good success.

Some people also use bleach, but we don't use bleach in our laundry after we had to get our washer fixed and learned some things.  That's a whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother day.

Well, what if I make it and I don't like it?

Then you don't like it?  Haha!

People do tend to either love this stuff or hate it, especially people that have never made their own stuff before or are convinced that a brand's label automatically means better quality, performance, or something else.

If you just want to try it, then make the smallest batch possible.  Or make a batch to share with some peers.  If you don't have many friends, then put the remainder in a fancy, pinterest decorated mason jar with a cute gift tag and a ribbon and...Boom!  You have yourself a present to give out to score yourself some points with the fancy DIY crowd.

Seriously, not everything is going to work for everyone.  Such is life.

What about a homemade fabric softener to use with it?

I could make a whole separate post, but I'll just put this here.  I don't use commercial fabric softener either.  I haven't for years.  I honestly just use distilled white vinegar.  Yep, vinegar.

It works much better than any of the other stuff we've used.  It doesn't leave a film on our clothes or in our washer.  It doesn't mess with the absorbency of fabrics.  It keeps our washer smelling amazing.  It's also cheap especially when you buy the big jug like we do.

We just add it to the softener slot in our washer.  If you don't have a pre-measured slot like that, I've heard that you should use a quarter to a half a cup per load depending upon how hard your water is.

And no, your clothes won't smell like vinegar.  Seriously, they won't.  Vinegar is awesome stuff.



Or watch on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A80jTm7uCE


*Not sponsored.  I hate that I have to even put this on just about every post of video that I make now, but shady people ruin everything.

*Also, this is not my original recipe.  We found this years ago in some old 101 DIY book or something like that.  It's a really old recipe.  I don't try to claim that it's my invention like other people have done.

Dollar Tree: New Scarecrow Solar Dancers Out Tomorrow

I just got an email stating that these cuties will be out in stores tomorrow.  So, if you are as obsessed with these little guys as I am, be sure to keep an eye out.  Oh yeah!

Yankee Candle - Strawberry Buttercream Review

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Today, I am reviewing Strawberry Buttercream by Yankee Candle in a large single wick 22oz jar.  I picked this one up directly from the company's website during a glitch sale.

Official Scent Description:  Yum . . . an absolutely luscious treat of plump, sweet strawberries buried in rich whipped cream.

Initial Thoughts:  

This is the 4th Yankee Candle that I have even burned.  It is the 2nd large jar.

I didn't have good luck with the other large jar that I burned, but I still have hope because of the high retail price and how hyped up this brand is.

Cold Impression:

It smells awesome on cold!  It is a sweet creamy scent with sweet strawberries mixed in.  It's just delicious and quite strong.

Performance and Stats:

What: 22oz single wick jar

Pour Year: 2015

Duration: 103.5 hours

It took a really long time to achieve a full wax pool despite using an Illuma-lid and the flames tending to be really high.  The wicks also dropped a lot of junk down in the wax.  Other than that, the burn was basically flawless.  There was hardly any wax stuck to the side, and there was barely any soot at all.

As for the throw, it was pretty light.  I could smell it sometimes, but it was just a very faint strawberry syrup scent with just a hint of the cream.  It wasn't consistent throughout.  It would be medium for a bit.  Then, there would be nothing.

Final Thoughts: 

I was very happy with the burn on this one overall, but I probably wouldn't purchase it again.  Throw is king for me, and this candle just didn't have much of one. 


Video Review:

Or watch on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gLxViJsVyA


*These are my opinions based on my personal experience with this particular candle.  Your experience may vary and all that jazz.

*Not sponsored  I bought this with my own money.

Empties Reviews: August 2015

It's healthy and beauty trash time once again! :D

Products Mentioned List, In Order of Appearance: 

Family Dollar Brand Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Flinstones Multi Vitamins

Suave Professionals Rosemary and Mint Conditioner

Dial Foaming Hand Soap

SoftSoap Hand Soap

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner

Kroger Cotton Balls

Crest Pro Health Mouthwash

Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream Body Butter Forbidden Fruit

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

Pure Ice Girl on the Run Quick Dry Top Coat

Poparazzi Glitter Polish Never Too Rich

And a bunch of polishes that I had retired as craft paints and used up.


Video with Reviews:

Or watch on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvfkYJgzBwg


*Not sponsored in anyway.
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