Wax of the Day: Yankee Candle - Fruit Fusion

Monday, August 17, 2015

Today, I have Fruit Fusion by Yankee Candle.  I picked this one up online from the brand's website during the last Semi-Annual Sale.  These usually retail for $1.99 each.

Official Scent Description:   Summer-licious . . . berries, orange and lime make this sunny fruit blend refreshingly tart and sweet.

Initial Thoughts:

This is the first wax melt that I have ever tried from Yankee Candle.  I don't really have any expectations either way, because I have seen very mixed reviews for these products.  I do hope it does well because of the high price per ounce.

Cold Impression: 

It smells like fresh orange zest to me.  It's just very bright and like someone is peeling a bunch of oranges.  I don't detect any sweetness or berries like the description says.  I just get straight up fresh citrus fruit.

Performance and Stats:

What:  .8oz tart

Where:  kitchen (small galley style, approx 12' x 8', 7.5ft ceiling)

How:  tea light warmer

Duration: 1pm - 7:30pm

I decided to put this one in a tea light warmer as per some recommendations that I've seen to get a better performance.  It did very well in it, too.

I got a pretty strong throw for a little over 6 hours.  It filled up my entire kitchen and crept a bit into the adjoining dining room.  It was quite true to cold and pretty consistent throughout.

Final Thoughts: 

This tart did very well for me.  The only thing that I really didn't like was the packaging and how messy it was.

First, the plastic wrap makes it very difficult to get a good sniff on cold.  It also makes it pert near impossible to reseal if you only want to melt part of the tart.  I just really don't like it.

The tart itself was also messy to open.  It is a very dry, hard, and crumbly consistency.  So, opening it over a bowl or something is a must as you have to cut and unwrap it.  Crumbs just get everywhere.

The tart itself did amazing.  The packaging leaves a lot to be desired.  Since I put performance before packaging, I would repurchase it on a good sale in a heartbeat.


*Not sponsored.  Purchased myself and all that jazz.

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