Swatch It Out: Random Polishes #8

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's that time again where I take seven random polishes from my polish collection and swatch them for y'all to see if they are worth keeping.  I have a mix today ranging for about $1 to about $12.50 retail price in a variety of colors and finishes.

So let's see if I've got some hidden gems or just a bunch of duds?

Sinful Colors - Red Eye

The picture shows one coat without a top coat under a day light bulb.

I picked this one up a little while back at Big Lots for about $1.50.

I knew I had to choose this one for this series as soon as I swatched it on my swatch stick.  I just had to see if it was equally as great on the nail.

It is!  The formula was amazing and it only needed one coat to be opaque.

I want to wear it as a manicure soon to see about the wear time and all that, but it is definitely one of my favorite polishes of all time at the moment.  Yes!

Milani - Blue Zoom

The picture shows 2 coats without a top coat under a day light bulb.

I picked this one up recently at Dollar Tree for $1.00.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one.  I usually don't have any luck with quick dry formulas, but this one went on beautifully.  It wasn't too thick or thin.  It also dried fast but not so fast that you couldn't work with it on the nail.

And it's a gorgeous blue!  So happy with this one!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Wink of Pink

The picture shows two coats without a top coat under a daylight bulb.

I got this polish in a friend swap with a fellow youtuber, Beth on a Budget.

I am so impressed with this polish.  Usually colors that are this light are super streaky and don't do well for me at all.  This one is opaque in two coats and has a fabulous formula.

I have worn this one a couple times as a manicure and got about a week's worth of wear on my natural nails each time.

Milani - Pink Flare

The picture above shows one coat without a top coat over Sally Hansen Wink of Pink under a day light bulb.

I picked this polish up recently for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.

I really love the way this one looks in the bottle and on the nail.  It is just pink and sparkly goodness.

I really didn't care for the formula at all.  I found it to be really runny and very difficult to manage.  It also was hard not to completely flood my cuticles.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy - Dealer's Choice

The picture shows one coat without a top coat under a day light bulb.  The polish looks slightly more green in person.

I picked this one up on a deal at CVS very recently.

The formula on this one was great!  It was opaque in just one coat and had a shiny finish.

Unfortunately, I did have a couple problems.

First, the brush was hacked off on one side.  I half expect it sometimes with the super bargain polishes that I buy, but it shouldn't be an issue in a new polish that sells for over $8 at my CVS.

Also, it went from being a favorite polish of mine to one I will avoid because it stained my nails.  I didn't have it on for very long, and I had two coats of stain blocking base coat underneath, and it STILL stained my nails.

Luckily, I was able to get most of it off with several applications of acetone since I only had it on long enough to swatch.  This polish is supposed to act as a base coat and color in one.  I'm super glad that I didn't go by that.  I would have had a lot of blue to grow out on my nails.

Milani - Sugar Coated

The picture shows 2 coats over a clean base without a top coat under a day light bulb.

I picked this one up awhile back at CVS on clearance, but these are popping up at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 recently.

The formula on this one is okay.  It's a bit on the goopy side.  I've forgiven it and kept it in my collection so far, because I don't have anything else quite like it.  It's like a glorious mess of Easter grass, salad greens, and sparkles.  Haha!

It could probably reach opacity on its own in 3-4 coats, but I like it best as a topper especially since it is a bit thick and slow to dry.

Zoya - Stevie

The picture shows two coats without a top coat under a day light bulb.

I ordered this one directly from the brand's website during one of their promotions.  They often have them throughout the year where you can get their polishes at half off or even more.

I used to hate these Pixiedust (textured glitter) polishes from this brand.  Recently, I started to change my mind and really began liking the look of them.  The trend is dying down, but I've never followed that crap anyway.  I'll wear what I want when I want.  Haha!

The formula on this one is impeccable and went on like a dream.  It was almost opaque in just one coat.  I am in love.


Final Thoughts:

My favorite polishes are: Sinful Colors Red Eye and Zoya Stevie.

I find it amusing because one has the lowest retail price of the bunch while the other has the highest.  Hmm...that's food for thought right there.

My least favorites: Revlon Dealer's Choice and Milani Pink Flare

I loved the look of both of these, but I'm retiring them to use for crafting purposes.

First, Revlon Dealer's Choice stains badly.  I would be too hesitant to wear it again, and I wouldn't feel right passing it on to a friend for that reason.  I hate to do it, because otherwise it was a dream polish.

I am also going to retire Milani Pink Flare from my collection, because I just know I won't reach for it.  The formula was just a pain for me to use on my nail.  It is really beautiful, and I love the way that it looks. So, I know it will get used up quickly in other applications.  If I kept it in my polish collection, it would just sit there because of all the other glitters that I have that I reach for first.


Video (with live swatches)

Or watch on youtube:


*Not sponsored in any way.  All polishes were purchased my me with my own money with the exception of Wink of Pink which I received in a friend swap with Beth on a Budget

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