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Monday, August 17, 2015

This is a collective haul from a few months back.  I thought I'd share it anyway, because many of these candles are still available both online and in retail stores many of which are on clearance at the moment.

Official scent descriptions, mini reviews, and more below:

All of these candles are double wick as shown in the picture above.

Medium Jar Candles 16oz - Double Wick

Summer Slices

Official Description:  The scent of Summer Slices is a luscious fruit citrus medley with grapefruit, tangerine, and strawberry.

This one smells so sweet and fruity to me.  It is not that strong on cold.  Funny enough, this smells just like another scent I have tried from a different company: Polyjuice Potion from Fortune Cookie Soap.  They are dead on dupes to my nose.

Christmas Cashmere 

Official Description:  This delightful holiday scent blends warm milk with comforting, cozy cashmere and vanilla crème. Tonka bean, figwood, and creamy sandalwood in the base deliver an intriguing finish.

Doesn't that label just look downright cozy?  The scent is quite cozy to me as well.  The first thing I thought of when I sniffed it was "earthy and perfume-y hug" like you are hugging someone who smells nice while they are wearing a soft sweater or something.  Haha!  I definitely get the sandalwood with the vanilla and cashmere rounding it out. 

Lemon Meringue  

Official Description:  Tart lemons sweetened in a luscious cream pudding cake covered with rich lemon vanilla frosting.

This one is pretty light on cold, but it is a sweet bakery lemon.

Old Time Lemonade

Official Description:  The thirst quenching, bitter sweet aroma of a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade.

This smells like the Country Time lemonade mix to me.  It is a tart lemon with a hint of sugar.  I've actually already burned this one down and done a review.  You can check out my blog post HERE.

Summer Sherbet

Official Description:   It’s summer’s favorite scoop. Summer Sherbet is a rainbow of flavors. With orange, lemon, lime, peach and raspberry,

This scent is just divine to my nostrils.  It smells like dead on rainbow sherbet.  I can almost taste it, y'all!  It's just sweet lime creaminess with hints of fruit.  Yes!  I hope it burns well, because it is quite strong on cold.

The picture all the way to the right there shows a couple of weird flaws that were on this candle when I received it.  On the top, you can see that there are weird black dots through the sides of the wax inside the jar.  The scent doesn't smell off or anything.  It smells just like the tart that I have in this same scent.

Below that, I can't tell if that is a flaw in the glass or a crack that happened in transit.  It is not very deep not all the way through the glass.  So, I think it is safe to burn.  I didn't bother with customer service and doing the whole bit, because I didn't see anything that would prevent me from burning this candle as I normally would.  I also got it on a good sale. 

I just thought I would show it in case someone else has had this or a similar thing.  I will say that Goose Creek packages their candles exceptionally well for shipment.

Large Jar Candles (22oz) - Double Wick

Moon Struck

Official Description:  Love is in the air with this beautiful sensual fragrance that opens with a zest of Sicilian Bergamot. An exotic blend of dark cocoa, lavender, patchouli and creamy vanilla warms the heart and leads into a base of mahogany, warm amber and exotic musk – making you not wanting the night to end!

This is a candle I bought on a whim on after Valentine's Day clearance.  I took one sniff and made a dolphin noise of delight.  I fell in love with it, y'all!

The cocoa really stands out with the lavender, patchouli, and earthiness right behind it with the hint of vanilla and light musk to round it out.  I have just never smelled anything like it before in a candle.  It's so interesting and I giggle like a possessed furby doll every time I take a sniff.

I have burnt through one of these (I bought a couple back ups in a later order), and it did very well for me.  It burned very clean, lasted a long time, and the scent spread out through a couple nice sized rooms.  I hope the next one I burn does just as well.

Enchanted Woods

Official Description:  The heart warming aroma of a magical walk through the moonlit woods. Enjoy white citrus, lily, jasmine & sandalwood.

I bought this one for the name, and it's pretty, too.  Well, what else can I do with online shopping?  Anyway...

The scent of this one doesn't evoke any sort of sense (or scents, haha) of woods at all.  It is a very clean, marine-like scent to me.  It is very pleasant, but it reminds me of a floral soap with some water or sea notes.  I don't pick up any sandalwood on cold, but I do get lily and jasmine as the main stars.

Twilight Forest

Official Description:  Fill the room with the enchanting and beautiful medley of juicy berries, freesia blooms, agar wood, and vanilla musk.

Truth be told, I bought this one for the howling wolf picture on the front.  It just spoke to me.  Haha!  I was a bit worried, because I saw some customer reviews on the site say that it was a light throw.

I burned this one up, and it did very well for me other than a bit of soot.  It had a very strong scent throw in my living room.  It filled the entire room and crept into the next.  The musk came out the most for me while burning with the other notes mixing in behind it to create a earthy perfume type of scent.  I very much enjoyed it.

Dozen Roses

Official Description:  Like a symbol of admiration, this fragrance opens with a beautiful sparkling blend of red apple, pink currant, sparkling bergamot and wild rose. A fresh heart of purple orchid, evening primrose and violet leads into a warm base of sandalwood and patchouli.

This is definitely not your typical rose scent.  In fact, if there is any rose in there, it is very much in the background on cold.  I am not a fan of straight floral scents.  So, that is great for me.

The first scent I pick up is fruity which I assume to be a combination of the red apple and pink currant.  Then, I get an earthy or spicy note with the bergamot with just a dash of patchouli.  Under that, I get a mixed floral note. 

It is very interesting and quite complex to my nose.  I smelled it several times and had a slightly different experience each time due to all the notes in there.  I am looking forward to burning it for sure.

Beautiful Day

Official Description:  It's a juicy blend of pear, apple and bergamot. The heart blends violet, jasmine, and cyclamen. The bouquet finishes with dark sandalwood, amber and musk.

This one smells very fresh and floral to me on cold like a nice body cream or spray.  I also get a hint of the amber and musk in the background.

Yummy Bunnies

Official Description:  It's absolutely's everyone's favorite Easter treat. Enjoy whipped milk chocolate, vanilla and sweet sugar.

This smells like a Hershey chocolate bar or chocolate milk on cold.  Yum!

Toasty Hot Toddy

Official Description:  Warm up with a blend of apple cider, pumpkin, sparkling orange, and rum spiced with nutmeg, and clove. Maple syrup, melted caramel, and vanilla bean combine for a yummy finish.

How cute is this pumpkin? I swear.

This scent is spicy.  It even tickles my nose a bit on cold sniff.  I get in the background a hint of the apple cider and some sweetness.  I'll have to see how it burns, because the spices definitely jump out way above everything else in this one.  It's like get punched in the nose with clove and cinnamon.  Pow!


Official Scent Descriptions from :


*Not sponsored.  I purchased these with my own money while stalking online sales, because I'm crazy like that.

All opinions are my own and based on these particular candles and all that jazz.

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