Wax of the Day: Scentsationals - Coal

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Today, I am melting Coal from Scentsationals.  These are most commonly found at Walmart for $2 each.

Official Scent Description:  Dark and rugged

Initial Thoughts:  

I've melted quite a lot of different Scensationals melts, and they usually do very well for me.  I tend to get a decent throw and at least 4 hours of scent. 

Cold Impression: 

This doesn't smell dark or rugged to me.  It smells like a health and beauty product targeted toward men.  It's like they had a soap in the store with ultra masculine packaging.  This is what came to mind for me.

My dad said that it smelled just like his Old Spice bar soap.  So, there you go.  It's more like a clean, masculine smell than a cologne smell. 

Performance and Stats:  

What:  2 cubes (approx .8oz)

Where:  living room (approx 12'x14')

How: Glade Warmer

Duration: 10am - 4pm

The throw was medium for a Scentsationals melt and pretty true to cold sniff.  It filled up my entire living room and creeped just barely into the surrounding rooms.  It stayed quite strong for the first 3 hours and then slowly tapered off until it quit putting out any scent.

Final Thoughts:  

Despite forever gravitating toward masculine scents, this one was quite forgettable to me.  It also wasn't as strong as other Scentsationals that I've tried, but it did quite well in my space. I just tend to like a more earthy (think cedar shavings, bergamot, and pine trees) element to masculine scents.


I received this one in a friend mail/RAOK from a fellow youtuber, Scents and Cents.  You can check out her channel HERE.

This is no way biases my review or opinion.

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