Swatch It Out: Random Polishes #6

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's time once again to pick seven random polishes from my embarrassingly large collection to swatch for y'all.  I got a good mix today of several different brands.  So, let's get to it!

Sephora by OPI - I'm Wired

Shown above: 2 coats with no top coat

I picked this one up at Big Lots a few months ago for $1.80.  All the Big Lots stores in my area still have a lot of polishes in stock from this line, as well as, gift sets and things.

The formula on this polish is great! It's not too thick or thin, and it just glides on the nail.  This is one of my favorite polishes to wear on my toes during the warmer months.

If I had to nitpick, the only thing that I don't care too much for is the brush.  It is long, slightly wide, and completely square on the end.  The end also fans outwards.  I could see this being a plus for people with long or wide nail beds, but it makes it a bit difficult to manage on my short and stubby nails.

Barielle - Falling Star

Shown Above: 2 Coats with No Top Coat

I picked this polish up directly from the company's website during an awesome flash sale a couple of months ago.  They post great sales often on their social media pages if you are looking for a good deal.

The formula on this one is just fabulous.  It was the perfect consistency and was easy to manage.  I also really like the brush and the length of the wand as well.  Thumbs up all around from me.

I knew I had to have this one the moment I saw another nail blogger swatch it.  I don't have anything else like this one in my collection.  I just wish I would have remembered it in time for the 4th of July holiday this year.

Orly - Coachella Dweller

Shown Above:  2 Coats with No Top Coat

I picked this one up during a 50% off red tag clearance event at Sally Beauty Supply.

The formula on this one is very thin.  I would be painting my nails, and a big glob of polish would roll down and get all up in my cuticles.  So, I had to be very careful during application.

That being said, I was really surprised at how opaque the polish is after 2 coats despite the runny formula.  I also just love the color.  I think it would suit a huge variety of skin tones.

I don't have many Orly polishes in my collection, because I only buy them on really good sales.  So, I was excited to swatch this one.  I am very happy overall with it.

Revlon Colorstay - Delicious

Shown Above: 2 Coats with No Top Coat

I picked this lovely up from Dollar Tree for one dollar.  All the Big Lots stores in my area also carry this line, as well as, the Brilliant Strength line.

I had high hopes for this one, because this is one of my favorite lines of polishes ever.  I wasn't disappointed in the least.

The formula is pretty good.  It's a little thinner than some of the other ones in this line, but it isn't so thin that it would tend to run.  It glides on the nail with no streakiness whatsoever.  Just gorgeous!

I will never understand why they discontinued this polish line in favor of the Gel Envy ones.  Boggles my mind!

Milani - Power Periwinkle

Shown Above: 2 Coats with No Top Coat

I bought this one at Dollar Tree for one dollar.  Dollar Tree has been slowly getting in more and more Milani polishes in these older bottles (aka not the new Color Statement ones) for the last few months.  My store usually has the ugly colors, but they finally got in some fun ones!

The formula is typical of a Milani creme in my experience: quite runny, but manageable.  The brush is long and skinny so it makes for more control in application.  It also dries pretty fast between coats.  The finish is also slightly darker on the nail than in the bottle.

I don't even really like blue, and I fell in love with this color!  If I didn't cut my finger today, I would probably be wearing it again.  Haha!

Revlon Transforming Effects - Holographic Pearls

Shown Above: 1 Coat over Milani Power Periwinkle

I purchased this one at CVS with a manufacturer coupon and extra care buck deal.

This polish reminds me so much of China Glaze's Fairy Dust.  I even put the bottles side by side, and they look almost identical.  I'll have to do an application dupe test later on or something to be sure.  I do think that you get a denser glitter concentration upon application with this one.

The base isn't thick at all.  I'm obsessed with this sparkly goodness in a bottle at the moment. 

Formula X By Sephora - Deranged

Shown Above: 2 Coats with No Top Coat

I picked this one up a few months ago from Big Lots for $2.50.  Most of the Big Lots stores in my area still have a ton of the polishes from this line still on the shelves.

First, I just love the color name.  It fits me so well.  Haha!

The formula is very nice, good consistency, and went on the nail without any trouble.  I hate the top of the bottle, or brush handle with a passion.  It's a big and bulky plastic block with a short brush wand.  It makes it so difficult to see what you are doing, get a good grip, and maneuver the brush.  Covergirl Outlast polishes have these awful bottles, too.  I just really don't like them at all.  I feel like they should pop off like the Butter London ones.

I like the color, but it was disappointing.  On the nail, it doesn't look anything like it does in the bottle.  In the bottle, the color looks to be a sparkling plum shade.  On the nail, it is a dark maroon toned brown.  I still like it, especially for fall, but it is not near as beautiful as it looks in the bottle.


Final Thoughts

Thankfully, I don't have any duds here.  So, nothing that I have to pass on or retire as a craft paint.  Haha!

I don't really have any stand out favorites either.  If I had to pick a top 2, I would say the Milani and the Revlon Holo.  They didn't make me want to turn flips and roll around in the floor all giggly, though.


Video (with live swatches and music)

Or watch on youtube:


Not sponsored!  I bought all these myself, because I'm a bit obsessed with polish...a tiny bit.

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