Goose Creek: Old Time Lemonade (Candle Review)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Today's candle review is of Old Time Lemonade in a 16oz medium 2 wick jar from Goose Creek Candles.  I bought this one straight from the company's website. It retails for $24.99, but they often have sales.  Many people are even able to find them for great prices at stores like Burlington Coat Factory.

Official Scent Description:  The thirst quenching, bitter sweet aroma of a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade.

Initial Thoughts:

This is the second candle from this company that I've burned.  The first one, Moonstruck, was in a large jar and did excellent for me with no sooting, long burn time, great throw, and a nice even burn.  So, I have my standards set on high for this one.

Cold Impression:

It is definitely lemon!  It isn't a buttery and sweet bakery lemon that you get in a lot of other lemon candles.  This one is on the fence between tartness and sweetness.  It reminds me of liquified Lemon Head candy.

Performance and Stats:

What:  16oz double wick

Duration: 64 hours

Goose Creek claims a burn time of 70-90hrs.  I did stop burning before it completely put itself out.  So, it may have gotten to the lower end of that estimate, but I still think it's a little high.

The throw was excellent!  It filled up my entire kitchen, dining room, and into my living room.  The scent burning was true to cold.  This is definitely the lemon candle to beat for me throw-wise at the moment.

I will say that the throw lasted until about the 55 hours mark.  After that, the scent changed slightly to have a kerosene like note to it, and it was much softer.  Up until then, it was an absolute dream.

There was an issue with sooting because of one of the wicks being too close to the glass about half way down the candle.  So, I wasn't the happiest about that.  That was a probably with this particular candle, though.

Final Thoughts:

Despite the crooked wick issue, I was very pleased with this candle.  My number one criteria for what makes a good candle is throw. I buy candles to fragrance my home.  If not, I would just buy an unscented candle with a good burning wax formula.

Thankfully, this one burned great as well.  Pooled out very quickly leaving no wax stuck to the sides as it burned on.

I would purchase this one again in a heart beat for the right price.  It's definitely going in my cart when I make another order.


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All opinions are solely my own and reflect my experience with this particular candle.  Also.... NOT sponsored.  :D

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