Wax of the Day: Scentsationals - Black Pepper & Rosemary

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Today, I melted Black Pepper and Rosemary from Scentsationals.  I picked this up at Walmart on clearance for $1.00 a little while back.  These usually run $2 each.

Official Scent Description:  Aromatic Mediterranean blend

So, how did this one do?

Initial Thoughts:

Scentsationals are usually always a hit for me.  So, I wasn't too worried.  They are one of my go to wax brands especially for the price.

Cold Impression:

It smells nothing like rosemary or black pepper.  Nothing!  It smells like a cheap after-shave or even like a "sea-type" shave gel scent.  Very man product smelling.


What:  2 cubes (about 0.85oz)

How:  Glade Warmer

Duration:  3pm - 6:30pm

This one started off pretty strong.  It almost gave me a headache. It stayed at that level for about 30 minutes.

It then had a medium throw for another hour and a half before it quickly faded.

At the 3 and a half hour mark, you had to be within inches of it to get anything.

Final Thoughts:

This one was definitely not my favorite and I wouldn't re-buy it.  It performed okay, but the scent is just not my style at all.  The consensus in the house is that it smells like "generic after shave."  Haha!

Despite having black pepper in the title, I didn't get any hint of spice at all from it.  It was more a clean, sea scent.  There was definitely no rosemary in it.  I grow rosemary.  Not even close.


Not sponsored.  I actually braved Walmart on a Saturday to buy this one.  You're welcome.

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