Wax of the Day: Ava's Country Cupboard - Strawberry Marshmallow Twinkies

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Today, I melted Strawberry Marshmallow Twinkies from Ava's Country Cupboard.  I got this in a 2pk of 1oz grubby tarts straight from the owner's website.

Official Scent Description:  strawberry stuffed twinkies with ooey gooey marshmallows

Initial Thoughts:

This was my first order from this company.  I am also quite new to the world of vendor wax.  I was attracted to this company because of the ease of ordering and the good reviews I'd been hearing. 

Cold Impression:

This is one of those that you just jump and giggle like a mischievous child when you smell it.  It smells just like a marshmallow-filled strawberry twinkie.  Yum!  I will say that the strawberry note is more of a flavor syrup than a fresh fruit.  It works really well in this combination.  Seriously, yum!!!


What:  1oz grubby tart (Pour Date: 3-8-15)

How:  Glade Warmer (Living Room)

Duration:  1pm - 6pm

Final Thoughts:

It smelled pretty much the same warm as it did cold.  I just loved it, and I am not usually a sweet or bakery fan at all.  

The scents also stayed pretty consistent throughout until the last half hour when the vanilla really took over.  It was very nice.  The scent also reached out to my entire living room which is about 12ft x 12ft give or take a foot or so. 

I will probably take the other tart, cut it in thirds, and melt it in my small bedroom warmer.  I want to keep it as long as possible and enjoy it. 

The thing I really love is the easy ordering process.  Some of these vendors are ridiculously difficult to order from or they don't have their shipping rates clearly listed.  Ava's Country Cupboard has a website that you order from, a flat rate shipping (free over $25), a scent list, and a fast turn around time.

I would totally order from this vendor again when I am in the market for more wax.  I can't wait to melt the other tarts that I got with this order.  Yum!


Official Scent Description from:

Ava's Country Cupboard: http://www.avascountrycupboard.com/


Still not sponsored.  ;)

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