Swatch It Out: Random Polish #3

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's time for some more random swatches from my collection.  Video with the live swatches embedded below as well.

I got a good mix today ranging from 99 cents to 9 dollars.

Milani - Hot Orchid

One coater alert!!  Oh yes!  Haha!

This one goes on like a dream in just one coat.  I will say that you definitely need a good base and top coat with this one.  It looks fabulous when you put it on, but it will chip within hours by itself.  It does pretty well when sealed properly, though. 

Revlon - Sultry

This one was surprisingly a favorite of mine out of this group.  The picture isn't showing the pink flash that the shimmers have when the light hits it.  Just yum!

Sinful Colors - Vintage

I picked this one up on a whim at Big Lots when I was in a buying mood.  I'm so glad I did, too!  It looks quite bland in the bottle, but it is so shiny and vibrant on the nail.  It has the look of velour when light hits it just right.  I can't wait to rock this in Fall. 

Zoya - Leslie

This one is from Zoya's newest Delight Spring collection.  Just a dream!  Just a flippin' gorgeous dream!  This is one of my current favorites in my whole collection at the moment.  It is a pale lavender but the blue shimmer makes it extra special.

Wet n Wild - Heatwave

This has been one of my summer staples for over a year.  It is just a perfect hot watermelon orange-y red.  I just need to fix the brush on this particular polish, because it is pretty jacked up.

Revlon - Tropical Rain

I bought this for the bottle.  I mean, how can you resist that cute little thing? 

Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad.  Every other scented polish that I've used has had a terrible formula.  This one is quite thin and tends to want to pool all over your nail, but it's quite manageable.

Wet n Wild - Kaleidoscope

This polish is not new to the Wild Shine line.  It was available in the older packaging as well.  This is my least favorite of today's bunch.  The formula was on the thick side, and it wouldn't dry even after 10 minutes. 

It may have been incapable with the Revlon I put it over, but I'm not that happy with it.  I would probably sponge it on if I did it again.  Pretty though.


Video (w Live Swatches)

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